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The Names That We Must Carry: Kíli

These are in no particular chronological order, but there will be one for each member of the company.

Title: The Names That We Must Carry
Section 1: Kíli
Pairings: Gen, minor Elves/Kíli
Rating/Warnings: None
Word Count: 135
Disclaimer: If I owned the hobbit, it would be a crackfest.
Summary: Oakenshield is not the only byname carried by members of Thorin's company. Some are badges of honor, some are marks of courage and some their owners just wish they could live down.

Kíli was never going to forgive his brother for starting this, nor the rest of the company for following along. Because it was hardly his fault that all the elves seemed to find his archery adorable and they would leap from the woodwork to hug him as he went by.

While the dwarf did appreciate the elvish ladies and their strange inability to realize where his height put his eyes, Thranduil treating him like some favored pet was a bit too much to bear. So the embarrassment of being cooed over was bad enough without his brother's snickering and the first time that Fíli introduced him as Kíli Elfbait, the archer punched him in the face.

Though Kíli had to admit that he would take Elfbait over being known as the Beardless any day.

2. Óin

Tags: bynames*, crack, drabble, gen, mid-series, the hobbit
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