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I'll Carve a Space Into Your Heart (Time Stamp I)

Title: I'll Carve a Space Into Your Heart
Time Stamp I: Two Months Later
Pairings: dub-con shapeshifter!Smaug/Kíli
Rating/Warnings: NSFW; Warnings for non-con, dub-con, kidnapping, Stockholm Syndrome, some violence, extreme stretching, orgasm denial, bondage, D/S elements, toys, object insertion, autoerotic asphyxiation, masturbation, hair kink, plugs, generally fucked up relationships and anything else I forgot about
Word Count: 1,424 (16,906 so far)
Disclaimer: If I owned the hobbit it would be disturbing
Summary: Being chosen as a dragon's mate is a terribly dangerous thing.

Part I
Part II

Kíli is really very fond of his master's treasure chamber, the enormous cavern filled with gold and gemstones of all kinds. Smaug showed it to the dwarf after their first true night together, the dragon wanting his mate to see the wealth that was now his to share.

Indeed the archer saw these riches up close and personal when Smaug laid him down upon a bed of treasure and fucked him blind again. Somehow it had been even better this second time, the gold coins chill against the fevered flesh of Kíli's skin. They'd cradled him, supported him as he pushed back into his master's thrusts. For Smaug rode him hard, one hand tangled in the archer's hair for better leverage while the other poured gold across his chest.

Every icy touch just made the dwarf moan louder, his cries echoing off the high ceiling of the treasure chamber until his mate silenced him. Smaug pulled Kíli's head back and kissed him, devoured him for one long moment and then slammed him back onto the gold.

Iron fingers wrapped around the archer's throat, squeezing tighter and tighter as Smaug increased his pace; the dragon driving into his mate without pause or tenderness. By the time his master came, there were black spots dancing in Kíli's vision, but the lack of air just heightened each sensation, the dwarf finding his own release when Smaug pulled out to paint his seed across the archer's skin.

But despite the dragon's ferocity when chasing his own pleasure, Kíli's favorite part of that encounter was Smaug's tenderness afterward. For his mate soothed the archer's trembling with gentle fingers, Kíli warmed even now by the memory of soft kisses on his lips.

His master had coaxed the dwarf's cock back to attention patiently and while the first cold touch of a gold coin against his entrance startled Kíli, the archer quickly learned to welcome it instead. The chill was soothing, easing the ache of muscles used and abused regularly, and he spread his legs willingly when the dragon asked. Smaug filled the dwarf with treasure until he was nearly bursting and then sucked him to completion, the mass of gold pressing against Kíli's prostate inexorably.

I am a dwarf, after all, and we are so very fond of things that glitter, Kíli thinks with a crooked smile, his cock twitching as he recalls a score of pleasant memories. He and his master have spent whole days here in this chamber, debauching the lost heirlooms of a hundred fallen kingdoms and driving each other crazy just because they can.

Not that it's particularly difficult to make the dragon lose control when Smaug is so fascinated by the way that jewels and gemstones gleam against his lover's body, the sight of Kíli wearing his treasure more than he can resist.

The dwarf is actually thinking of setting up a forge in one of the antechambers, just a small one with which to resize his master's baubles for better fit. There's one mithril hairpiece that Kíli has been eyeing lately, the bright metal just the thing to contrast with this dark hair of his.

His hair is getting rather long now but Smaug won't let him cut it – he loves tangling his claws in Kíli's mane too much. Just this morning, the dragon wrapped the dwarf's hair around his throat and used it as a choker, holding his mate motionless while he kissed him into unconsciousness. The archer is still hoping for a proper collar one of these days – he wants to show the world exactly who controls him – but that mithril hairpiece will have to do for now.

If the dwarf can get it fitted properly, Smaug is sure to go berserk, fucking Kíli through the bed for a week at least. Not that his master has kept the archer waiting for more than a day since their first proper joining, but sometimes even that is not enough.

Sometimes Kíli wants his mate to fuck him until he passes out just so he can wake to the feeling of the dragon moving inside of him. Sometimes he wants to be used until he can't even walk, stretched even wider and reduced to a hungry, moaning thing.

In truth, the archer is always horny these days, his body aching whenever he doesn't have Smaug's cock buried deep inside of him. Sure his master always leaves him plugged with something, a score of dildos ready and waiting to ease the hunger, but toys just aren't the same. Nothing can compare to the glorious pressure of the dragon's length forcing his ass open or the fiery heat of his master's seed pouring into him.

To make matters worse, Kíli can't even take the edge off with his own hand because he knows that Smaug wouldn't like it and he's had enough of being punished for his disobedience. He comes now only at his master's pleasure and when the dragon leaves for hours, it's almost unbearable.

So the dwarf distracts himself by searching through Smaug's treasure hoard or reading the contents of his library and the time should pass easier once he has his forge. Admittedly Smaug must approve the project before Kíli can make any changes but the dwarf isn't worried about convincing him. His master is easily swayed when the archer smiles at him and giving into this request will make them both very satisfied indeed.

For Kíli has quite a few ideas with such a treasure trove for inspiration and he so dearly wants the dragon to be pleased. The hairpiece first, of course, but after that he's thinking handcuffs so that Smaug can chain him down more easily. Or perhaps a proper plug, one that is almost as large as his master but lighter than that ridiculous golden cock that the dragon still pulls out from time to time.

So the dwarf is looking for materials, ideally mithril if he can find the quantity required, when he's distracted by something darker buried at his feet. Kíli's eye is caught by the gleam of polished wood amidst the shining gold around him and the archer digs down through the piled treasure to unearth a different prize entirely.

It's a bow, one of the finest that Kíli has ever held and in good shape despite the years that it's probably spent buried here. The weapon must be elven since time never seems to touch anything that those fair folk created, but the bow is perfectly dwarf-sized when he holds it up.

Made for a child perhaps or a commission for another of his brethren and if Kíli had had a weapon like this, his first escape attempt would have gone much differently. Even now the archer could lay in wait for his master, strike at Smaug's weak spot when he's distracted and slay the dragon easily.

And then what? Cut off his wings and use them to fly down off this mountain? Kíli thinks, shaking his head at his own foolishness. This is his life now and the dwarf couldn't try to hurt his mate like that. The Kíli who hated Smaug, the one who could have killed him without thinking twice about it, he died when the dragon brought him home. He's been dead for months now and while it took the dwarf a long time to admit it, Kíli doesn't shy from this truth anymore.

Though now that he's found this bow, it seems a shame to waste it and so the archer may try to convince Smaug to take him hunting after his mate returns. Kíli misses the warmth of the sun upon his shoulders and it wouldn't hurt to remind the dragon that he has other skills.

For Kíli may be weaker than his master, but he's no helpless damsel who can't look out for herself. He was a warrior before Smaug found him – feckless yes, but damn good with a weapon – and if the dragon remembers this, he might let Kíli out. Not to run, never that, but every once in a while the archer gets a craving for adventure and being taken under the open sky has always been something of a fantasy.

But for now the dwarf just sets this bow aside where he can find it later, putting the thought of such travels from his mind. Because his master will be home soon and Smaug becomes annoyed when Kíli isn't there to greet him, slick and begging upon the dragon's bed.

One Year Later

Tags: au, fic, i'll carve a space into your heart*, nsfw, other slash, the hobbit
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