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As Good As it Gets - Chapter 1

Callan may be a bit OC in this, but he only has about 4 lines in the movie so whatever, I'm running with it. He does have a few more lines in the book, but I refuse to consider that canon since Khadgar is so not the youngest here. Just no.  In my head Callan is about 18, Khadgar is around 22, and Anduin is late thirties or so.

Also, while this is technically a sequel to my previous Warcraft fic, the tone has changed completely. That was mostly serious, this is porn with feelings. Just FYI.

Title: As Good As it Gets
Fandom: Warcraft
Series: Honorbound
Pairings: Callan/Khadgar, Anduin/Khadgar
Rating: Sex!!!  That's about it
Word Count: 1454
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Lothars pay their debts.

“Khadgar? Can I come in?”

Callan knocks on the mage's door, waiting until he answers before entering the room. He finds Khadgar sitting at his desk, a quill in his hand and papers scattered everywhere.

It's a familiar sight; when the mage isn't away at Karazhan, he's in the library or his room at Stormwind castle. Always reading, always studying to be a better Guardian. Even now Khadgar barely looks up from his book, greeting the knight with a distracted wave.

“Just let me finish this chapter,” the mage says, turning the page as Callan shuts the door. “Then we can talk.”

It's a reasonable assumption since they've often talked before. Khadgar can be quite funny when he relaxes and he's always ready to trade stories of the Kirin Tor for tales of Callan's dad. But tonight Callan has something more than conversation on his mind.

So he walks over to Khadgar, grabbing the arms of his chair and spinning it around. Then he drops to his knees between the mage's legs.

“Callan? What are you doing?” Khadgar asks, staring down at him in shock. The other man is dressed simply in nothing but a loose tunic and trousers, the fabric rough underneath Callan's palms as he places his hands on Khadgar's thighs.

“What does it look like? I'm saying thank you.”

“But... you... Lothar...I... don't...” the mage stammers, a faint blush on his cheeks. Although he's a few years older than Callan, in some ways he seems far more innocent.

“I'm not asking for a wedding,” Callan chuckles, his fingers sure as they unlace Khadgar's trousers. “You may be cute and all, but I'm too young to settle down. However, you saved my life in Blackrock Pass and I owe you a reward. So sit back and enjoy your present or tell me I should go.”

The knight pauses, waiting to see if the other man will actually refuse. But even though Khadgar's face is burning scarlet, he doesn't turn away.

“Good choice,” Callan says when the mage finally nods his agreement. Then he pulls open the other man's trousers and bends his head to taste. Khadgar moans loudly when Callan licks a wet stripe up his cock, a hint of blue flashing in his eyes before he puts his hands across his mouth.

Even then the knight can hear him whimper as he throws himself into his task. The mage's length is hot and bitter on his tongue, the base thick enough that Callan's jaw will probably ache in a few minutes. But that's what he wants so he just wraps his lips around the head of Khadgar's dick and breathes in deep, the scent of his desire a rich and heady thing. Khadgar may be the Guardian, powerful enough to shape the world with spells and magic, but in this he's just another man instead.

His thighs tremble under Callan's hands as the knight takes him deeper. He bobs his head up and down, tongue teasing at the slit of Khadgar's cock. The mage is far from quiet and Callan finds his groans intoxicating, little mewls slipping around the edges of his hands.

The knight is hard now, his own length throbbing in his pants. But this is about Khadgar and he wants to make it good.

When Callan glances up, the other man has his eyes closed. His face is twisted with pleasure and his teeth are biting into his bottom lip hard enough to bruise. The knight wants to kiss him, suck that lip into his mouth and swallow up his moans. But he just swallows around Khadgar's length instead.

Callan teases him. He sucks and licks and moans until slick spit is dripping down the mage's cock. Then he takes as much of Khadgar as he can manage, stretching his mouth wide and reveling in the slight ache of his jaw. When he can't swallow any more, the knight wraps his fingers around the base of Khadgar's dick and strokes him, rough strokes that match the rhythm of his mouth. The knight is so intent on his task that he doesn't hear the door swing open or swing back shut again.

“Relax your throat. You'll take him deeper.”

The command is given in the same voice that taught Callan how to fight. The same voice he learned to obey without question in his training and in battle and the knight obeys it now.

Callan opens his mouth wider, sliding his lips back down the length of Khadgar's cock. This time he continues until his nose brushes the dark curls at its base and then the knight hums quietly. The mage shudders, bucking underneath him with a strangled cry. Callan shoves his left hand down his pants and strokes himself furiously as Khadgar spills into his mouth.

He pulls off when he starts to choke, spitting the mage's seed onto the floor. But Callan's hand continues moving and he finds his own release a few seconds later, pleasure whiting out his mind. The knight pants heavily, leaning his forehead against Khadgar's leg as he tries to catch his breath.

Once his heart finally stops pounding, Callan looks back over his shoulder and he's less surprised than he should be to see his father leaning against the wall, a smirk plastered on his face.

“Hello, dad,” Callan sighs, wiping his hand on Khadgar's trousers. “What are you doing here?”

“Lothar!” Khadgar squeaks, his expression mortified as he jerks upright and nearly smacks the knight right on the chin. The mage had been too lost in pleasure to realize that anyone else was there. But now Lothar is standing by the doorway and Khadgar is sure that he just broke their friendship, let alone the chance of more.

“You'd better call me Anduin, Spellchucker,” the commander laughs. “This is going to get confusing otherwise.”

“You... We... We weren't...”

“I know, lad,” Anduin interrupts, his grin growing even wider at the mage's stammering. “You needn't worry about my feelings now. You did a great service to my family and my son isn't the only one who owes you everything. In fact, I think it's my turn to show you how well a Lothar pays his debts.”

“It is?” Khadgar chokes out. His eyes are wide with surprise but there's also a tinge of hope in his expression and it's probably time for Callan to get out of here.

His father and the mage have been dancing around each other ever since Khadgar saved him at Blackrock Pass and Callan isn't going to stand in their way now. He probably couldn't if he tried. Honestly, the knight has to grumble a bit even as he thinks, Finally. It's just like his father to fall madly in love with the first cute guy that Callan meets and having to compete with the Lion of Azeroth isn't fair at all.

Of course, Khadgar is just as smitten and he's staring at Anduin like the older man is the source of all magic in the world.

So Callan stands and moves out of the way as his father takes two steps forward. Anduin wraps his hands around Khadgar's waist and picks him up, throwing the mage over his shoulder like a bag of wheat. The other man curses in outrage, kicking his feet and blushing even redder. However, the mage doesn't cast any spells as he would if he truly wanted to get free.

“Put me down!” Khadgar orders, smacking Anduin on the shoulder.

But the older man simply laughs and smacks Khadgar's ass in return. “In due time, Spellchucker. I've got plans for you.”

“I'll bet you do,” Callan snorts, shaking his head. This is going to be a disaster, which means his dad will probably love it, and the knight has no plans to stay and watch. So he heads to the door, grabbing the handle and then looking back one more time.

“Try not to burn the castle down; I'll guard the hall outside. I wouldn't want you to traumatize some poor servant girl.”

His father just winks at him, giving his son a short salute before turning back around. Callan leaves the room as Anduin starts toward Khadgar's bed, shutting the door firmly and then leaning against it with a sigh. The knight can't deny that he's a little jealous at the moment – he was hoping to see Khadgar naked at the very least – but Callan also meant what he said. So the young man moves to guard the hallway as he'd promised, trying to ignore the noises that spill beneath the door.

Chapter 2

Tags: anduin/khadgar, canon!au, crack, fic, nsfw, other slash, post-series, warcraft
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