Antarctica-or-bust (rata_toskr) wrote,

Hobbit/My Little Pony Art Post

So, I've been having far too much fun with this Pony Creator lately (mostly when I probably should have been working on actual fics, but oh well.  This was more entertaining.  But I figured I should post my creations somewhere if only so I could link back to them properly.  Thus, without further ado, have some Pony Hobbit characters.

I made this one for a friend of mine as a reward for beta-ing my extremely kinky Smaug fic. It was this in lieu of a gold star.

Because what dragon is complete without a castle?

This image is for a Unicorn!Bilbo fic that I will someday get around to writing. This is the final version of the image. Two earlier versions are below.

Tags: art, crack, crossover, the hobbit
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