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The Names That We Must Carry: Bofur

Title: The Names That We Must Carry
Section 11: Bofur
Pairings: None
Warnings: None
Word Count: 150 (2315 so far)
Disclaimer: If I owned the hobbit, it would be cracktastic.
Summary: Oakenshield is not the only byname carried by members of Thorin's company. Some are badges of honor, some are marks of courage and some their owners just wish they could live down.

1. Kíli                         4. Glóin                     7. Bombur                   10. Balin
2. Óin                        5. Dwalin                   8. Nori
3. Bifur                      6. Ori                         9. Fíli

When Bofur had been a child, the dwarf had dreamed of earning a byname, no matter how often his brother told him that there were more important things in life. He had lain in his bed and fantasized about some great deed of daring that would paint his name in history.

But that bright-eyed youngling had grown up and realized that he would always be a miner, and so the dwarf learned to be proud of the way rock sang beneath his hands. Because Bofur had a knack for discovering the richest veins and teasing out their treasures and he turned his mind to simpler dreams. Dreams of home and family instead of glory and the dwarf truly was content with that.

However, the first time that someone called him Bofur Hammersong for his skill with iron, the child that still lived within his heart cried out with glee.

12. Thorin

Tags: bynames*, drabble, fluff, gen, minor pov, preseries, the hobbit
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