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Crossovers and Fusions

Just doing some reorganizing.  This will include both straight crossovers with characters from two fandoms interacting and fusions where characters from one fandom are in the plot of another (the latter is pretty much anything that can be described as a "something AU").  I'm mostly giving this it's own page because I'm running out of space on my Hobbit Masterlists and because I don't know where else to put a few things.  These fics are currently sorted alphabetically, though that may change.  I've also tagged crossovers and fusions accordingly (with fandoms and pairings as appropriate) if you would rather search like that.


Embers in the Wind: (Gen); Hobbit/xxxHolic Crossover - 5 people who wouldn't pay Yuuko's price & one who would have given everything he had.
Not in Kansas Anymore: (Gen); Hobbit/Supernatural Crossover - Dean, Sam and Castiel end up in Hobbiton just as the dwarves arrive.  Crack ensues.
Ships in the Night: (Bucky/Mitchell); NSFW; Being Human/Avengers Crossover - Mitchell and Bucky keep meeting through the years.

SERIES: All I Ever Was (Jax/Opie, hints of Chuck and Yancy); Pacific Rim/Sons of Anarchy Crossover - Raleigh Becket never had a brother. Not one that shared his blood.

1. ninety miles an hour with a map on the dash and a fork in the road coming fast: Chuck survives Pitfall and learns some surprising things about Raleigh's history. Now with pep talks, panic, and some philosophy.
2. All Systems Go: Yancy meets Opie and the night takes a dirty turn.
3. can't feel a thing: After leaving the PPDC, Raleigh only has one place to go.
4. zero to sixty in 3.2: Raleigh and Opie have a reunion of their own.
5. the words that can't be spoken (the lies we tell ourselves): Maybe silence is the liar after all.


(Unrequited Thilbo); A Hobbit version of Hellfire from the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Strut, Baby, Strut: (Kíli/Bilbo, Arwen/Aragorn, Legolas/Thengel); A Hobbit/Project Runway AU - Kíli doesn't want to be a model, he just wants to sew stuff.

The Ship of Broken Dreams: (Kíli/Bilbo & non-con human!Smaug/Kíli); NSFW; A Hobbit/Titanic AU - Nobleman!Kíli meets Thief! Bilbo and sparks fly. But Kíli is already engaged and Smaug will stop at nothing to claim what he thinks is his.

Part I & Part II

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