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Hobbit/LotR Masterlist - Kilbo


A Lesson in Denial: Bilbo is certainly not falling for a dwarf; the very idea is ridiculous.
A Struggle Worth the Cost: Things change after the Misty Mountains and Thorin is not the only one who sees Bilbo with new eyes (or DoS as a Kilbo story)
A Thousand Kisses Deep: (NSFW); After the final battle, Kíli proves that he still finds Bilbo attractive despite his injuries.
Absolutely Still: Kíli and Bilbo fall in love over tea and Iglishmêk
Bind my cracks with bleeding hands (and say you're only mine): (Hard R; dubious consent); Kíli will not allow Bilbo to leave him, no matter what it takes.
Conundrums in the Deep: Kíli and Bilbo face Gollum together.
Falling for the First Time: (NSFW); Kíli has always been able to have anyone he wanted.  Then Bilbo Baggins walks into his life.
Foolish wagers rarely won: 5 times Fíli and Kíli bet on Bilbo and 1 time they just asked.
In these bright moments (hearts will fall): (& Filbo); 5 times Kíli fell in love with Bilbo and 1 time Fíli did.
Like Flowers in the Snow: Hobbits cannot survive without the sun; Bilbo chooses to stay in Erebor.
Love is For the Brave (and Crazy): Bilbo receives the shovel talk from every member of the company.
Once Upon a Time in Middle Earth: Kíli tells Frodo the story of how his uncles met.
Shadows of the Past: (& former non-con Others/young!Kíli); When Bilbo Baggins begins to court Kíli, the young dwarf must face a long-forgotten trauma as his buried memories finally come to light.
Something Flirty, Something New, Something Dirty, Something True: (NSFW); The one where Kíli is a stripper.
Stumbling Toward Paradise: (NSFW); Bilbo is a prude, Kíli is ~disappointed ~forever and it's all cracktastic.
To Catch a Burglar: Yavanna's Children hold many secrets and when the chill winds of winter begin to sweep across the mountain, Bilbo Baggins disappears.
To Woo a Hobbit: Princess Kíli pulls out all the stops to court her burglar.
Where the Heart Is: Courting and fluffy romance out on the trail.

Jasmine Tea and Coffee Kisses: (& minor Gimli/Legolas, other pairings); Coffee Shop AU. Kíli starts working in his uncle Thorin's café to earn some cash while he's in uni. Bilbo owns the flower shop next door and comes in every day at the same time for tea and a muffin. Flirting and romance ensue.

Part 1: First Impressions                                      Part 3: Trials Come in Threes
Part 2: Two Hearts Collide                                    Epilogue: Fourteen Months Later

Only Kin Could Slice So Deep: Thorin comes to believe that his nephew betrayed them in the goblin caves and leaves him behind to die; Bilbo will not stand for this, returning to rescue him and clear his name.

Chapter 1: Paranoia                                       Chapter 5: Intrigue - Part I; Part II (NSFW)
Chapter 2: Courage and Despair                     Chapter 6: Truth and Consequences
Chapter 3: Healing                                         Chapter 7: Aftermath
Chapter 4: Guilt and Dissension

The (Not So) Secret Lives of Unicorns: Bilbo is a unicorn. Kíli is a virgin. Together they fight goblins and cuddle epically.
          Art: Bilbo 1, Bilbo 2.

Chapter 1: A Wizard Meddles         Chapter 5: A Mountain Shakes          Chapter 9: A River Flows
Chapter 2: A Quest Begins             Chapter 6: An Archer Dreams           Chapter 10: A Dragon Flies
Chapter 3: A Burglar Woos             Chapter 7: A Company Walks           Chapter 11: A Gemstone Glows
Chapter 4: A Romance Grows        Chapter 8: A Hobbit Bargains            Chapter 12: A Story Ends

SERIES: Adventures of a Different Kind (entirely NSFW)

1. A Good Day for Mushrooms: That evening in Bag End is not the first time that Bilbo has seen the youngest Durin, but last time Kíli was wearing far fewer clothes.
2. Forged in Blood and Binding: Kíli saves Bilbo from goblins and it's the hottest thing he's ever seen; sex ensues before the ropes come off.
3. Keeping a Promise: The unrepentant food porn fic.
4. Be Careful What You Eat: (Kíli/Bilbo/Other); Kíli and Bilbo run afoul of one of the Mirkwood's weirder plants.
5. Strange bedfellows: (Kíli/Bilbo, Elf/Kíli); Kíli gets bored in Thranduil's dungeons and decides to have some fun.
6. Staking his claim: When the company reaches Laketown, Bilbo and Kíli take some time for themselves.
7. A Delicate Touch: Sometimes Bilbo just wants to work Kíli open on his fingers until the dwarf has no resistance left.
8. Beneath Watchful Eyes: After Smaug leaves the Lonely Mountain, Kíli and Bilbo have a celebration of their own.
9. How to Treat a King: On the eve of battle, Bilbo helps Kíli fulfill a long time fantasy.
10. For Hearts Still Beating: The one where Bilbo is possessive and everyone finds out.

SERIES: A Matter Of Perspective (includes various minor pairings)

1. A Terrible Mistake: Fíli tries to sabotage his brother's new relationship, but sometimes love is worth the price.
Part I: Reverie,
Part II: Ruin,
Part III: Rancor,
Part IV: Rift,
Part V: Regret & Epilogue

2. The Other Side of the Coin: Kíli just wanted to have an adventure, he never expected to find love as well.  The companion piece to A Terrible Mistake, written from Kíli's perspective.

Part I: Secrets,
Part II: Sabotage, (NSFW)
Part III: Sorrow,
Part IV: Schism - Section A; Section B, (NSFW)
Part V: Strife,
Part VI: Solace,
Epilogue: Serenity

3. A Hobbit's Scorn: Lobelia has never thought much of Bilbo Baggins and her opinion only worsens when he brings home a dwarf.
4. A Child's Love: Frodo's uncles are amazing.
5. A Father's Pain: Elrond doesn't understand his daughter's choices but Kíli helps him see with new eyes.
6. A Husband's Choice: Somehow Bilbo never really expected to get old.

(Other/Multiple Pairings)
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