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Minor Fandom Masterlist


These are all the non-Hobbit fandoms for which I don't have enough fics to justify a separate page.  Leverange and Avengers have their own links on the main page.  The ship listed next to the fandom name is the primary one that I write for, but see individual fics for any minor pairings that show up.  And I got tired of adding my fandoms singlely, so I've just thrown all of them on here, even the ones I don't quite have fics for yet.

Bourne Movies (Jason/Kirill)

SERIES: Wolves Amongst Men (I'm finally giving in and calling this a series.  It's all the same verse in my head.  But I'm not retagging it, so feel free to disagree)

Every Killer Knows His Own: NSFW; One way that Bourne and Kirill might have met.
The Dreams In Which I'm Fighting Are the Best I've Ever Had: Some dreams Jason does not write down. Dreams where sparring feels like love and strong hands catch him when he falls.
Always Another Way: [Pairing](& Jason/Marie; Jason/Marie/Kirill) NSFW; Jason shouldn't go back to Russia but he does anyway.

Case Closed (Heiji/Shinichi)

I Love You But You're Strange: Heiji and Shinichi have odd priorities.

the Covenant (Chase/Caleb)

Across the Universe (There's Nothing Gonna Change My World): The dreams start two months before Caleb turns thirteen (or: Chase and Caleb meet about 5 years earlier).
         Part I, Part II, Part III
In Another Life: (minor het); Caleb has always been the responsible one amongst the Sons of Ipswich until Chase Collins teaches him to enjoy his life instead.
         Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V

The Only Thing That's Real: There's something strange about Chase Collins but Caleb can't place what it is.

Ghost Ship (Munder/Dodge)

On a Cold Unfeeling Sea:
It isn't easy being queer salvagers (Dodge and Munder through the eyes of their crew).

1. Murphy;  2. Epps;  3. Greer (het);  4. Santos;  5. Ferriman

SERIES: 'Til We See the Shore

1. Waiting on the World to Change: NSFW; Munder is tired of the secrets but loves Dodge too much to ever say
     goodbye.  Where they stand when the movie starts.
2. What Hope is There for Living When the Dead Knock on Your Door: Munder and Dodge hoped for a fortune to
      make their dreams come true but with evil drifting on the sea, they will be lucky to see the shore again. The movie
3. Where the Future Leads: NSFW; There is nothing like a new horizon to make the world seem bright.  The aftermath.

Hemlock Grove (Peter/Roman)

SERIES: On the Outside Looking In: The connection between Roman and Peter is obvious to everyone but themselves.

1. Wrapped in the Depths of the Deeds that Have Made Me: Olivia knows that Peter will be the key to everything.
2. Twisted You Over and Under to Take You: Letha's cousin has always gotten anything he wants.
3. Can't Bring a Sound From My Head Though I Try: Shelley Godfrey believes in fairy tales.
4. Twisted You Over and Under to Break You: She watches them together and she burns with jealousy.
5. Can't Seem to Find My Way Up From the Basement: It's not her place to judge.
6. A Demon Holds Place in My Heart Till I Die: She knows hunger. She knows rage.
7. The Coals Went So Wild as They Swallowed the Rest:
8. Just Couldn't Breathe With Your Throne on My Chest:
9. (Crack Bonus) At Night All I Hear is Your Heart:

SERIES: the Happy Ending Verse

1. A Different Way to Run: NSFW; Peter waits for Roman because he has to; there's just no other choice.
2. A Home of Their Own: Lynda doesn't know when the sight of Roman on her couch became so commonplace.
3. Good Intentions, Better Alibis: Roman has never been good at refusing Peter anything.4
4. At the Gates of Retribution: It takes Michael Chasseur six years to track his sister's killers down.
5. Going Home Again: NSFW; Peter never planned on going back to Hemlock Grove.

Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran (Ran/Myao)

A Balance of Luck:
Myao has always lived a charmed life until Ran blows into her world like a hurricane.
Small Certainties: The wind always leads Ran back to the same place again.

Kings (Jack Benjamin/David Shepherd)

An Armistice of Sorts: NSFW; In which God is an interfering bastard and David Shepherd just won't die.

Nothing on My Tongue but Hallelujah: (Jack/Joseph; Jack/Various; Jack/David; David/Michelle) Jack has always been on David's side.

1. I heard there was a secret chord; 2. that David played; 3. and it pleased the lord; 4. but you don't really care for music; 5. do you?

Mass Effect (Kaidan/M Shepard)

Every Word But Farewell: NSFW; Shepard's inability to say goodbye like a normal person throws Kaidan for a loop.
Getting Used to It: The one where Kaidan and Shepard have sex everywhere.
Loved Enough to Hurt: James Vega witnesses Kaidan and Shepard's last goodbye.
On Which We All Agree: The crew of the Normandy bonds over Kaidan's sexy, sexy voice... among other things.
Whom Fate Cannot Deny: NSFW; the Normandy begins its maiden voyage in a very different universe, one where Betas work, Alphas fight, and Omegas rule.

Maze Runner (Minho/Thomas)

Just Forget the World: The day the map is finished, something breaks in Minho's mind.  They're never getting out.
Never Look Back: Minho breaks all his rules where Thomas is concerned.

Pacific Rim (Various)

Sex, Interrupted: (Raleigh/Chuck); All Chuck wants to do is see his boyfriend naked but the Kaiju keep messing up his plans.
weary the weight of gratitude: (gen); The fishermen that the Beckets saved don't forget their rescuers.

(The Sons of Anarchy fusion is on the Crossover page.)

Resident Evil Gameverse (Leon/Everyone)

SERIES: these ink-stained memories

1. spend your last heartbeat: (Leon/Everyone); Leon always gets attached too easily.
              1. Rookie 2. Agent 3. Soldier 4. Veteran
2. chasing after rainbows: (Chris/Leon); Post Vendetta, Chris gains new perspective on Leon Kennedy.
3. bound to find that pot of gold: (Chris/Leon); Scenes from the life. They don’t plan that far ahead.
4. IPAAK Anonymous: (Everyone/Leon); DSO agents have their own form of therapy.

Static Shock (Hotstreak/Virgil)

An Inconvenient Knock: NSFW: You should always remember to lock the bedroom door.
Go Oft Awry: Richie decides that Virgil needs a date.  His math says that boyfriend should be Hotstreak.  What could possibly go wrong?

what tangled webs we weave: When Virgil accidentally offers to help his worst enemy turn his life around, he soon finds himself juggling far too many secrets and an inconvenient crush.

Chapter 1: Blame the Rain                                         Chapter 6: A Coward at Heart
Chapter 2: Insults, Doubt & Aggravation                     Chapter 7: Sometimes Love Hurts
Chapter 3: Skepticism                                             Chapter 8: The Truth Comes Out
Chapter 4: A Rhythm of Sorts                                   Chapter 9: Epilogue
Chapter 5: Bullets and Flame

Warcraft (Anduin/Khadgar)

SERIES: Honorbound

1. No Magic Strong Enough: Khadgar doesn't let Callan die that easily.
2. As Good As it Gets: (mostly Anduin/Khadgar, w/ some Callan/Khadgar & Anduin/Khadgar/Callan); Lothars pay their debts.
              Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4
3. To Share and Share Alike: Garona gets her turn.
4. That Perfect Moment: Anduin keeps trying to propose to Khadgar. It doesn't go so well.
5. Nothing Wrong With That: Anduin and Khadgar are thirty minutes late to their own wedding.
6. Roads Leading Home: (Llane/Garona/Taria); Stormwind gains another queen.

X/1999 (Fuuma/Kamui)

This Discordant Harmony: Amaterasu's Children have watched over Japan for decades, but even to those born with the power of the goddess, Kamui Shirō is an impossibility.  However, Amaterasu has a plan for each of her children and when the Sentinel is sent to protect Lady Hinoto's successor, what he finds there will change everything.

Where Then Shall We Roam: Sometimes the place in which you’re born isn’t the place where you belong. A story about the ocean and the friendships that last through everything.  Part 1; Part 2


Jun. 21st, 2016 11:11 pm (UTC)
Someday, yes. I've got a working draft and most of the story mapped out so it's just a matter of actually writing it. I'm really slow these days and I have other fics I need to finish first.


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