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The Names That We Must Carry: Balin

Title: The Names That We Must Carry
Section 10: Balin
Pairings: None
Warnings: Minor violence
Word Count: 208 (2165 so far)
Disclaimer: If I owned the hobbit, it would be even sadder.
Summary: Oakenshield is not the only byname carried by members of Thorin's company. Some are badges of honor, some are marks of courage and some their owners just wish they could live down.

1. Kíli                         4. Glóin                     7. Bombur
2. Óin                        5. Dwalin                   8. Nori
3. Bifur                      6. Ori                         9. Fíli

Balin was old and tired and his time for earning honors was long past. Truly he needed none, for the dwarf's talents were known far and wide amongst his people and his deeds had already become a part of history.

Silvertongue they had called him during the height of Erebor, his skill with diplomacy an asset to his lord. He had negotiated treaties and marriages, written contracts of all kinds and he counted those creations among some of his finest work. This is how the dwarf wished to be remembered, as one whose talents upheld peace.

But when their shining kingdom had fallen and war took the Sigin-tarâg once more, Balin Orcsmasher marched among the armies of his king. His weapon crushed his enemies before his, shattering the blades and bones of all those who dared to fight, and his foes learned to tremble at his feet. This was a legacy of blood and destruction, one which carried him through exile and despair.

So the dwarf's greatest wish on the journey to reclaim Erebor was that he could finally sheathe his blade for good. Balin dreamed of becoming Silvertongue once more and letting Orcsmasher be forgotten, because only then would he truly believe that they had won.

11. Bofur

Tags: bynames*, drabble, gen, minor pov, poignant, preseries, the hobbit
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