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Hobbit/LotR Masterlist - Other Pairings

Other/Multiple Pairings

A Night to Remember:
(Fíli/Bilbo/Kíli); NSFW; When Bilbo marries Fíli and Kíli, dwarven law requires that his husbands take him both at once on their wedding night.  Now if only the brothers could stop arguing long enough to get it done.
An Unexpected Christmas: (Fíli/Bilbo/Kíli with unrequited Thilbo & Boffins, minor Thorin/Bofur & possibly implied Dwalin/Nori); Bilbo's company appears in the Shire to celebrate Christmas after their quest is through.
Lost in Translation: (Fíli/Bilbo/Kíli); NSFW; Fíli and Kíli try to court an oblivious Bilbo; frustration and misunderstandings occur.
Love is a Battlefield: (Fíli/Bilbo, Kíli/Bilbo, Fíli/Bilbo/Kíli); NSFW; Fíli and Kíli have never been good at sharing and when they both fall for Bilbo, things get out of hand.
Playing for Time: (Fíli/Bilbo/Kíli); NSFW; Bilbo distracts the trolls in a very different manner.

Foundation of Sorrow, Kingdom of Ash: (Thilbo and mostly platonic het); Dís becomes Queen Under the Mountain and rules Erebor after the BoFA.
Love Makes Monsters of Us All: (Thilbo, Kilbo, Thorin/Fíli and Fíli/Kíli with lots of consent issues); Erebor never fell to Smaug's burning fury, but there are worse things than dragons in her halls.
Paint My Heart With Dreams of You: (Thilbo and Kilbo); NSFW; Thorin dies in the BoFA, leaving Bilbo grief-stricken and pregnant with his child.  Kili steps up to raise the baby like his own.
Possess a Heart to Fill Your Hollow Soul: (Onesided Thilbo and [Dwarf]Kíli/Bilbo); Thorin wants Bilbo and nothing will stand in his way, not even the fact that Bilbo already loves another member of his company.
Where the One-Eyed Man is King: (minor Thilbo, Bilbo/Bofur); Genre Savvy Bilbo tells it like it is.

A Word from the Wise: (minor Thorin/Thranduil, Kíli/Bilbo, Kíli/Tauriel, Kíli/Bilbo/Tauriel, and Fíli/Sigrid amongst others); Thorin and company give Fíli and Kíli advice on courtship; the lessons don't go well.
Like a Long Forgotten Dream: Part I, Part II, Epilogue; (eventual Legolas/Aragorn, Legolas/Aragorn/Gimli); Fíli and Kíli are actually Legolas' time-traveling love children from the future. This changes everything.
Round and Round Again: (Ori/Dwalin, Dori/Bifur, Kíli/Bilbo, Thorin/Bilbo, Kíli/Tauriel, Fíli/Bard, Fíli/Legolas/Kíli, Fíli/Bilbo/Kíli, Bombur/Bilbo and implied Legolas/Tauriel amongst others); Ori is cursed to relive their journey until the company succeeds; this takes a very long time.
The Stealth Yenta: [Pairings](Dwalin/Ori, Dori/Bifur, Óin/Bombur/Balin, Glóin/his wife, Fíli/Bofur, Kíli/Bilbo and Nori/Thorin); Nori gets bored and decides to do some match-making.

Every Light Must Fade: (Kíli/Tauriel, past Thranduil/his wife); Tauriel should have died with Kíli but she waits instead.
As Time Goes By: (one-sided Legolas/Tauriel, Kíli/Tauriel); Legolas spends sixty years lying to himself.

Comes Wisdom in Defeat: (Kíli/Bilbo, Thorin/Bilbo, Kíli/Tauriel); Kíli is the only Durin to survive the Battle of the Five Armies but when his world falls into darkness, the Valar grant him one chance to make things right.

Chapter I: Epilogue
Chapter II: Prologue - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Chapter III: Preface - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3A, Part 3B
Chapter IV: Preamble - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

I'll Carve a Space into Your Heart: (non-con/dub-con shapeshifter!Smaug/Kíli) NSFW; Being chosen as a dragon's mate is a terribly dangerous thing.

1. So You'll Be Mine: Part I, Part II
2. Time Stamp I: Two Months Later
3. TIme Stamp II: One Year Later
4: TIme Stamp III: Five Years Later

Mahal's Blessing: [Overall Pairings](Smaug/Kíli/Bilbo & Azog/Fíli); Fíli and Kíli are soul-mates, but have different names over their hearts.

Prologue: In Which Mahal Makes a Choice
Chapter 1: In Which Soulmates Are Not Lovers
Chapter 2: In Which Flowers Are a Language (NSFW; [Pairing]Kíli/Bilbo)
Chapter 3: In Which Defiling is Done (NSFW; [Pairing]Azog/Fíli)
Chapter 4: In Which a Dragon Finds His Heart
Epilogue: In Which a Mountain Burns

Six Strains of Heartbreak: (Kíli/Human; Kíli/Tauriel, Kíli/Dwarf, Kíli/Bilbo); Five times Kíli broke someone's heart and one time they broke his.

1. Elegy,            3. Canon,                   5. Dirge,
2. Lament,         4. Fugue,                    6. Requiem,

This Long and Winding Road: (platonic Fíli/Kíli, Fíli/Bilbo/Kíli, Dwalin/Ori, [Other pairings (Minor spoilers)]Thorin/Bilbo, Nori/Dwalin, other minor pairings); Fíli and Kíli have spent decades searching for the last piece of their hearts, but meeting Bilbo is just the beginning of the tale.  Because hobbits believe in love, not destiny and someone else catches their burglar's eye.

1. Ze'    2. Nu'     3. Gem    4. Ramekh     5. Gamekh    6. Ges   7. Haded 8. Gimon 9. Tager 10. Sasekh
11. Ze'sasekh   12. Nu'sasekh 13. Gemsasekh 14. Ramekhsasekh 15. Gamekhsasekh 16. Ges-sasekh
17. Hadedsasekh    18. Gimonsasekh    19. Tigersasekh

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