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The Names That We Must Carry: Glóin

Title: The Names That We Must Carry
Section 4: Glóin
Pairings: None
Warnings: Canon battles, minor violence
Word Count: 150 (714 so far)
Disclaimer: If I owned the hobbit, it would be even sadder.
Summary: Oakenshield is not the only byname carried by members of Thorin's company. Some are badges of honor, some are marks of courage and some their owners just wish they could live down.

1. Kíli                        
2. Óin
3. Bifur

Glóin was a simple dwarf at heart and his titles reflected that. When he was young he had been known as Razoraxe for his blade was always sharp and his weapon sliced through ill-made steel as though naught but air.

After the tragedy of Azanulbizar he was renamed Shadowaxe by Thorin when their prince found him on the battlefield, the warrior's blade painted black with orcish blood. It had taken him hours to clean the filth off his weapon and even years later, the edge of his axe retained that inky sheen.

His byname changed one final time during the Battle of Five Armies, Dáin's kinsmen branding him with their awed whispers in its aftermath. Brokenaxe they titled him, eyes wide with admiration, for Glóin had fought until his weapon shattered in his hands and then fought on, wielding the shards like daggers in the defense of his kin.

5. Dwalin

Tags: bynames*, drabble, gen, mid-series, minor pov, poignant, preseries, the hobbit
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