Antarctica-or-bust (rata_toskr) wrote,


Title: Dragonfire
Pairings: Thorin/Bilbo
Word Count: 253
Disclaimer: If I owned the hobbit they'd all have more issues but no one would die.
Summary: A Hobbit version of Hellfire from Hunchback of Notre Dame

I confess to Mahal mighty
To blessed Yavanna ever fruitful
To Durin, the father of my line
To the Valar, holy all

Mahal, Great Smith
You know I am a righteous lord
Of my honor I am justly proud

And to you, Mother

Dearest Yavanna
You know I'm so much stronger than
The common, vulgar, weak, licentious crowd

But I have sinned

So tell me, Lord Mahal
Why I see him standing there
Why his laughing eyes still haunt my soul

In dreams

I feel him, I see him
The gold caught in his soft brown hair
Sends lust blazing through me out of all control

In mind and body

Like fire
This fire in my skin
This burning
Is turning me to sin

It's not my fault
I'm not to blame

It is the hobbit, Bilbo
The burglar who sent this flame

It's not my fault
Ilúvatar's word

He made foul Melkor so much
Stronger than a lord

Protect me, Yavanna
Don't let this hobbit cast his spell
Don't let this madness sear my flesh and bone
Destroy the hobbit, destroy Baggins
And let him taste the fires of this hell
Or else let him be mine and mine alone

Dark fire
Now burglar, it's your turn
Choose me or
Your pyre
Be mine or you will burn

Mahal have mercy
Have mercy on him

Mahal have mercy
Have mercy on me

Mahal have mercy
Have mercy on my soul

But he will be mine
Or we will burn!
Tags: angst, drabble, fusion, the hobbit, thilbo, thorin, verse
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