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As Good As it Gets - Chapter 2

Title: As Good As it Gets
Fandom: Warcraft
Series: Honorbound
Pairings: Callan/Khadgar, Anduin/Khadgar
Rating: Sex!!!  That's about it.  Plus rimming and body worship and other fun things.
Word Count: 2439 (3893 so far)
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Lothars pay their debts

Chapter 1

Anduin carries the mage over to his bed, moving half a dozen books off the mattress before tossing Khadgar down. The younger man is flushed and rumpled, his lips bitten red and his cock still hanging out, and Anduin doesn't think he's ever desired anyone as much as he wants this mage right now.

So the commander leans down and kisses Khadgar fiercely, burying his hands in that short dark hair. He pushes the other man back onto the bad and covers him with his body, the mattress creaking beneath their weight as he slowly rolls his hips. Khadgar gasps when their cocks rub together and Anduin takes advantage of the opening, thrusting his tongue into the mage's mouth. Khadgar tastes intoxicating, like spice and magic and electricity, and the warrior wants to drink him down like wine.

So he does. He kisses Khadgar again and then again, their lips sliding together filthily. Anduin takes and takes and the mage just gives, soft and warm and so very innocent.

Innocent but eager. When the commander finally has to stop and breathe, Khadgar wraps a hand around his neck and pulls him back down, hungry little whimpers spilling from the corners of his mouth. He sounds completely wrecked, as overwhelmed from kissing as he had been when Callan finished, and Anduin can't help feeling a little proud of that.

He's going to make this so good for Khadgar. He's going to show the other man the true meaning of desire and the difference that a skilled lover makes. This is the warrior's chance to prove himself worth keeping even as he pays his debt.

Anduin could have chosen a different method of settling that obligation – money, land, or power are always popular. But he wants Khadgar. The commander has wanted Khadgar for longer than he wishes to admit and while he's always done his duty to his kingdom, he's a selfish man at heart. So Anduin isn't going to let Callan take what should be his – not without a fight – and the Lion of Azeroth does not fight honorably. He fights to win instead.

Besides, Callan doesn't love Khadgar. He's just young and hot-blooded like his father used to be and the mage deserves more than a casual dalliance. Khadgar deserves forever if he wants it and Anduin would happily spend that forever at his side. Not to tie him down, never that, but to be the one who shows him a world of possibility.

So the warrior slides his hands down Khadgar's chest and starts to lift his tunic, stroking the soft skin around the mage's hips.

“I want to see you,” Anduin murmurs before pulling back to look the other man in the eye.

“Only if I can see you too,” Khadgar replies. He flushes a bit beneath commander's scrutiny but he doesn't take back the words, his jaw setting in the stubborn pout that Anduin so adores.

“As you command, my Guardian,” the warrior says with a wink and then sits back on his heels to straddle Khadgar's legs. Anduin strips off his tunic with one quick motion, tossing the garment onto the floor beside the bed. He preens a bit when Khadgar's eyes turn even darker and his cock twitches when the younger man's tongue flicks out to wet his lips. The commander has plans for that mouth – dirty, filthy plans.

“You like what you see?” Anduin asks, smiling when the mage nods fervently. “Well, now it's your turn, Spellchucker. Show me what you have.”

Khadgar starts to lift his own shirt and then hesitates partway through. He bites his bottom lip, looking up at the warrior shyly, and his lashes are dark against the pale curve of his cheeks. Anduin's breath catches almost painfully and he has to take a moment to recover from the sight. Khadgar is gorgeous in his eyes, completely and utterly gorgeous, and when he finally realizes that the other man is worried about his reaction, the idea seems impossible.

“You don't have to hide,” Anduin murmurs, reaching out to take the mage's hands. “You're young and beautiful and full of life and you can't look any worse than a scarred old man like me.”

“I like your scars,” Khadgar protests, his honest indignation making the commander laugh again.

“And I like you,” he chuckles before stripping off the mage's shirt in one quick move. Khadgar squeaks in surprise but he doesn't try to hide; he just blushes scarlet as Anduin's eyes stroke across his skin appreciatively.

The mage may not have a soldier's muscles but he isn't flabby either; he's stocky and pale with just a hint of softness around the edges and his flush spreads down his chest when the warrior murmurs, “Beautiful.”

Anduin presses a kiss to Khadgar's shoulder, tongue darting out to taste that rosy skin. He nuzzles his face into the mage's neck, breathing in the scent of him before he starts his exploration. The commander intends to find every spot that makes his lover shiver, to take him apart with teeth and lips and hands. Khadgar gasps when Anduin strokes a thumb across his nipple and he moans loudly when the older man takes that nub into his mouth.

“Please,” the mage whispers, one of his hands clutching tightly at the warrior's hair. He arches his back as Anduin sucks on his right nipple, lathing it with his tongue until it's tight and hard. Then the older man moves to the left and repeats his ministrations as Khadgar shakes beneath his hands.

Anduin continues down the mage's body, pressing a kiss to his ribs and sucking a mark into his hip. The other man giggles when Anduin strokes his stomach and groans in disappointment when the warrior doesn't touch his cock. Khadgar is hard already – oh, to be that age again – and Anduin could probably bring him off with a few quick jerks, but he isn't ready for the mage to come just yet.

Instead the commander pushes Khadgar's legs apart, trailing nips and kisses down the inside of his thighs as he slides his trousers off. The mage has lovely ankles, shapely and well-formed and Anduin simply has to leave a few marks there as well. Everything about the other man is lovely: his moans, his freckles, the odd dimple on his knee and the way his eyes glow blue with light. Khadgar's magic has built up with his desire, his eyes flashing whenever Anduin bites down. But he has yet to cast a spell, holding himself back with more experience than the warrior gave him credit for.

“Have you done this before?” Anduin asks curiously. His cock is pressing against his trousers somewhat painfully by now so he undoes his laces with his left hand while his right reaches up to fondle Khadgar's balls.

“Ye—s,” the mage's voice cracks on his answer and he sinks his teeth into his palm until he can speak again. “Not often, but I have. And not like this. Just quick fuc––ks behind the bookshelves in Dalaran with other mages. Worried 'bout getting caught.”

“Makes sense to me. I wouldn't want the Kirin Tor to see me with my trousers down,” the commander replies with a small grin. “But I prefer to take my time and you deserve to be worshiped properly.”

Anduin wraps his free hand around Khadgar's length, stroking the mage until he's on the verge of coming. The younger man tosses his head, his eyes slipping closed as he fights to control the power buzzing underneath his skin. It can be difficult to tell where desire stops and spells begin and he's always been talkative in bed. Khadgar lit his rooms on fire half a dozen times when he was younger and the damage would have been much worse if the Kirin Tor hadn't created wards for just that thing.

But now there's only Anduin and the warrior's open admiration is almost as intoxicating as his touch on Khadgar's dick. He brings the mage to the edge with a skillful hand and keeps him there, tugging sharply on his balls when he starts to fall.

“Oh you fucker,” Khadgar curses, frustrated desire stripping the politeness from his tongue.

Not that Anduin minds the mage's coarseness. The commander mostly just looks delighted and his smile grows even brighter when Khadgar swears again.

Honestly, the older man hasn't laughed this much during a tryst for quite some time. He'd forgotten that sex could be so lighthearted – that it could be fun as well as satisfying – and he feels almost drunk on the realization now.

“Come on, beautiful. Turn over for me,” Anduin murmurs before releasing Khadgar and climbing off the bed.

The mage grumbles but he complies, rolling over onto his hands and knees while Anduin quickly strips off the remainder of his clothes. When he turns back to the bed, Khadgar is laid out before him like an offering, one that the warrior is helpless to resist.

So Anduin leans over the mage, sweeping dark curls away from his neck. He could kill the other man in half a dozen ways from this position but Khadgar shows no hesitation. The mage just drops his head and gives the commander better access to the frail curve of his spine, granting Anduin all the trust his name implies. And the older man is hardly going to throw away a gift like that. Instead he presses a gentle kiss to the nape of Khadgar's neck and then starts to map his lover's body once again.

Anduin moves down Khadgar's back, licking and sucking every mark and dimple until he reaches the mage's pretty ass. Full and round, the globes fit perfectly into the warrior's hands and Khadgar groans loudly when Anduin gives him a squeeze.

So he does it again, kneading that firm flesh as he moves into position on the bed. Anduin slides his thumbs along the crack of Khadgar's ass, pulling the mage's cheeks apart to reveal his prize. The younger man's hole is small and pink and tightly clenched, fluttering beneath the commander's tongue when he gives his lover a teasing lick. Khadgar tastes musky, like sweat and skin and something just himself, and Anduin dives back in to worship the other man properly.

The warrior begins slowly, nipping and sucking at the edges of the mage's hole. He tightens his grip as his lover shudders underneath him, sealing his mouth over Khadgar's entrance and then pushing his tongue forward. Anduin coaxes him open bit by bit, gentle but persistent until that tight muscle finally gives. The other man moans above him, his voicing breaking when the commander rubs a thumb against his entrance and catches on the rim.

“Light above,” Khadgar gasps as Anduin presses his mouth to the mage's hole again, slicking him with spit until the tip of his thumb can slip inside. The younger man is tight, so fucking tight as the warrior pushes in to the first knuckle and then deeper still.

He stretches Khadgar slowly, almost leisurely, no thought to his own pleasure as he takes the mage apart. Tongue and fingers tease and touch and stroke his lover from the inside out, turning him into a boneless mess of need.

The younger man jerks as his arms give out, catching himself on his elbows before he face plants on the bed. The new angle drives Anduin's fingers even deeper and the tips brush across that magic spot inside all men, the one that makes them scream. Khadgar is no different, a flash of power lighting the room blue before he swallows down his cries.

Even then, Anduin can still feel the magic. It ripples across the mage's skin, making his hands tingle everywhere they touch. He should probably be frightened or at least a little worried about what would happen if Khadgar lost control. After all, one of his bedposts is sizzling after the most recent blast and the warrior has seen what their new Guardian can do when he puts his mind to it.

But this is Khadgar. This is a man who refuses to kill spiders and protected Anduin from death when the Fel was clawing at his mind.

And, truthfully, the commander has always has a thing for danger. A bit of risk just makes his blood run hotter and now he's bottled lightning in his hands. The strongest mage in Azeroth is begging underneath him – all that magic, all that power, completely helpless now.

So the warrior twists his fingers, grinding them into Khadgar's sweet spot until the mage loses the ability to speak. He can only moan, low and broken, as he shoves back into Anduin's touch, rocking his hips desperately. And the older man gives him what he wants, pushing his fingers even deeper while his other hand wraps loosely around the mage's cock.

Khadgar's hips jerk as the commander matches his strokes to the rhythm of his thrusts, his lover unable to decide which touch to focus on. There's only an endless cresting wave that builds and builds and builds. He wants Anduin inside him; he wants the warrior deeper, wants his cock to fuck him raw.

But then Anduin bends his head and traces the stretched rim of Khadgar's entrance with his tongue as he thrusts up one last time. The mage lets out a strangled scream and his whole body snaps taut, another burst of light chasing all the shadows from the room. Anduin nearly comes himself from the sensation as Khadgar tightens around his fingers and magic sizzles through his blood.

However, the light fades quickly and the warrior blinks away the afterimages to find his lover slumped beneath him bonelessly. Khadgar barely twitches when Anduin removes his fingers and nudges him into a more comfortable position. He just gives the older man a euphoric smile, his brown eyes warm with satisfaction, contentment and maybe even love. All Anduin can do is smile back and wonder how he got so damn lucky in this life.

“What about you?” Khadgar murmurs, motioning vaguely toward the warrior's cock. Anduin is still hard and the mage has never wanted to be a selfish lover, but the older man just shakes his head.

“Don't worry about me, Spellchucker. I'm just getting started,” Anduin says as he sprawls out at Khadgar's side. “But I'm not as young as you. Rest now and when you're ready, we'll begin round two.”

Chapter 3

Tags: anduin/khadgar, canon!au, fic, honorbound*, humor, nsfw, post-series, warcraft
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