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As Good As It Gets - Chapter 3

Title: As Good As it Gets
Fandom: Warcraft
Series: Honorbound
Pairings: Callan/Khadgar, Anduin/Khadgar, non-incestuous Anduin/Khadgar/Callan
Rating: Sex!!!  Threesomes.  Sort of.  More crack.
Word Count: 3869 (7762 so far)
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Lothars pay their debts

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Callan doesn't bother to knock on the mage's door this time. The knight has just spent far too long standing outside of Khadgar's room while the other man moans and screams loud enough to bring the rafters down. Seriously, his cock is aching just from listening and now that the mage has finally stopped, Callan can't take it anymore.

“Are you quite don-?” the knight starts to ask as he shoves the door open and walks into the room. But when his eyes fall on the bed, Callan chokes on the last word. His dick jumps at the sight of Khadgar naked, but his father is lying right beside the mage and the other man is far too excited for his tastes.

“Damn it!” Callan shouts, covering his eyes. Although he's seen Anduin naked before – half of Stormwind saw him naked after one truly epic birthday party – the knight could have happily gone the rest of his life without knowing what the Lion of Azeroth looks like when he's hard. “Cover your dick, father. You shouldn't leave that hanging out.”

“You're the one who opened the door. I wasn't expecting company,” Anduin retorts a little sharply. But he still swipes his tunic of the floor and covers his lap as Callan asked. “Okay, son. You can open your eyes. Now tell me what exactly you think you're doing here.”

“It's simple, really. I was thinking and I decided that I haven't really thanked Khadgar properly. If he's going to be my step-father, then I want to fuck him first,” the younger man says, crossing his arms over his chest. “Or actually, that might be a little strange. I don't want our dicks in the same place. I think he should be my first instead.”

There's a moment of silence before Khadgar twists around and looks at the knight incredulously. “Step-dad? Since when am I your step-dad?”

“You're not yet. That's the point,” Callan answers with a sharp roll of his eyes. “But I assume you will be shortly once my father finally asks. Which is why you need to fuck me now; I am not going to compete with Sir Lion Dick over there. Half this city is in love with him and the other half has slept with him and for once I'd like to avoid the comparisons when I drop my pants. I thought the tavern boys were joking but apparently they're not.”

“I don't even...” Khadgar mutters, sounding completely at a loss. “You can't be serious. You know I've seen him naked; I mean he's literally right there.”

The mage has a point but Callan refuses to back down. Khadgar is cute and friendly and not engaged just yet, which means the knight still has a chance. Not to win. He knows the mage will choose his father. But if he's going to be happy for them, Callan wants a better memory than one interrupted blow job to help ease that jealous sting.

So the knight is only leaving if Khadgar refuses him outright and he stands firm even when his father breaks into helpless laughter on the bed.

“You really are my son, aren't you?” Anduin says when he finally stops chortling. “I should tan your hide for that. But the choice is up to you, Spellchucker. Callan does owe you his life and if he chooses to repay you with his body, I won't stop you from saying yes.”

Khadgar looks back and forth between the two men. Both Lothars, both strong warriors, and both quite attractive if he's speaking honestly. But only one of them truly makes him tremble and his eyes land on Anduin.

“I want...” You is unspoken but still echoes anyway.

“I know. And you can have me. But you can have him too right now,” the commander says gently. He's already won the war so he can afford to lose this battle graciously. Besides, it's better for Callan to work off his jealousy now rather than letting it fester and hurt someone later on.

With Anduin's permission granted, the mage looks back at Callan with an assessing gaze. His eyes roam across strong shoulders, well-muscled arms, and calloused hands. He's certainly fit but Khadgar still isn't sure about this until he thinks about thrusting into Callan's ass while his lover watches and his breath catches at a sudden surge of heat.

“Maybe just this once,” Khadgar says haltingly, not entirely convinced that agreeing to this arrangement won't blow up in his face. However, Anduin simply nods and says, “Once sounds good to me,” while Callan grins smugly from the foot of the bed.

“All right then. You better shove off, father. This mattress isn't big enough for three.”

“Excuse me?” the commander asks. He clearly has no intention of following that order and his son loses his smugness instantly.

“Sorry, sir,” Callan apologizes. “Would you mind moving? I don't think I can do this with you lying next to me.”

“That's much better,” Anduin replies. “There's no cause for mouthiness when you're getting what you want.”

The older man rolls to his feet and moves to Khadgar's desk while Callan starts disrobing. Anduin has no intention of actually leaving the room – there's sharing and then there's sharing and he's never done the latter well. But the mage's chair should give him a decent vantage point without intruding overmuch.

Callan finishes stripping and climbs onto the bed, Khadgar meeting him halfway. He grabs the other man and kisses him aggressively, fingers catching in his hair. They fall back onto the mattress while Khadgar gives as good as he gets, their lips sliding together messily.

It's filthier than the knight expected. The mage is either a fast learner or much less innocent than he appears and Callan gasps when Khadgar wraps a hand around his cock.

He strokes the younger man roughly, taking advantage of his distraction to roll them over on the bed. The mage kisses Callan again, thrusting his tongue into his mouth as he grinds their hips together. In return, the knight runs his hands down Khadgar's back and then grabs two handfuls of his ass. Callan bucks up, trapping the mage's hand between their bodies as he turns them over one more time.

It's as much wrestling as love-making, their hands roaming across each other's heated skin. They kiss and grope and move together while Anduin watches, his eyes locked on Khadgar's face. Happiness looks good on his mage and pleasure looks even better and he intends to see both expressions much more often from now on.

“Come on! Just fuck me,” Callan groans, wrapping his legs around Khadgar's waist, and because he's watching the younger man so closely, Anduin sees his smile falter just a bit.

Not a lot. Not so Callan notices. His eyes are closed in pleasure and the mage's hands are confident as they slide down his ass. But once Khadgar gets there, he pauses awkwardly.

“Spellchucker? Are you all right?” Anduin asks quietly. The warrior said he wouldn't interfere and he meant it, but he's not going to force Khadgar into anything. If this makes the mage uncomfortable, then he'll put a stop to it right now.

“I've never actually done this side of things,” the younger man whispers, looking over at Anduin with the beginnings of panic in his eyes. “I don't want to make it bad.”

It seems the problem is inexperience rather than desire and the commander has to admit that he's a bit relieved. In fact, it's rather sweet that Khadgar is so worried and Anduin has never been able to refuse that wide-eyed pout.

“Would you like me to help you?” the older man asks and he has to bite back a chuckle when Khadgar nods fervently. The mage is just so earnest about everything.

Of course, Anduin's offer isn't entirely selfless. His cock is starting to ache from being neglected and his hands are itching to touch his mage again. So the commander stands up and grabs his trousers off the floor, removing the small pot of oil that's been in his pocket from the start. He's the Lion of Azeroth, after all, and he always plans ahead.

The warrior walks over to the bed, kneeling behind Khadgar and wrapping an arm around his waist. The mage leans into his touch with a sigh and Anduin kisses his neck softly before holding out the jar of oil in his hand.

“You'll need this,” he murmurs. “And I promise, you'll do fine. After all, you know what it feels like, don't you beautiful? You know the ache of a hard cock throbbing deep inside you; the desperate fullness that just makes you beg for more. You know what it's like to be stretched open as someone buries their length inside you and fucks you 'til you scream. So show him. Show Callan how pleasurable surrendering can be. Go on, darling. Show him before he starts to wonder what's taking you so long.”

Callan is starting to sound a little desperate. Khadgar has been stroking his cock absently through most of the conversation and even distracted, the mage has skillful hands. But with Anduin's words to bolster his confidence, Khadgar slicks his fingers and focuses his attention back on the knight again.

While Callan has fingered himself before, he still tenses slightly at the first touch against his entrance. The younger man has never been in such a vulnerable position and he just can't relax.

However, Khadgar doesn't force him. The mage simply coaxes, stroking across Callan's hole until the knight starts pushing back into his hands. Only then does Khadgar slip one finger inside his body as the other man lets out a gasp. It feels different when it's someone else, different and so much better than his own hands could ever be. Because the knight isn't in control of the rhythm this time He doesn't know whether Khadgar will move slow or fast – just barely fuck him or suddenly drive deep – until it happens, and the mage keeps him guessing constantly.

Khadgar switches up his strokes at random, teasing and stretching and murmuring soft encouragement that Callan can't really hear. But the words don't matter. What matters is the desire building in his gut. What matters is that this is Khadgar and the knight trusts him with his life.

So Callan keeps his eyes closed and focuses on the sensations the other man is pulling from his body. He was expecting pain and there's a little when Khadgar adds another finger. But the knight has taken worse blows in training and the sting pales next to the delight of being filled. Callan is aching for it, hungry for it, and all he wants is more.

More stretch, more heat, more everything. Honestly, Khadgar is almost too gentle with him and while he'll probably be grateful later, he's craving roughness now. The knight wants to be fucked. He wants to be driven mad.

“Please,” Callan groans. He snaps his hips up to meet Khadgar's next thrust, driving the mage's fingers even deeper and sending lightning through his veins. The knight throws back his head, hands clutching at the blankets as pleasure washes over him. Callan had known that spot existed, he's grazed it a few times when working himself open, but Khadgar does far more than graze it now. It feels as though the mage's fingers are vibrating inside him, a buzz of magic that is driving Callan mad.

The knight twists on the bed, his chest heaving and pleading nonsense falling from his lips. This is torture, utterly exquisite torture, and he knows that he won't last. Callan's cock is a throbbing ache between his legs as sensation overwhelms him, his hips jerking desperately for any friction he can find. But when Khadgar removes his fingers, the emptiness is worse.

He wants the other man inside him when he comes, wants to be filled until he's bursting. Nothing else could possibly ease that desperate ache.

However, when Callan finally feels the head of Khadgar's cock nudging at his entrance, the knight can't help but tense again. The mage's length seems so much larger than his fingers, blunt and unfamiliar, and Callan's first instinct is to fight. He's a knight of Stormwind after all – never give in, never surrender, and never show his weaknesses.

Anduin feels Khadgar falter, the mage unwilling to force past the other man's resistance, and the commander looks up to see his son's face twisting into a grimace as he struggles with himself.

So Anduin puts a snap into his voice and orders, “Easy son. Just breathe.”

It takes a moment for the words to register and when they do, the knight opens his eyes to see his father plastered to Khadgar's back. He doesn't know how long Anduin has been there, but he's too far gone to care and truthfully, Callan finds the commander's presence comforting. Callan knows his father won't let him come to harm. Even when the other man was drunk and acting like an asshole, that much was always true.

“There's no hurry, Callan,” Anduin continues, pitching his voice to reassure. “Let yourself adjust in your own time and when you're ready, our Guardian will take good care of you.”

The commander runs his hands over Khadgar's shoulders, grounding the mage with touch even as he calms Callan down. Light, but they're both so young and Anduin is struck by a sudden surge of affection for his lover and his son.

While the warrior has no desire to touch Callan, he wants the other man to remember his first experience fondly, without the panicked fumbling and awkward pain that marked his own. So Anduin keeps talking until Callan's tension starts to ease and he rewards Khadgar's patience with gentle stroking hands.

He's pressed tightly to the mage's back, his arms wrapped around the younger man and the low rumble of his voice makes Khadgar shiver helplessly. The words stroke over his skin like velvet before Anduin's tongue flicks out to trace his lover' ear.

Khadgar's hips jerk when the warrior bites down on his earlobe, the head of his cock rubbing against Callan's entrance. He pushes forward and this time there's no resistance; the mage groans loudly as that tight heat sucks him in. Khadgar wants to bury himself in Callan's ass, drive deep and hard and fast. But before he can, Anduin's hands close around his hips. The commander forces him to pause, his first wild thrust turned into a slow penetration as he pushes into Callan inch by aching inch.

Both men moan when Khadgar bottoms out, his hips pressed flush to Callan's ass. The mage has to stop for a moment, struggling to keep himself under control as he lets the knight adjust. Because he's close now, magic and pleasure twined within his veins, and the room flashes blue when Callan grinds down onto his dick.

“Move!” the other man orders and Khadgar wants to, letting out a desperate whine when Anduin holds him fast instead.

“Gently now,” the warrior cautions and he waits until his lover nods before releasing him. Callan may think he's ready, but Anduin won't have him hurt by eagerness and he's pleased when Khadgar follows his command. The mage rolls his hips slowly, shallow thrusts gradually becoming deeper as Callan loosens up.

Even after all of his preparation, the younger man is still so tight, velvet walls gripping Khadgar's cock. Callan groans loudly when the mage picks up his pace and he knows that his fingers are probably digging bruises into Callan's hip.

His strokes are rough, maybe rougher than they should be, but Callan doesn't seem to mind. The knight just wraps his hands around the headboard and arches his back to meet Khadgar thrust for thrust. So the mage snaps his hips forward and pulls Callan down onto his cock at the same time, fucking him hard and deep.

They're a sight, the two of them, the blue glow of Khadgar's magic glinting off sweat-soaked skin and Anduin soon decides that he's waited long enough. He's done right by his son already and his mage is just too tempting to resist.

The commander grabs up the jar of oil from where it lies forgotten on the blankets and quickly slicks his length. He knows that Khadgar is still well-stretched from earlier – if his lover can take four fingers, he can take the warrior's dick – and this extra oil should be enough to ease his way. So Anduin gives the mage no warning; he simply waits until the other man is about to thrust back into Callan before lining up his cock and slamming home.

Khadgar cries out sharply at the sudden stretch because Anduin isn't small and he fills the mage completely. The younger man takes him, yes, but he feels it; he feels every inch of throbbing heat. He's been speared, impaled, pierced open by his lover and the sheer unrelenting pleasure of it nearly makes him come immediately.

The mage has imagined this for so long, ever since he first saw Anduin's real smile or maybe since the warrior threw him across a desk and made him swallow down his spell. But the reality is better, power searing through his veins as Anduin fucks him deep.

The warrior sets a brutal pace and Khadgar finds himself caught between Lothars, the elder fucking him open while the younger takes his cock beautifully. Because Anduin's every thrust drives the mage back into Callan and the knight tightens around him with a gasp. Khadgar can only give himself over to desire as he's filled and fucked in turn, his lover using him to the very edge of pain.

He lets his head loll back on Anduin's shoulder as magic rises up within him, tendrils of power spilling free to tease the warrior's skin. Khadgar tilts his face up blindly and the other man obliges him, kissing the mage fiercely even as his thrusts grow faster still.

Then the commander buries his head in Khadgar's shoulder and the room is filled with the sound of gasps and groans and slap of skin on skin. Callan cries out loudly when a particularly forceful stroke glides across his sweet spot, the frisson of magic driving him insane.

Khadgar's next thrust pushes the younger man over the edge. He comes with another strangled shout and clenches tightly around the mage's cock. The added friction makes Khadgar lose control as well; he throws back his head and releases a burst of magic as pleasure overwhelms him, abstract patterns dancing in the air. Anduin's hips jerk twice more before he finds his own release and the commander's grip is hard enough to bruise as he spills his seed into his lover. He grinds his cock against Khadgar's ass until he has nothing left to give.

Anduin has just enough energy to keep his mage from falling onto Callan, holding Khadgar up until he pulls out of the knight and they can both collapse down on the bed. The warrior sprawls out on one side while Callan pants for breath on the other and his lover cuddles in-between. This bed really isn't large enough for three grown men but the mage doesn't seem to mind being pressed up next to Anduin.

If this was an audition then the commander is pretty sure that he passed with flying colors and he's definitely keeping Khadgar now. He's keeping the younger man, his family's debt of honor has been well satisfied and anyone who wants to court Callan in the future will have to beat a damn high standard before getting anywhere. So all told, the older man has to call this a success. It's been a good day and Anduin's future looks brighter now than it has for a long time.

The commander gives himself about ten minutes to enjoy the afterglow, one hand stroking lazy circles over Khadgar's back. But eventually he starts to get a little chilly and when he looks over at Callan, his son looks ready to fall asleep right there.

So Anduin gets off the bed – a feat that takes some acrobatic maneuvering as he climbs across his lover. The warrior goes over to the pitcher of water and the washbowl that are sitting on the windowsill. He grabs a rag and fills the bowl, wetting the towel thoroughly before tossing it at Callan. His aim is good and the knight lets out a squawk when the rag smacks into his head.

“What was that for?” Callan grumbles, twisting around to glare at his father as he takes the towel off his face.

“Sorry, son. But you're not sleeping here,” Anduin tells him. “You've had your fun but it's over now and we need some time alone. So clean up and I'll see you for breakfast. Khadgar and I should be there around the usual time.”

“All right. Fine. It's not like I want to watch you cuddle anyway,” the younger man sighs before rolling out of bed. He wipes himself off and then gets dressed efficiently, shrugging on his tunic and his pants.

As soon as he's decent, Callan walks to the door. But he pauses on the threshold to get in one last word before he goes.

“You know, Stormwind won't collapse if you take just one day off,” the knight tells Anduin with a crooked smirk. “And Khadgar's not my step-dad yet. If you don't ask him soon, I might have to try my hand at stealing him for good.”

Callan just laughs when his father actually growls at him. The warrior is so easy to rile up where Khadgar is concerned.

“Relax, old man. You have to know he's smitten,” the younger man smirks, rolling his eyes so that Anduin knows he's joking. “And if you don't want to be interrupted, just lock the fucking door.”

With that Callan disappears into the hallway while his father just shakes his head in disbelief. “I swear, the mouth on that kid is going to be the death of me. He was never that sarcastic before you came around.”

“Somehow I doubt that. He is your child, after all,” Khadgar murmurs, lifting his head to look at the other man blearily. “Will you come back to bed already? I'm starting to get cold.”

“You should clean up as well, you know. You'll be sticky in an hour.”

“Don't care. I want to feel it,” the mage replies. “So come be my blanket now.”

“Sure thing, Spellchucker,” Anduin chuckles as the younger man makes grabby hands. He locks the door and joins his lover, lying down next to Khadgar on the bed. The warrior wraps an arm around the mage and pulls him close, Khadgar curling into Anduin with a happy sigh. His lover is warm and comfortable and it's easy to drift off.

Chapter 4

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