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In Another Life - Part IV

Title: In Another Life - Part IV
Fandom: the Covenant
Pairings: Chase/Caleb, minor Caleb/Sarah, Pogue/Kate
Rating/Warnings: NSFW; some violence; homophobic language; dysfunctional families
Word Count: 9826 (38,697 so far)
Disclaimer: If I owned the Covenant, they would all be naked.
Summary: Caleb hates his life; he buries the truth in lies and secrets until Chase Collins blows into town and changes everything.

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When the warlock gets to Pogue’s room, Chase, Reid, and Tyler are all sitting out in the hallway, drinks and snacks from the vending machines spread out across the floor.

“Hey, that was fast,” Chase says when Caleb sits down next to him. “The doctors kicked us out to run more tests but Pogue woke up briefly so they think he’ll be all right. He just needs time to heal. How was your mom?”

“Still completely fucking crazy,” the warlock sighs. “But I got my stuff so I never have to go back there if she doesn’t change her mind. I’ll probably crash at Pogue’s tonight. Keep his mother company. After that I’ll see how things play out.”

“Makes sense,” Reid agrees. “Though like I said: if you don’t feel like driving back and forth, you’re always welcome to my dorm room floor.”

“Right. Or he could just stay with me since I have an actual bed,” Chase puts in a little pointedly. He locks eyes with Reid for a second, enough challenge on his face that Caleb starts to wonder if he missed something important while he was gone. However, before the warlock can decide whether or not he should step in, Reid breaks into a grin.

“Your boy here is all right,” the blond tells Caleb, thumping Chase on the shoulder. “You need someone who can handle your self-righteous bitching and anyone who can make you stand up to your mom gets extra points from me. So when you do come to stay in the dorms, I suppose I’ll trust him with your ass as long as you don’t forget who your real friends are.”

“Thanks, I think,” Caleb replies, a little bemused with how Reid has decided to divvy up his life. But he’ll take this over a freak out any day. “Whatever you want to tell yourself.”

The teen opens his backpack, handing a book to Chase before pulling out his laptop and finally starting on his essay like he’d planned two days ago. Caleb actually enjoys writing, the words flowing easily once he gets a rhythm going, and he has a rough draft completed by the time Chase closes his book with a sigh.

“All right. I have to go find some food before I starve. Do you guys want me to bring back anything?”

There's only one answer to that question – between swimming, growing and Using, the Sons of Ipswich eat twice as much as any normal person – and Chase's eyebrows go higher with every dish that they add on. But he seems more amused than irritated by the increasingly ridiculous demands, pulling out his phone to write all the details down.

“Hey babe, can I borrow your car again? I don't think I'll be able to carry all this walking,” Chase says once the other teens have finally finished and Caleb tosses his keys over without a second thought. However, he catches Tyler's eye before his friend can offer to help Chase with his errand, a quick shake of his head making the other boy close his mouth. As much as the warlock still doesn't want to think about Sarah, he needs to talk to his friends and Chase has just given him the perfect opportunity.

“All right I'll be back in a bit,” his boyfriend says. “Or maybe longer. I don't know where you guys are gonna put all this when you're such skinny fucks... Except you, babe; you're the perfect handful just the way you are.”

This last is aimed at Caleb along with a wink that makes the teen blush crimson and Reid choke on his tongue.

“Oh my God, boy toy. I didn't need to know that. Get out of here before you make me lose my appetite,” the blond growls, shoving Chase toward the exit. The other teen goes laughing, blowing a kiss to Caleb before he rounds the corner and he's gone.

“Damn bro, your boyfriend has no shame,” Reid grumbles, though there's some grudging admiration there. Truthfully, the blond mostly just sounds jealous when he adds, “Why can't I find a girl who talks like that? You seriously lucked out.”

“I know,” Caleb replies and given Tyler's chuckle, he probably sounds as smitten as he feels. But this isn't the time for being dreamy now.

“Right,” he says, focusing on his friends again. “My boyfriend is amazing but we can talk about him later. I know what Sarah wants.”

“What? How?”

“She told me. She was in Chase's dorm room and she told me.”

“Then he knows?”

“No, she'd spelled him asleep before I got there. Cursed him just to show she could,” Caleb explains. “Like what she did to Pogue hadn't already proved that point.”

“So... what does she want?” Reid asks impatiently when the warlock pauses.

“My power. She wants my power. Apparently it's possible to will our magic to another warlock – it kills us, but it's possible – and she wants me to give her all my magic as soon as I Ascend. She already has her father's; that's why she's so much stronger than she should be and she seems to think that taking my power will hold the price at bay.”

“But it doesn't work like that,” Tyler protests.

“I know. I tried to tell her but she's too far gone to care. She's addicted and desperate and hates us for abandoning her; like we could have known that she existed when her bloodline was supposed to be lost years ago.”

“Wait. She's part of our Covenant? But she's a girl. And I thought the fifth bloodline was wiped out during the witch trials.”

“Well, I guess the hunters missed one. I don't know, Reid. Maybe Sarah has it all wrong and she's descended from some other warlock. Or maybe our ancestors were just misogynists and assumed a daughter couldn't have the power because all they had were sons. Honestly, I don't really give a fuck. What matters is that Sarah is prepared to kill us and I don't plan on dying in a week.”

“Right, sorry. Of course we're not letting her kill you. But if Sarah has the power of two Ascended warlocks, how the hell are we supposed to take her out? None of us are going to Ascend for months so we can't match her head to head.”

“Maybe we can take her power? If there's a way for you to give her your magic, shouldn't there be a way to steal it too?"

“If there is, why would Sarah go to all this trouble? She could have just taken my magic and left before we knew that she was there.”

“If she's self-taught then she might not know about it. It would have to be a damn strong spell and most of what she's done seems to be based on brute force instead of skill. Take away that advantage and you'll defeat her easily."

“I suppose. But even if we can steal her magic, what do we do with it afterward? Her power could drive us as mad as she is if we take it in.”

“How the hell should I know? Let me find the spell before you start worrying about that. I'll look up some good curses and cantrips while I'm at it, load you up with tricks that Sarah shouldn't know about. There's bound to be something that can take her by surprise."

“Right. She may have power but we've got numbers; I'll hit her with a rock while you distract her if it comes to that.”

“No!” Caleb bursts out. “I don't want you guys anywhere nearby when my birthday comes. Sarah will probably kill you if you try to interfere."

“Don’t be an idiot. She's going to kill us anyway if we don't stop her now. Your power won't be enough to cure her addiction and I'd rather go down fighting then let Sarah kill us one by one."

“I…" the warlock really wants to argue but he can't deny Reid's point. Even if Caleb made a deal for his friends' safety, he wouldn't trust Sarah to keep her word for very long. “Okay, fine. You guys can be my backup. But only if you promise to save your own skin first. I won't be able to fight Sarah if I'm worried about you doing something reckless and getting yourselves hurt."

“Deal,” Tyler agrees before Reid can say anything. “We'll stay out of the way unless you really need us so that we don't tip our hand too soon."

“I guess... Just fuck this shit,” Reid grumbles. "I wish my mother owned a gun so we could just shoot Sarah and be done with it."

"I don't," Caleb replies quietly. He knows the blond probably doesn't mean it but he still can't let that stand. “I don't want to kill anyone if I can help it. Sarah is angry and desperate and dying slowly and we should pity her. Who knows if any of us would have acted different in her place? So while I don't plan on dying, that doesn't mean I'm happy I might have to kill Sarah to survive."

“Whatever. You've always been a pushover when it comes to lost causes and since I don't own a gun, it's a moot point anyway. The only real chance we've got is some spell that may not actually exist and if it doesn't, you'll be on my side soon enough.”

“Don’t worry, Caleb," Tyler reassures him optimistically. “I’m sure there's something that can help us and I plan to study like I'm taking AP Chem again. I'll start looking as soon as Chase comes back with lunch. I'm sure I'll find something helpful in a week.”

“Thank you. I don't know what I would have done without you guys to help me; you know I'm no good at this sort of research and strategy. So seriously, thank you, I owe you big for this.”

“Don’t mention it. You may be a pain in the ass, but you're family and I'd probably miss all the lectures on responsibility. Speaking of which, do you have our history textbook in that bag of yours? I still need to do the reading questions assigned for chapter five.”

Caleb does in fact have a copy of that textbook and he lets Reid change the subject without commenting. Their plan isn't going to get any better with repetition and the warlock is nervous enough about facing Sarah without listening to Reid point out everything that might go wrong. So the teen just goes back to his essay, doing his best to bullshit reasons why The Scarlet Letter should be seen as Feminist.

Chase returns about an hour later, bringing a truly ridiculous amount of food in half a dozen bags. They eat in Pogue's room since the doctors have finished their latest round of tests, hot wings and French fries passed around the bed. Even Pogue's mother takes a few when Tyler offers and there's still enough left for dinner afterward.

Which is good because the teens have no plans to leave while their friend is still unconscious. Indeed, they spend another uncomfortable night there in the hospital, hanging around through most of Sunday as well until Mrs. Parry fixes them with a stern glare.

“I know you don't want to hear this, but it's past time that you go home. You all have school tomorrow and you won't help Pogue heal any faster by skipping class. I promise that I'll let you know if something changes while you're gone.”

None of them want to leave but she doesn't give them any choice. Even Caleb just gets a copy of her house key and instructions to go unpack his things.

So the teens leave the hospital, stopping by Kate's room on their way out. Caleb had almost forgotten about her with everything else that's happened, but he does want to check that she's all right. Unfortunately, the news isn't very comforting. She's been poisoned and the doctors are baffled; they say it's like she's suffering from a thousand spider bites. Which means a spell of Creation, one that Caleb knows no means of breaking, and so Kate won't heal until Sarah lets her magic go. Here's one more person who will suffer dearly if the warlock can't win the coming fight.

After leaving Kate, Caleb drops his boyfriend off at the dorms before driving over to Pogue's house to do as Mrs. Parry asked. It doesn't take the teen very long to carry his bags into the guest room and he flops down on the bed face first. He's spent almost as many nights here as he has in his own bedroom and even though he really does mean to keep writing, the familiarity soon lulls him back to sleep.

Caleb doesn't wake up until Pogue's mom comes back for dinner, Mrs. Parry whipping up a quick stir fry with the veggies in her fridge. The teen acts as sous chef and his potato chunks are passably even when he concentrates.

The meal itself passes in near silence since both of them are too preoccupied with their worries to manage small talk now. But it's a comfortable silence and when Mrs. Parry tells Caleb that he can stay as long as he needs to, the warlock knows that she means it wholeheartedly. So he helps her wash the dishes before returning to the guest room, the teen managing to knock out a few more assignments before going back to sleep.

The next day at school is weird. Everyone knows about Pogue's accident already and while Caleb is used to the attention, he isn't used to the stares being quite so pitying. Half the student body stops him to offer their condolences, including people that the warlock has never even talked to, and when he catches sight of Sarah smirking in the background, the whole thing gets a bit surreal.

By the time Caleb's first class is over, he's already sick of the sympathetic glances and when he spots Chase waiting by his locker, he pushes the other teen against the wall to kiss him thoroughly. Chase makes a startled noise against his mouth but gets with the program quickly, his hands settling firmly on the warlock’s hips.

“You really don’t do anything by halves, do you?” Chase asks when Caleb finally steps back, his lips quirking in a grin. The entire hallway has gone silent, a good thirty people gaping at the two of them.

“I was tired of the pity. Figured I’d give them something else to talk about,” Caleb replies with a shrug. “Besides, you can’t expect me to keep my hands to myself when you’re wearing jeans that tight.”

“Fair enough. But I draw the line at broom closets. I have a dorm for that.”

“Works for me. Now, come on, the bell is going to ring any second and I’d rather not get detention for being late to class.”

“Right, because I’m the reason that we’ve been standing here,” Chase retorts, though he's still smiling when Caleb grabs his hand and drags him down the hall. Their classmates part before them like they've got the plague, a swell of whispers following in their wake, and the teen knows this will be all over school soon enough.

Indeed, Reid greets them at the door to their next class, holding out his phone and saying, “Look what I just got. Seriously, Caleb, you couldn't wait? Everyone's gonna talk 'bout you two nonstop after this.”

The warlock hadn't noticed anyone taking his picture, but there it is in living color: he and Chase making out against the wall. They look... well, to be perfectly honest, they look like they wanted to tear each other's clothes off then and there.

“That's actually a pretty good picture. Can you send me a copy?” Chase asks, leaning over Caleb's shoulder. He's clearly not bothered by the thought of people watching or Reid's indignation on his friends' behalf.

“Yeah, sure. Whatever.” The blond rolls his eyes but he does it, Chase's phone beeping before Reid waves them into the room. The three boys sit down in their usual spot, but while there would normally be a fourth, Tyler is nowhere to be seen.


“At home 'studying',” Reid explains. “He thinks he might have a lead on our side project. I would have helped him but I figured you might need the support. Though if I'd known you were going to go all out and proud on me, I would have brought more firepower. You know some people might not take this revelation well.”

Caleb knows the other warlock is talking about Sarah, but he's pretty sure that she won't do anything. This weekend proved that the Sons of Ipswich aren't strong enough to challenge her and the witch will want to keep his friends alive as leverage until he gives his power up. Indeed, despite Reid's warning, Sarah doesn't even talk to Caleb; she just gives him a gloating smile whenever their paths cross.

The witch has him over a barrel and the warlock hates it, but there's nothing that he can do to change the situation now. So he just goes through the motions as best he can, trying to pay attention to his studies like they'll still matter in a week.

By the time the day is over, Caleb is exhausted and he begs off when Reid asks him if he wants to visit Pogue that afternoon. Mrs. Parry would have called if there were any news and the teen doesn't have the strength to see his friend like that again.

Instead the warlock goes back to Pogue's house and spends the next few hours on his homework, math problems and reading questions taking his mind off everything. When Caleb finally runs out of assignments, he makes spaghetti for dinner – his mother's complete inability to cook coming in handy now. Pogue’s mother isn't back yet since she works late on Mondays, but he leaves the leftovers in the fridge for her to eat when she returns. Then Caleb falls into bed with the vague hope that tomorrow will be better than today.

However, the warlock's sleep is fitful and broken up by nightmares: images of ticking clocks and Sarah's hungry grin dancing through his mind. Because Tuesday is just one day closer to his death sentence and Caleb is sorely tempted not to go to school at all.

But if he did that then Chase and his friends would worry, so the teen manages to drag himself out of bed eventually. When he gets to Spenser Academy, Caleb discovers that his classmates have separated themselves into factions over the last fourteen hours. He and Chase have both a fan club and a hate club and the warlock honestly finds the whole thing a bit ridiculous.

Don't these guys have anything better to do? Caleb wonders, watching his classmates argue on his behalf. But at least his detractors mostly stick to insults instead of violence and when Aaron does cross the line, punching him is as satisfying as the warlock thought it'd be.

The teen gets detention for that, his belongings confiscated while he reshelves what seems like half the library. When Caleb finally finishes, his phone is blinking; he has a voicemail from a number that he doesn't recognize.

“Hello, Caleb. This is Mr. Edwards,” the message says. “I'm the Danvers' family lawyer and we need to talk. Your mother called me yesterday about disowning you.”

The warlock almost deletes the message after that, a burst of anger at his mother making his grip tighten on his phone. But this Mr. Edwards doesn't seem like the type to start spewing insults and Caleb needs to know what's going to happen to him if he survives. So he keeps listening instead.

“I'm sorry to say that I couldn't make Evelyn change her mind and I won't repeat the invective that she used when I tried,” Mr. Edwards continues. “But things aren't as bad as you've probably been thinking. Evelyn can write you out of her will, but most of the Danvers' fortune isn't hers to touch. Your father left the majority of his estate in trust and you will be able to take control of this inheritance as soon as you turn eighteen. The only things that Evelyn owns outright are the family mansion and a few small accounts still listed in her name. Please call me back at this number as quickly as you can.”

Holy fuck, Caleb thinks as he stares down at his phone. On the one hand, this is great news. His mother may hate him now but at least he won't lose everything. He'll still be able to go to college and have a future like he'd planned.

But on the other hand, his mother actually disowned him and as much as Caleb sometimes hated her, he can't help a sting of loss. His mother may be a fucked up, angry drunk, but for years she's been the only family that he had. His father hardly counts when the man is more corpse than person and while his friends are like his brothers, there's no blood to bind that tie. All the warlock had was his mother and now he doesn't anymore.

A wave of grief and anger rushes through him, hollowing him out and leaving numbness in its wake. Caleb just feels blank as he calls the lawyer back and makes an appointment to see him Saturday, something to look forward to if he lives through Friday night. Then the teen gets into his car and drives.

He doesn't have a destination in mind; he just needs to get out of Ipswich for a while. He needs to leave this fucking town behind. But as tempting as it is to run away for good, Caleb can't abandon his friends to Sarah; they're the closest thing he has to family now.

So the teen just drives in an enormous circle, always turning back when he gets too far from Ipswich, and when he ends up at his father's house, he can't be too surprised.

Caleb marches through the door, brushing past Gorman when the man asks what he's doing there. He climbs the stairs and sits down in a chair by his father and then the whole sordid mess comes spilling out. The warlock tells his father that he's gay and has a boyfriend, that his mother has disowned him and he can't go home again. Caleb even tells the old man about Sarah, about the witch's addiction and her insane ultimatum and his fear that he won't survive the week. The teen talks until his voice goes hoarse and he runs out of words to speak.

Then Caleb looks at his father, hoping for advice or acknowledgment or just some proof that the old man still cares whether his son lives or dies. But all thing the warlock sees is blankness, the same tortured suffering as always, and he can't help but laugh at his own stupidity.

The sound rips from his throat in a wild cry, the teen unable to stop even as his chuckles turn to choking sobs. Caleb tries to hold them back. He covers his mouth with his hands and fights to blink away his tears. But he can't; all he can do is curl around his knees and hope that his father isn't watching as he cries.

Caleb sobs until even grief runs out, his tears leaving only emptiness behind. Crying doesn't help anything; crying has never changed a damn thing in his life.

“He does care about you,” Gorman says, placing a hand on the teen's shoulder. “Some days I think you're the only reason that he's holding onto life.”

“Well maybe he shouldn't. Maybe it would be better if he died,” Caleb answers bitterly. “If I don't survive my birthday, just tell him I'm sorry that his kid is such a failure and try to keep him comfortable.”


“Just leave it, Gorman. I know my chances and they aren't very high. But if you're right, at least my father won't be miserable for long and I'll make sure you're rewarded for your service in my will.”

With that cheerful pronouncement, Caleb leaves. He gets into his car and drives away without once glancing back and whatever happens, he doesn't think that he'll ever return to see his dad again.

Caleb drives to Pogue's house and grabs some leftovers for dinner, but after a while the empty silence is just too much to take. This house isn't supposed to be quiet – it's never quiet when Pogue is around – and the warlock needs company right now.

“You said I could stay over; were you serious?” Caleb asks when Chase picks ups his phone and the teen is out the door seconds after his boyfriend says, “Of course.”

The warlock sleeps much better in Chase's dorm than he did the night before, his nightmares kept at bay by the warmth pressed to his side. At least someone will miss him if he dies on Friday and he's starting to think that this thing with Chase may be more than a high school fling after all.

Of course, despite Caleb's dark mood, his boyfriend isn't the only person who cares about him and on Wednesday, Tyler makes a breakthrough. The other warlock calls Caleb while he’s off campus buying lunch, telling him to get to the spell chamber as fast as possible.

“I think I've got it!” he shouts when Caleb arrives half an hour later, the teen having skipped the last few classes of the day. “I think I've got a way to siphon off Sarah's power without driving you insane. We can give her strength to Ipswich!”

“We can what?”

“We can give her strength to the protections around Ipswich. Those spells are largely self-sustaining, sucking in ambient energy to keep them powered after we renew the borders every year, and I think we can feed Sarah into the loop instead. You already know how to cast the spell by heart and you've got practice linking power so it's perfect; just cut out the protections that we normally use and let the magic suck her dry.”

“You really think that would work? I've never tried to link with someone against their will.”

“I think it's our best chance. None of the offensive spells I've found are guaranteed to work when Sarah is so much stronger than you; there's too much chance that they'll just bounce right off her shields. But she should be open to a linkage – hell, she's trying to take your power – and if you move fast enough, Ipswich should grab her before she has the chance to fight.”

“That seems a bit far-fetched,” Caleb says doubtfully. “If you think it’ll work, then I guess I trust you, but I still want a backup plan.”

“That's what these are for.” Tyler hands Caleb a dozen charms, each one buzzing with magic. “These curses have the best chance of getting through to Sarah so if all else fails, chuck them at her and run like hell. With luck, one of them will take her out before she can do you any damage and if not, Reid and I will be waiting to back you up. I wish we knew where you were meeting her; I could lay some traps to slow her down.”

“Unfortunately she's not that stupid so I doubt she'll tell me 'til it's time. And I want you guys to stay with Chase in public somewhere – maybe Fall Fest. I don’t trust Sarah not to use him as leverage after the last time and she’s less likely to try anything with a huge crowd around. I'll be able to concentrate better if I know you guys are out of danger and if I do need you, at least I'll know which way to run.”

“Reid won't like it, but I'll convince him. Especially if I can find a spell to increase our range. That way we could lend you our power no matter where you are.”

“Works for me. I want you guys in my corner, I do, but I can't let Sarah hurt you on my watch. Now, show me which of these curses is which so I don't light myself on fire by accident.”

“As long as you don't activate them while they're in your pocket that shouldn't be an issue,” Tyler says before doing as Caleb asked. Each charm holds a preset spell that's just waiting for a touch of power and they range from blindness to choking to an actual fireball. When the other warlock finishes his explanations, he makes Caleb go over the protection spell just to check that he knows it back to front and isn't likely to forget it once his life is on the line. But the warlock passes with flying colors – that's the first spell he ever learned and he could probably cast it in his sleep.

Indeed, for the first time since Sarah told him what she wanted, Caleb feels like he might survive his birthday. He might actually win against the witch with Tyler's tricks on his side.

And yet, that possibility makes Caleb realize that he's been slacking off. He's been so afraid of dying that he hasn't actually done anything to prepare for what that means and the warlock can't just ignore Sarah from existence like he's been trying to. Win or lose, there are some things he has to do.

First things first, Caleb writes a will. It's nothing complicated, just a few lines leaving all his possessions to his friends with the caveat that Gorman and his dad are taken care of 'til they die. The teen isn't entirely sure whether the will is legal since he's not eighteen yet, but he has Tyler witness the document just in case. Hopefully Mr. Edwards will honor his last wishes either way.

Once that’s done, the teen heads back to Spenser Academy, arriving some twenty minutes after the final class has gotten out. Perfect timing, really, since there’s one more thing on his bucket list and he didn’t really want to drag his boyfriend out of school.

“Hey. Where'd you wander off to?” Chase asks when Caleb finds him in his dorm. “I tried to call you b-”

“I want you to fuck me and I need to tell you something,” the warlock interrupts. “Maybe not exactly in that order. And I guess I could fuck you if you prefer. Or we could do both. I mean, I don't know which one I like better so if you have a preference we could just go with that. But there should definitely be fucking; I think I've waited long enough.”

Caleb can't seem to stop talking even though every word is just digging the hole deeper and his cheeks are burning with embarrassment. But while Chase gapes at first, the other boy recovers quickly, walking over to Caleb and putting a hand across his mouth to stop his babbling.

“So you'd like to fuck me?” Chase asks, his smirk widening when the warlock nods emphatically. “Well you're in luck because I'm versatile and I've been wanting to ride your cock for weeks. So I'm going to go take a shower while you sit on my bed and think about all the things you want to do to me. Get yourself nice and hard so that you can fuck me properly.”

Caleb makes a strangled noise behind Chase's hand even as his dick jumps in his pants. He's not entirely sure how this spiraled out of his control so quickly but following his boyfriend's lead in bed has always worked so far.

So the teen nods again, Chase's smirk softening into a smile before the other boy leans in and kisses him. Hot and hungry, the sort of kiss that make Caleb's brain short out and he doesn't realize that Chase is walking him backwards until he runs into the bed.

“Stay,” his boyfriend orders, pushing the warlock down onto the covers before grabbing his towel and slipping out the door.

What have I gotten myself into? Caleb wonders, flopping onto his back and staring up at the ceiling. He assumed his declaration would lead to a bit more fucking and a bit less abandonment. But the teen can't deny that the thought of Chase in the shower is getting his blood up quickly, anticipation making him squirm against the bed. Maybe the other boy is preparing himself, those clever fingers stretching his ass for Caleb's cock and next time the warlock wants to watch. Next time he wants to stretch Chase out himself.

The teen wants to drive his boyfriend wild, finger Chase until he's a begging, desperate mess. Caleb wants to watch Chase fall apart on his hands and then let his boyfriend do the same to him. He wants everything and if it takes a lifetime, he's okay with that.

Of course, that's the future and what the warlock needs right now is for the other boy to get back in here before his dick busts through his pants. He doesn't want to get undressed, not when there's a straight line of sight between Chase's bed and the door, and the same goes for jacking off.

So Caleb bites his lip and tries to think unsexy thoughts. He tries not to think about Chase all wet and tempting or a hand around his cock and it goes about as well as you'd expect. Because now that's all the teen can think about and he's not sure how long the idea of giving some poor soul an eyeful is going to keep him dressed. Honestly, half the school would probably kill to see him naked so he'd really just be fulfilling someone's longtime fantasy.

By the time Chase opens the door, Caleb is down to his shirtsleeves: jacket, tie and blazer tossed across the desk. His belt is unbuckled but the teen hasn't quite gotten to taking off his slacks, and he's almost disappointed that the hall seems to be empty. He could have jacked off after all.

But the warlock's disappointment disappears in an instant because his boyfriend is grinning at him, tendrils of damp hair curling around his ears. One drop of water traces a path down Chase's neck that leaves Caleb riveted until the click of the door locking snaps him to his feet. He's off the bed in a flash, tugging the towel out of his boyfriend's hands and tossing it aside.

Caleb presses his mouth to the other teen's neck, chasing that perfect drop of water with his tongue. He sucks a mark into Chase's skin just because he can now and his boyfriend's groan is music to his ears.

“Come on, come on,” the warlock says, pulling Chase toward the bed. He undoes the other boy's shirt along the way, his fingers fumbling on the buttons when Chase kisses him again. He bites Caleb's bottom lip, their mouths sliding together slick and filthy as Chase licks into his mouth. The teen honestly isn't sure how he manages to get his boyfriend's shirt off, but he does, his hands sliding into Chase's hair as he presses them together skin to skin.

When his legs hit the edge of the bed, Caleb spins them around, shoving Chase back onto the mattress and then following him down. Their teeth clack a little on the landing but the warlock just swallows his boyfriend's chuckle and pushes him down into the blankets, fingers scrabbling at Chase's belt.

A few quick tugs and it comes loose, letting the warlock pull his boyfriend's jeans down off his hips. Chase helps him with an obscene little shimmy, kicking his pants off completely and then hooking one leg around Caleb's waist. He pulls the teen closer, tongue slipping between his lips again even as he rolls their hips together slick and hot. Caleb's cock drags across Chase's stomach, leaving a trail of pre-cum in its wake, and he doesn't think he's going to last much longer at this rate.

So the warlock shoves his hands down Chase's boxers, tracing his fingers across his boyfriend's entrance and Caleb can't hold back a moan when he slides in easily.

“Oh fuck, you did. You got yourself all wet for me,” Caleb groans. Chase is hot around his fingers, hot and wet and tight, and he cries out beautifully when the warlock shoves in deep. He twists his fingers to feel his boyfriend clench and shake around him, Chase arching back against the bed.

But then he surges forward, grabbing Caleb's shoulders and rolling them over as the warlock's hand slides free. Caleb ends up on his back with Chase kneeling above him and while he's not entirely sure what just happened, it's a damn fine view. It gets even better when Chase rises up on his knees and guides Caleb's cock to his entrance, mouth falling open as he slowly sinks down again. So, so slowly, his ass impossibly tight around the warlock's shaft.

“Fuck,” the teen gasps, digging his hands into Chase's hips to keep from thrusting up. It feels better than he could have imagined and all he wants is to bury himself deep. But this is Chase's show and his boyfriend seems determined to drive him mad instead. He sinks down inch by inch, achingly slow but steady, and they both moan when the warlock bottoms out.

“Damn your cock is perfect,” Chase murmurs, shifting on Caleb's lap until they're pressed so close together that the teen can feel him breathe.

He pauses there for a second before he finally starts to fuck himself, lifting up and then dropping down again. There's a touch of resistance before the other boy gets a proper rhythm going, the warlock watching in awe as his dick slides smoothly in and out of Chase's ass.

It's the hottest thing he's ever seen – Chase flushed and panting and taking it is going to fuel his fantasies for weeks – and on one particularly forceful thrust, Caleb just loses it. The teen is blindsided by his orgasm, coming without warning as his hips jerk helplessly.

“Shit! Sorry, I didn't mean... Sorry,” Caleb mumbles as soon as his head clears, throwing one arm over his face in mortified embarrassment. He can't believe he came that quickly and he can feel his cheeks burn even redder when Chase starts to laugh.

“God, you're adorable,” his boyfriend chuckles, pulling the warlock's arm away from his face. Caleb doesn't want to look but when he does, Chase is smiling. “It's fine, babe. Honestly, it's kind of flattering, so chill. You'll last longer with practice and I can still work with this, all right?”

He pulls Caleb upright, the teen groaning when his cock slides deeper into Chase. He's sensitive after coming, almost too sensitive, but he still misses the feeling as soon as the other boy climbs off. However, Caleb's boyfriend doesn't make him wait for very long, leaning back against the headboard and then tugging the warlock forward to kneel between his legs.

“Since you already came, you're gonna have to fuck me with your fingers until you're hard again. Then you can finish me off with that thick cock of yours,” Chase says plainly, hooking his left leg over Caleb's shoulder. When the warlock hesitates – mostly because his boyfriend is apparently reading his mind and he can't think for desire – Chase raises one eyebrow as though to say “get on with it” and Caleb is pretty sure that he loves this guy. He loves every single fucking thing about him from his ridiculously awful taste in movies to his mad Foosball skills and his fantastic ass – an ass that he's just been given permission to grope to his heart's content.

So Caleb does. He slides his hands under Chase, fingers tracing down his crack. The other boy's hole is looser now, the rim stretched and wet with Caleb's cum, but he still shudders when the warlock thrusts inside. Three fingers since he figures Chase can take it, pushing in as deep as he can go.

“Jesus; how are you so tight?” the teen groans, spreading his fingers wide. He can feel every twitch of his boyfriend's muscles, every gasping sob as he starts to drive into him steadily. Chase clenches hard around him, hands twisting in the sheets and his foot digging into Caleb's back to urge him on.

Faster, you bastard; just fuck me, damn it!” his boyfriend curses, voice breaking on a moan when the warlock does exactly that.

He slides down onto his elbows so that he can watch his fingers disappear into Chase's ass, his entrance swallowing Caleb hungrily. The sound is obscene: the wet squelch of his thrusts mixing with his boyfriend's moans, louder and louder as Caleb picks up speed. Chase is pushing into his hand, bracing himself against the headboard and panting wantonly. He's lost to pleasure, his cock thick and leaking, and the barest touch would probably make him come right now.

But Caleb wants to hear him beg; he wants Chase to fall apart completely in his hands. So Caleb ignores his boyfriend's cock and thrusts into him again, twisting his wrist until he finds what he's looking for. Chase's whole body snaps taut when the warlock's fingers brush across his prostate, the other teen throwing back his head in a silent scream.

Caleb gives his boyfriend one beat to recover before doing it again and then again, rubbing against Chase's prostate until he's shaking and sobbing on the bed. Wordless whines and pleas for more, every broken cry going straight to Caleb's dick.

The warlock is hard again – how could he not be watching this? – and if he doesn't fuck Chase soon, he's going to go mad. So Caleb pulls his fingers free, cock throbbing when the other boy's entrance flutters at the loss. He slides up Chase's body, nipping at his hips and ribs and collarbone before sealing their mouths together in another hungry kiss.

Chase wraps around him like he's drowning, fingers digging into Caleb's skin when the warlock guides his cock home again. One quick thrust and he's fully seated, the sensation almost more than he can take. Caleb breaks the kiss then, panting into Chase's neck as he struggles for control.

He refuses to come before his boyfriend a second time; it's a matter of pride at this point and he would never live that down. So the warlock digs his nails into his palms until he can think again, the sharp sting helping to clear his head.

Then Caleb braces his hands on either side of Chase's head and starts thrusting, long slow strokes that push his boyfriend up the bed. But the warlock's pace doesn't stay slow when Chase wraps his legs around Caleb's waist and begs him to go faster, fingers clawing at his back. The other teen arches against him, trying to pull Caleb even closer as he gasps into his mouth.

So the warlock reaches one hand down in-between them and finally takes hold of Chase's cock. The teen strokes his boyfriend roughly, too far gone to manage gentleness. But Chase doesn't seem to care. He's keening now, his voice breaking when Caleb's next thrust manages to find his prostate. So Caleb repeats the move, shoving in hard and grinding his hips against Chase's ass. He's so fucking hot, so fucking tight, his entire body clenching when Caleb strokes his cock again. Chase comes then, spilling over the warlock's hand with a shout that echoes off the walls.

Seconds later Caleb follows, burying his face in his boyfriend's shoulder to muffle his own cry. He collapses onto Chase and lies there panting, pressed so close that he’s not sure whether he’s feeling his boyfriend’s heartbeat or his own.

“Your neighbors probably hate us,” Caleb murmurs once he gets his breath back, though he doesn't feel half as guilty as he probably should.

“My neighbors are probably jealous as fuck,” Chase replies, his chuckle sending shivers over the warlock’s skin. “And if they're not, they should be. I think you screwed my brains out with your dick.”

“The feeling's mutual. Not bad for a newbie, right?” the teen asks, resting his chin on his hands so that he can smirk down at his boyfriend. He’s not fishing for compliments exactly – no one begs like Chase did when the sex is bad – but his ego could use a little stroking after that little hiccup at the start. While Caleb is pretty sure he made up for shooting off that quickly, it’s still embarrassing for him to think about.

“You’re an idiot,” Chase says with an exaggerated eye roll, though his tone is much too fond for the words to sting. “I swear it was amazing; you rocked my world and blew my mind with nothing but the power of your massive cock. Now get off me. I need a shower and you need to strip this bed; I’m not sleeping in your cum tonight.”

The other boy nudges Caleb until he finally moves, both of them groaning when his cock slips out of Chase. Then the warlock rolls over onto his side to watch his boyfriend climb out of bed, enjoying the view until a pointed look drives him to his feet as well.

“You seriously need a maid service,” Caleb complains. He uses a corner of Chase’s sheets to wipe himself off before stripping the bed and gathering the sheets into a ball. “This is kind of gross.”

“Don’t be a wuss,” his boyfriend snorts, rolling his eyes again. “You’re the reason I do twice as much laundry as anyone else on my floor; the least you can do is help me out this time. Besides, you just had your fingers up my ass so I don’t know why you’re feeling squeamish now. Toss those sheets in the basket and I’ll wash them later on.”

“That was different. This is just… uggh,” the warlock says, holding the sheets as far away as possible before dropping them in the basket like Chase asked. He’s just grabbed a new set to make the bed with when a thought strikes him suddenly. “Crap. I’m actually going to have to do my own laundry now, aren’t I? My hamper isn’t going to magically get emptied… Fuck, I don’t even have a hamper anymore.”

“You are seriously ridiculous,” the other teen answers with another laugh. “I’ll teach your useless ass to do laundry and you can borrow my basket if it means that much to you. Now come on; you stink as much as I do.”

Chase tosses Caleb a towel and a robe, shrugging on his dirty jeans and a sweatshirt for the walk to the showers while the warlock does the same. The hall emptied out while they were busy with each other – everyone else either in their rooms or off campus until curfew – and so no one is around to see their walk of shame.

Not that the teen is ashamed of his boyfriend – far from it, honestly – and Chase is broadcasting smugness with every step he takes. But that doesn't mean Caleb wants everyone to see the bruises on his skin.

He must look like a disaster – if he looks half as fucked as Chase then he looks like a war zone – and his back stings when he turns the water on. Caleb scrubs down quickly, trying not to listen to the way that his boyfriend is moaning next to him. The other teen is as vocal in the shower as he is in bed and the warlock really wishes that the communal showers didn't have frosted doors. But they do and he's not quite that exhibitionist so Caleb just bites his lip and keeps his gaze on the floor.

Well, he tries. The teen can't stop himself from sneaking a few glances since his boyfriend is just as sexy wet and naked as Caleb knew he'd be.

Jesus Christ; he's gonna kill me, the warlock thinks after one particularly loud moan makes his cock twitch with interest. Does he do this when other people are around? But when Caleb looks over at Chase this time, the other boy is smirking at him and he realizes that his boyfriend is just fucking with him now.

“You are a dick,” Caleb groans, shoving Chase in the shoulder. “Why'd you have to drag me in here and then act like that?”

“Because your face is hilarious. I love the expression you make when you're trying not to want me,” Chase replies. He crowds the warlock against the wall and kisses him, hands tight on Caleb's hips. “Besides, it's not teasing if you know that I'll put out.”

“Okay, seriously. Not here,” Caleb says, pushing his boyfriend back again. “I may be out but that doesn't mean I'm down to fuck in public places. These doors don't even lock.”

“I know, right? Whatever dumb fuck designed this place should have put some more thought to privacy. But that's okay. I'd rather keep you to myself anyway,” Chase tells the warlock before stepping back under the shower to rinse his hair. He's quiet now that he’s no longer putting on a show for Caleb and the boys finish washing quickly after that.

Then they dry off and go back to Chase's dorm room, the warlock sprawling on the bed while his boyfriend tries to get some homework done. The silence should be awkward but Caleb just finds it comfortable, resting his chin on his hands and watching as Chase mumbles to himself.

His boyfriend makes the most ridiculous faces when he’s concentrating, his expression running from frustrated to elated when he finally gets the answer right. Even when Caleb gets bored and grabs a textbook, the running commentary from the other teen makes him grin into his hand. Because derivatives are apparently the devil and anyone who says that Californians don’t have accents has never heard Chase when he’s annoyed.

By the time the other boy finishes his problem set for Calculus, Caleb is getting hungry and so the two of them head downstairs to the cafeteria. The warlock calls Reid and Tyler to meet them there for dinner and while the blond raises an eyebrow at the hickeys trailing up Chase's neck, he keeps his opinions to himself.

The teens talk about classes and homework and the latest gossip, and Caleb actually manages to forget about Sarah until the meal is done. He feels like a normal teenager hanging out with his friends and he's still smiling when they say goodbye again.

Then it's back to Chase's dorm room for what Caleb assumes will be a bit more studying. But he's barely picked up another textbook when his boyfriend sits down next to him.

“Hey, Caleb?”


“That thing you wanted to tell me, does it have anything to do with Fall Fest?” Chase asks almost shyly. “Tyler mentioned the dance and I just thought since you're out...and it's your birthday...”

“What?” is Caleb's wonderfully intelligent reply. Somehow the warlock managed to forget that he'd never actually asked Chase to go to Fall Fest and so his boyfriend's question takes him by surprise. However, while the answer is yes - of course the answer is yes - the teen doesn't get his mouth moving fast enough. Chase interprets his silence as hesitation or refusal and starts to backtrack awkwardly.

“Only if you want to. If you have other plans already or want to spend your birthday somewhere else that would be good too. And going to a dance isn't the same as kissing, I know, so it's not like you have to. It was just a thought. Hell, there might not even be any tickets left and-"

Caleb stops Chase mid-sentence by the simple tactic of shoving a hand across his mouth. He can't believe his boyfriend still thinks that the warlock isn't proud to date him and they're definitely going to Fall Fest now. They're going to dress up and look pretty and make everyone extremely jealous just because they can.

“Of course I want to go. I want everyone to know that I'm the lucky bastard who gets to walk in on your arm. And if there aren't any tickets, we'll crash it anyway. I'm Caleb Danvers, aren't I? They have to let me in.”

“Okay, okay, I get it,” Chase replies with a chuckle. “I shouldn't be so quick to doubt you. I guess hiding our relationship bothered me more than I thought it would."

“Well that's over. We're out, we're proud, and we're going to that dance,” Caleb promises. “Only…"

“What? What is it?” his boyfriend asks worriedly when the teen trails off.

Caleb is an idiot. Caleb didn't think this through. Because the warlock has to meet with Sarah just before the hour of his birth and he was born at precisely 10:42 PM. Which, of course, is right in the middle of the dance.

“Caleb, seriously, what is it?” Chase asks again. “If you don’t actually want to go then just tell me. I’m a big boy; I can take it, and I’d prefer honesty over this hot and cold weirdness that you’ve got going on.”

“I need to tell you something, the thing I was talking about before,” the warlock says in a burst of reckless courage, deciding to throw caution to the wind. He refuses to lose Chase over his family's secrets and a fucking dance. “I swear that I'm not crazy and this will all make sense when I'm done.”

“All right, I guess,” the other teen replies with a frown. “But it better be a damn good explanation at this point. I really like you but I'm not interested in getting jerked around. I’ve done that dance before.”

“It will be, I promise. Though actually, I think I have to show you. Can you turn and look at me?”


“Please, it’s important. This won't make sense otherwise.”

“Okay, fine,” Chase sighs as he meets Caleb's eyes. “What could possibly need all this buildup? If you propose, I'm saying no.”

“Well, the thing is, I'm a warlock and I have to fight a duel that night,” Caleb says, Using a touch of power to float up off the bed.

“What the fuck?! What's with your eyes and you're… Jesus fuck, you're floating!” the other boy exclaims, passing his hand under Caleb in wide-eyed disbelief. “Is this some kind of trick? Or maybe I passed out and I'm dreaming; I always have weird dreams when I've been studying too hard.”

“I swear you're not dreaming and I'm not lying,” the warlock promises, floating a book off the desk to fly around his boyfriend's head. “There’s just magic in my blood, mine and my friends' as well.”

“The Sons of Ipswich, huh? I knew that sounded like a boy band,” Chase snorts. But he isn't running away screaming yet, which Caleb takes as a good sign. "Okay, so, assuming I believe you - and I'm not ruling out stress-born hallucinations – what's this about a duel? Aren't duels a little 16th century?”

“It’s kind of a long story…”

“Well then I guess you better tell it quickly,” the other teen retorts, crossing his arms across his chest. “I’m not dating anyone who runs off to fight a duel without even telling me. I want to know what’s going on.”

Chase seems to be serious so Caleb opens his mouth and tells him. He explains everything that he knows about Sarah, about her power, and what she did to Pogue.

When the warlock finishes, Chase is silent for a long time, long enough that Caleb's starts to wonder if he broke him before his boyfriend finally shrugs. “Okay, I guess that was a decent explanation. No wonder you've been acting weird. But I could be seeing things or dreaming so if you can still do the flying thing when I wake up tomorrow, I’ll believe it then. Deal?”


Caleb is feeling rather drained at this point and so he agrees happily when Chase suggests turning in. If he holds the other teen a little tighter than usual when they climb into bed together, his boyfriend doesn't seem to mind and Caleb falls asleep surprisingly quickly once the lights are off. He doesn't wake up until Chase's alarm starts ringing the next morning, the teen rolling over to smack the button with a groan.

“Why does your alarm go off so early?” Caleb grumbles, turning back over to look at the other boy. Chase is awake as well – awake and watching him – and the warlock stiffens when last night comes rushing back.

Fuck; Pogue is going to kill me, he thinks. Or at least yell a whole lot about the Covenant.

Caleb can’t believe he actually told Chase about his powers, but, in his defense, his boyfriend took it rather well. Though that could have been the shock talking and the warlock can’t help feeling a little wary when Chase starts to speak.

But the other teen just says, “So… magic, huh?”

He might as well be talking about the weather and Caleb relaxes when his boyfriend grins cheekily.

“Yup, magic,” the warlock chuckles, lighting a flame on his palm for a second before he snuffs it out again. “So you believe me now?”

“You know, I think I do. And it’s actually kind of hot – pun intended – when your eyes turn black like that.” Chase laughs at Caleb’s groan and then leans over to kiss the warlock thoroughly. Which means, honestly, it’s entirely his fault that neither teen makes it out of bed until the afternoon.

Part V

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