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Leverage Masterlist

While I don't have very many fics for Leverage yet, this fandom is getting its own page from the start because the first series I'm working on is going to be like 30 one-shots long and I have ideas for quite a few more things besides.  So to save myself the trouble of changing it later; now it is.  Also, the majority of these are probably going to be gen or Eliot/Hardison since that's the way I roll.


A Lifetime in Ten Days:
(Eliot/Hardison; minor Hardison/Parker); Hard R; On the first day Eliot jumps in after Hardison and Moreau shoots them both.  On the second day, Eliot freaks out.

SERIES: Jukebox Musical (various pairings, see individual fics)

1. How I'm Living Now: All of them are broken, but somehow they fit anyway.
2. Thinking of You: (minor E/H, het, slash, mention of H/P); Eliot isn't used to being alone anymore.
3. All I Did was Love Her: (H/P, E/Women); In which school reunions are awkward and bullies get taken out.
4. Drinking to Drink: (hints of N/S); Nate is running out of excuses.
5. Fast Car: (E/H, past H/P); Alec's Nana hates Eliot on sight.
6. The House Rules: (E/H, past H/P); Eliot is ridiculously sexy when he sings.
7. Making Circles: (pre N/S); Sophie is running the longest con of all.
8. Right in Front of You: (H/P, E/H); Parker does some thinking about what she really wants.
9. American Made: (E/H); Eliot and Hardison bicker about the weirdest things.
10. America High: Everyone has a story.  This is McSweeten's.
11. Whiskey in Mind: (E/T); Tara always goes after what she wants.
12. In the Darkness: (Minor E/H, N/S); All of them have bad days even now.
13. Rattlesnake Smile: (E/H); Quinn has never been afraid of Eliot Spencer until now.
14. LA Song: The Leverage team takes on the Queen of Modeling.
15. Calling All Country Women: (E/H); Hardison can't fake real country.  But he does fake country well.
16. Seven Days: (Minor Nate/Maggie); It takes Nate seven days to throw away his life.
17. A Different Kind of Knight: (H/P); Parker has never much liked fairy tales.
18. Permanent 99: (E/H); The only thing hotter than the room is Hardison & Eliot.
19. Something's Gotta Give:

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