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As Good As It Gets - Chapter 4

Title: As Good As it Gets
Fandom: Warcraft
Series: Honorbound
Pairings: Anduin/Khadgar
Rating: Sex!!!  More crack.
Word Count: 2758 (10520 total)
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Lothars pay their debts

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

“You know your family is strange, right?” Khadgar asks awhile later. He sits up slightly, resting his chin on Anduin's chest so that he can meet his lover's eyes. “Is Taria going to show up next and want her turn as well?”

“Of course not. My sister's married,” the older man replies with a smirk: “You'd have to sleep with her and Llane to make it fair.”

“I am not sleeping with your sister,” the mage retorts quite firmly.

“Good, because I'm not sleeping with my king. We tried that once when we were younger and awkward; we try not to speak of it,” Anduin tells his lover. “Besides, if there is a debt to be paid, Llane and Taria should probably start with Garona anyway.”

Khadgar is silent for a moment as he digests that particular revelation and the mage isn't sure how he's going to look his king in the eyes without blushing after this. But the mention of the half-orc turns his thoughts down another path instead.

“You know... speaking of Garona. She's probably saved both our lives at least a couple times,” the younger man says slowly. “We should probably thank her too.”

“Really, Spellchucker? You want to invite her to our bed?”

“Not permanently,” Khadgar replies. “And not right now. But I'd kind of like to prove her wrong someday.”

“I don't blame you,” Anduin says with a chuckle. “She did insult your prowess rather badly when the three of us first met. But you're not as innocent as you look, darling, and I think you'd blow her mind. You certainly blew mine.”

“I don't know why everyone thinks I'm such a virgin,” the mage complains even as he flushes scarlet at the warrior's compliment.

“I think it's the blushing, beautiful,” Anduin tells him, stroking one finger down Khadgar's burning cheek. “All that wide-eyed floundering makes you seem an innocent. And you do tend to look at me like you've seen the Light above.”

“That's hardly my fault,” the younger man protests. “I've always been too pale and you're just... you. Half of Stormwind stumbles when you grin. But even if I haven't slept with many people, I do have an imagination and I've read a lot of books. There are ancient texts in Dalaran that would probably curl your hair.”

“I don't know about that,” the warrior says doubtfully. “I'm pretty hard to shock and the Kirin Tor have never seemed that adventurous to me.”

“Well, the High Council probably wouldn't know a good time if it hit them with a fireball,” Khadgar admits. “But the library was another story. And with a few dozen teenagers running around the city, you get a fair amount of exploration. At least when I was there. The Kirin Tor were strict with our studies but not so much otherwise. I think they wanted us to get all of that out of our systems before we took our final vows. The punishments for getting caught grew much harsher after that.”

“Is that why you left?”

“One of the reasons. There were others but I don't really want to think about Dalaran right now.”

“I don't blame you,” Anduin tells him. He knows about old wounds and the way that scars can fester and he sees no need to pry. They have years to learn each other's secrets, after all. “So why don't you tell me about those books instead.”

“Really? Could I show you?” the mage asks, his whole face brightening. “Because there are a few things that I never got to try.”

Khadgar pushes himself upright, light flaring in his eyes and the commander feels his lover's cock nudge against his hip. The other man is half hard already and while Anduin does have more than a decade on the mage, that still seems impossible.

“How do you have the energy to even think of sex right now?” the warrior asks incredulously. “I'm afraid it's going to be a while before I can go again.”

“It's the magic, I think,” Khadgar answers with a shrug. “I mean, I've mostly slept with mages and we were all horny constantly. The Arcane makes everything sharper, more intense, and learning not to get distracted is a big part of casting spells. Honestly, when we first met and you blocked my spell – I got so hard then instantly. I can't believe you didn't feel it. I probably would have let you fuck me right there, bend me over the desk and wreck me while your men were watching. If you'd kept me gagged long enough, I might have let them help.”

Anduin's cock gives a valiant twitch at the image Khadgar's painting, but a twitch is all he has. The commander isn't in his twenties anymore, hasn't been for quite a while, and stamina isn't the same thing as a fast recovery.

So he's about to suggest a few alternate methods for taking care of Khadgar – he may be tired but he won't leave his lover hanging – when the mage lays a hand on his bare chest. The other man mutters a spell under his breath, one that Anduin has never heard before, and then magic flares across his skin. Everywhere it touches, the warrior feels rejuvenated – restored and hot and horny all at once.

“Light above. I think you're gonna kill me,” the commander pants as his cock goes from limp to rock hard in an instant. Khadgar's spell is fading but the burst of energy does not and all Anduin wants to do is bury himself in the mage's ass again. “What spell was that?”

“Farsight, actually. Callan is cute and all but we don't need more interruptions so I thought I'd make sure the coast was clear,” the younger man explains with an impish smile. “I took a quick look around the castle and I'm happy to say that we seem to be home free. This is a just a convenient side effect.”

Khadgar runs one finger down Anduin's cock, his grin growing wider when the warrior groans. The mage can't help but enjoy the reaction, reveling in a newfound sense of confidence. Apparently both Lothars think he's gorgeous and while Khadgar isn't sure that he agrees, he'd be a fool to argue. The mage loves Anduin and Anduin seems to love him in return; Anduin desires him and Khadgar wants so dearly to try out everything.

“Will you let me...?” the mage asks, making a vague gesture with his hands. He's not entirely sure what he's asking for even now but Anduin just grins.

“Whatever you want, beautiful. Haven't you realized that?” the warrior asks, looking up at Khadgar with such trust in his eyes. He truly would let the mage do anything and Khadgar doesn't know whether it's this realization or the endearment that makes his blood run hot. In truth, it hardly matters now that he has the Lion of Azeroth spread out on his bed.

So the mage speaks a few short words and the room glows blue again. Bonds of magic encircle Anduin's wrists, pulling the warrior's arms above his head and holding them in place. The older man doesn't try to fight Khadgar and somehow that's the hottest thing of all.

“What am I going to do with you?” he murmurs, his eyes tracing over a veritable feast of skin. He wants to explore, wants to makes Anduin scream just as the commander's done to him.

But Khadgar doesn't have his lover's patience. Someday the mage will take things slow. Someday he'll cover Anduin with kisses, lick and stroke and drive the older man insane. But not right now. Not when he's aroused and empty and the commander's cock is so damn magnificent. Thick and long and perfect and all he wants is to feel his lover stretching him again.

Khadgar sits up on his knees, pushing a little more power into his spell when the warrior bucks his hips. The magic takes less effort than it used to – being the Guardian of Azeroth does come with a few perks – and he pays little attention to the teasing hum beneath his skin. It's a familiar pleasure, one that Khadgar has grown used to disregarding, and right now his focus is on Anduin instead. Because the sight of the commander hard and desperate and completely at his mercy is more seductive than either the Arcane or the Fel could ever be.

The mage straddles Anduin's hips, positioning himself over the older man's length and then slowly sinking down. It burns a little; Khadgar isn't quite as stretched as he should be. But the mage is still slick with his lover's seed and gravity overcomes his resistance soon enough.

Khadgar throws back his head and moans as Anduin's cock fills him bit by bit. The warrior's length is soft velvet over steel, hot and smooth and hard at once, and the mage can almost taste it. So he rolls his hips and rises up on his knees before starting to ride his lover leisurely.

The mage's spell holds Anduin in place, keeping his hands pinned down so that he can't touch Khadgar as he clearly wants to do. The warrior is straining against his bonds, his eyes closed and his expression rapturous.

While he can't move his arms, the older man is far from passive. He braces his feet against the bed and slams his hips up, driving his cock deep into Khadgar as his lover sinks back down.

Anduin,” the mage groans, throwing his head back with a gasp. Every stroke fills him to the brim with pleasure, the commander's dick sliding across his sweet spot with the same pinpoint precision that he shows on the battlefield.

“Come on, beautiful,” Anduin urges, looking up at Khadgar. The warrior's gaze is intense, his eyes as blue as the power that's wrapped around his wrists, and the mage could drown in them for days.

But his lover is already on the edge of pleading and Khadgar is helpless to deny him. While the younger man is technically in control, what red-blooded person could resist the sight of Anduin splayed out on their bed? That gleaming golden skin crisscrossed with pale white scars, the sort of muscles Khadgar can only dream of, and that honey-rasping voice begging him to move.

Every word drips with desire and the mage picks up his pace in answer. He fucks himself on Anduin's cock until his thighs are burning, his spell flickering as he starts to lose control. Khadgar can't keep his concentration when his lover is buried deep inside him. He's so full, stretched wide around the warrior's length as each stroke slams into his body. The mage's movements get more frantic, his rhythm faltering when desire overwhelms him, pleasure and power and love sweeping through him in an endless wave.

Anduin surges upright when Khadgar's spell fails completely. He wraps one arm around the mage's waist, the change in angle driving his length even deeper as he claims his lover's mouth. The older man swallows Khadgar's moans, nipping and sucking on his bottom lip. He threads one hand through the mage's hair and yanks his head back for better access, his tongue mapping every inch of Khadgar's mouth.

The younger man melts against him, clutching Anduin's shoulders as the warrior snaps his hips. Each thrusts rocks Khadgar against his body and the mage's cock slides across his stomach. He's positively dripping when Anduin grabs his lover's dick.

The commander strokes Khadgar roughly, kissing and thrusting and twisting his wrist until the other man loses all control. His whole body tightens around Anduin as he spills into the warrior's hand and Khadgar's expression is the most gorgeous fucking thing. The younger man's face is almost serene when pleasure overwhelms him, the sight taking the commander to the edge instantly.

“Fuck, I love you,” Anduin groans. The warrior thrusts up one last time and then kisses his mage fiercely, his mind going blank with ecstasy.

When Anduin's vision clears, Khadgar is curled within his arms. The mage's head is pressed to the older man's chest and his skin is tingling everywhere they touch, the remnants of the younger man's power still crackling in the air. Anduin could grow to like the taste of lightning – and indeed, he'll probably have to – a small price to pay now that Khadgar's his for good.

So the warrior holds the younger man close, bringing Khadgar with him as he lies back down on the mattress. Anduin's cock is still inside his lover but the mage doesn't seem to mind; Khadgar just cuddles into the commander's chest and purrs contentedly.

Truthfully, the older man feels quite content himself. He strokes his fingers through the mage's hair and down across his shoulders as Khadgar cuddles even closer.

“How are you feeling, love?” Anduin murmurs. “You're going to be sore tomorrow.”

“It was worth it,” Khadgar says, looking up at the warrior with a brilliant smile. “I want to feel you for days. I want to wake up and see bruises so that I know it's real. In fact, you should fuck me again tomorrow morning so I can go to breakfast still dripping with your seed.”

“Light above, Khadgar. You can't say things like that,” the commander groans. “Keep it in the bedroom or I'll probably fall right off my horse and you can be the one to explain my injuries.”

“Don't worry, Anduin. I can be discreet,” the younger man promises, somehow making the words sound filthy instead of innocent. Or maybe that's just Anduin. Everything Khadgar says sounds like sex to him. Honestly, Arcane theory never used to make him hard but he's gained a new appreciation for the subject where his mage is concerned. Because Khadgar starts waving his arms around and his eyes light up so brightly that it's been a struggle not to kiss him breathless more than once.

Of course, Anduin can kiss him now. The warrior can kiss his mage anytime he wants to and so that's what he does. He kisses Khadgar until he feels lightheaded and then pulls back again.

“Discreet is good. I want to keep you to myself, beautiful,” Anduin murmurs. “Callan aside, no one needs to know what we do behind closed doors. Beyond the usual announcements, of course. Taria and Llane have been giving me so much shit for taking this long to court you; I can't wait to see their faces once they realize you've agreed.”

“So, we are going to tell them?” Khadgar asks a bit uncertainly. “Callan seemed to think that we'd be getting married, but... do you really want to marry me?”

“In a heartbeat,” the warrior tells answers without hesitation. “Are you saying yes?”

“That depends,” the younger man replies and Anduin seriously wants to smack Callan when Khadgar's next question is, “Are you done with tavern boys? If I marry you, I'll mean it and while I'm not opposed to sharing sometimes, I don't want to be a fling. I don't think I could take it if you ever changed your mind.”

“That won't be a problem, love; I promise. I would never do anything to hurt you intentionally,” the older man says firmly. “I've slept with a lot of people, I won't deny that. But despite what Callan said, I'm loyal to my partners and I gave you my heart months ago. You're all I want, Khadgar, any way you'll have me. So will you marry me, love? Make me the happiest man in Stormwind and say that you'll be mine.”

“All right, Anduin. I'll say yes if you ask me properly,” Khadgar tells the warrior with a soft smile. “Which means a ring, a long engagement, and the opportunity to take your name as well.”

“It's a deal, beautiful,” Anduin replies with a laugh. His mage has always been demanding but it's not exactly a hardship to give him what he wants. The commander had already planned to get his lover a ring eventually and the thought of Khadgar being a Lothar ignites something warm inside his chest. This is his forever and Anduin is already planning out the perfect proposal to make his lover swoon.


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