Antarctica-or-bust (rata_toskr) wrote,

For Family, Sacrifice

Title: For Family, Sacrifice
Pairings: None
Warning: Some violence, implied death of very minor character
Word Count: 536
Disclaimer: If I owned the hobbit there would be even more tangents.
Summary: Why the stone giants might have been battling.

Gaarg brushed idly at the ants climbing across his leg while he prepared to move. Tiny little things they were, more annoyance than discomfort, and he flicked a few small rocks their way just to see them squirm. But those small creatures were only a distraction from his current troubles now that his family had finally come to blows. For Xarz and Hraag were battling before him, their oaths the crack of thunder in the sky and they rumbled their undying hatred on the wind.

This fight had been a long time coming because their loathing was etched into the very rock which held them but Gaarg had not yet decided which of his sons to aid. Watching them attack each other, jagged boulders hurtling through the air to smash on iron skin, he cursed his wife again for bearing twins.

Stone giants were only meant to have one child, one new peak to rise from the bones of the old, not this fractured splitting of his heart. So he waited and he watched as his sons tore each other to pieces, waited for one of them to fall. Xarz was the elder twin and the stronger, perhaps he would strike the final blow. Yet Hraag's missiles flew more swiftly, with precision if not force, and Gaarg truly did not know who would prevail.

And all at once the giant did not care.

“Enough!” He roared, a rumble while echoed from the mountainside and froze his children in their tracks. “You have vented your anger, now be done with it for I have put up with your feuding long enough.”

Yet the younger giants were too enraged to listen, their fight beginning to erupt once more and so their father finally entered the fray. Gaarg pulled himself up from the rocky peaks, their cold embrace releasing him with a reluctant shriek of cracking stone. He rose and rose, his height dwarfing that of his children and he noticed almost off-hand that the ants which plagued him were fleeing for their lives. But they were insignificant creatures so the giant put them from his mind while he ripped chunks off the mountainside and hurled them into the storm.

Gaarg's aim was true and the boulders shattered against his children, forcing them to stumble back against the peaks. Then they turned to face him, for once united by the fury in their eyes, but their father only grinned because he had finally made his choice.

“If you wish to fight so badly, then fight me!” He thundered and Hraag rose to the challenge, his weapon followed moment's later by his brother's strike. The younger giants turned on him together and while their father matched them blow for blow, Gaarg knew that he would fall. He would fall tonight and with his death, his sons would at last find peace.

For without him here to trap them within their hatred, there would be space enough in these mountains for both of them to thrive. Thus when Xarz threw one final boulder, the stone giant did not dodge this time. Instead Gaarg opened his arms and accepted his fate with a smile as the rock struck true.


Tags: drabble, gen, kidfic, mid-series, minor pov, poignant, the hobbit
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