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Across the Universe (There's Nothing Gonna Change My World) - Part III

Title: Across the Universe (There's Nothing Gonna Change My World) - Part III
Fandom: the Covenant
Pairings: Chase/Caleb
Rating/Warnings: NSFW; Sex.  Quite a bit of it.  Also the usual angst and insecurity.
Word Count: 10306 (24362 total)
Disclaimer: If I owned the Covenant, they would all be naked.
Summary: The dreams start two months before Caleb turns thirteen.

Part I
Part II


“Another school year, another party,” Caleb sighed. “Remind me why I'm here again?”

“Because parties are fun, Caleb. You know, fun, that thing you never have because you're old and boring,” Reid retorted. “Seriously, you're turning seventeen, not forty. Get that stick out of your ass. The Bonfire is a hallowed Spenser Academy tradition. We can't start high school without attending and who doesn't love music, sand, and alcohol?”

“You know that I don't drink, Reid, and I have no plans to start. One drunken Danvers is all that Ipswich needs,” the teen said a little bitterly. His mother was still a sore point but Caleb knew that Reid hadn't meant to hurt him this time and he felt bad when the blond winced visibly. So he made an effort to soften his voice and added, “Mostly I get to stand around and watch you all be idiots. Which, while sometimes entertaining, is usually more trouble than it's worth. I'd rather not have to talk Tyler down off a roof again.”

“I still think I could have jumped,” the youngest warlock grumbled. “Even without Using, it wasn't all that far.”

“You once twisted your ankle walking down the stairs, kid,” Pogue interjected. “I'm with Caleb on this one. You're much safer on the ground.”

“Okay, right. Well, even without drinking, parties have other things,” Reid continued, warming to his topic once again. “I know you like music; don't even try to tell me otherwise. And where else are we going to see so many gorgeous girls without their uniforms. Skimpily dressed gorgeous girls, I might add, any one of whom would probably love to make out with Caleb Danvers in his car.”

“Maybe. But I'd rather get to know them first. I'm not really the type for one-night-stands,” Caleb replied before adding on a whim, “And I'm kind of gay as well.”

He hadn't been planning on coming out tonight but somehow this seemed like a good moment. He was tired of keeping secrets and while he still wasn't ready to tell his friends about Chase, this was one step along that road. Besides, Reid's face was hilarious and Caleb pulled out his phone to snap a quick picture before the other teen closed his mouth again.

“I... are you fucking with me?”

“No, actually,” Caleb shrugged. “I might actually be a little bi, but I think I like guys better. So gay is good enough as far as labels go.”

There was a moment of silence as his friends digested that revelation. Then Reid shook himself free of his surprise and picked right back up again.

“Well, in that case, there are hot guys at parties too,” the blond said. “And I'm sure any gay ones would be just as happy as the girls to make out with Caleb Danvers too. There must be gay guys at Spenser right? And they can't all be hideous. Come on, Tyler, back me up.”

“Statistically, our school should average about thirty if you go off last year's enrollment,” the other teen obliged him with a shrug. “Maybe more if you count the ones who are just curious. And by rights, their attractiveness should fall within a bell curve. So at least ten of them should be pleasing to the eyes.”

“God, you're such a dork,” Reid muttered before turning back to Caleb triumphantly. “See, there's something for everyone. You're out of excuses so just get to the damn beach already. I want to be at least slightly tipsy before this night is done.”

“Fine,” the warlock sighed. He'd still prefer to be with Chase than standing on a cold beach while his classmates drank themselves stupid but he did like music and dancing could be nice. Besides, what else could Caleb possibly say to Reid's ridiculous speech; he deserved some points for effort and adaptability.

So the teen started walking toward the beach as ordered. His didn't hurry, letting Reid and Tyler run ahead of him. Pogue stayed back to match his pace and Caleb was a little surprised. He would have expected the other warlock to move faster considering that his girlfriend was probably at the Bonfire already. But apparently Pogue just wanted to talk to Caleb without the other two around.

“You all right?” he asked. “Do you want me to run interference for you? Reid means well but you know he can be an idiot. Especially when he's drunk. I'm kind of worried that he'll start shoving guys at you in hopes that you'll make out.”

It was sweet of Pogue to offer but after thinking about it for a moment, Caleb simply shrugged. “Nah, it's fine. Don't worry about it. I don't care if people know and I'm perfectly capable of saying no if I want to. You might as well have fun.”

“Good man,” Pogue told him, throwing an arm around his shoulders. “But if it gets too bad, feel free to hide by Kate. She usually doesn't drink much either and she's good at cutting dumbasses back down to size. You guys can band together and make fun of us drunken idiots.”

“I'll keep that in mind,” Caleb said with a chuckle. “And hey, man. Thanks. Seriously.”

“Don't worry about it,” the other warlock replied. “Family is family even if you aren't my actual brother and we gotta stick together. Mess with one Son of Ipswich and you mess with us all. Isn't that the point of our silly Covenant?”


The dream was dark when Caleb opened up his eyes, dark enough that he wondered if something had gone wrong. But as his eyes adjusted, the warlock realized that this was still a dream like usual. There simply was no sun.

The sky above him was black with clouds, the only light from random streaks of lightning, and Caleb had barely taken one step forward when it began to rain. The water came down in a torrent, soaking through the warlock's clothes in an instant and sticking to his skin. The rain was so thick that Caleb could barely see two feet in front of him and the teen knew that something must be very wrong. Because only he and Chase could shape the dreams around them and this wasn't Caleb's doing; he needed to find his boyfriend now.

“Chase!” the warlock shouted, trying to be heard above the storm. “Chase, where are you?!”

But there was no response. Just the rumble of thunder and crack of lightning high above. Wherever Chase was, he wasn't answering.

So Caleb concentrated for a moment until a large umbrella appeared within his hands. The warlock raised it over his head before drying out his clothes – he might not be able to get pneumonia in a dream but the wet was still unpleasant – and then he took a look around. The teen still couldn't see much, but he thought he recognized Chase's favorite lake through the driving rain.

Which meant that his boyfriend was probably sitting on the dock just like usual - that was Caleb's hope - and he set out determinedly. He didn't walk so much as skim across the ground, a little magic boosting up his speed, and it wasn't long before his saw his goal. Well, sort of. The rain had only gotten harder but Caleb was pretty sure that the dock should be over there and when he let himself down, there was wood beneath his feet.

“Chase?” the warlock called quietly as he walked toward the end of the dock, breathing a sigh of relief when he saw the figure huddled there. It was definitely his boyfriend, though Caleb hadn't seen him like this since the beginning, all curled up and crying hard.

He reached out to touch the other teen's shoulder and as soon as he did, the torrent of rain suddenly cut off. Caleb was left standing in silence, the calm only broken by Chase’s quiet sniffling.

“Jesus, babe, what's wrong?” the warlock asked as he let his umbrella dissipate. He knelt down by Chase and the other boy all but fell into his arms, burying his head in Caleb’s chest. Chase was still crying a bit, his eyes red and his nose running as he clutched the warlock tightly, fingers digging into his shoulders almost painfully.

Caleb returned the hug far more gently, muttering soothing nonsense and stroking his hands over Chase's back until his shaking began to ease. Even so, it was nearly a minute before the other teen finally answered his boyfriend's question and the words were muffled too muffled by Caleb's shirt to hear.

“Sorry, love. I didn’t catch that,” the warlock told Chase and the other teen raised his head.

“You asked me what was wrong and I said I found my father,” Chase repeated, rubbing a hand across his eyes.

“You mean his grave?”

“No. I mean my father. My mother lied to me,” the other warlock said, the dream around them shaking suddenly. “He's still alive but, he's like yours, Caleb. He's old and wretched and full of bitterness. He hates you, did you know that? He doesn't even know you and he hates you. He told me that I should take his power and destroy those Ipswich bastards, steal all your magic so that the bloodlines finally end.”

“What? Why?” Caleb asked.

“Fuck if I know. I think... I think he wanted me to be his weapon, some kind of revenge for your ancestors letting mine be cast out years ago. I think he blames you for the fact that he ruined his life Using and wanted me to feel the same,” Chase explained, his expression desolate. “You know, he was surprised that I knew about the cost of Using. I think he left me hoping that I'd grow up mean and angry just like he was, addicted to the power and willing to get more at any price. Who looks at a baby and thinks: someday you will kill my enemies?”

The warlock had no answer but his boyfriend didn't seem to need one. Chase continued before Caleb could say anything.

“He wanted me to kill him, Caleb. He said that giving up his magic would kill him and he was prepared to die in order to take you out. And I just... I just couldn't talk to him. I told him that I didn't want his power and I ran,” the other teen said. He pressed closer to Caleb, leaning into his touch as though to ground himself against bad memories. “You know, that wasn't even the worst part.”

“What was the worst part?” the warlock asked when Chase fell silent. He wasn't sure he wanted to know the answer but he was pretty sure that Chase needed to say it and some morbid impulse was actually curious.

“The worst part was that I could picture it,” his boyfriend told him. “I could imagine saying yes. Not in this life, not now, but if I'd never met you... If I'd been lost and addicted and suddenly told that I was killing myself by Using, blaming you would have been easy. I would have become the weapon that my father wanted, I'm sure of it. Hell, if he'd told me that stealing your gifts would somehow save me, I would have done anything. I would have killed you all to save my skin.”

“But you didn't, Chase. You told him no.”

“That doesn't make me a good person. I just don't want to hurt you,” Chase replied. “If I had the choice between saving you or a total stranger, I'd pick you every time.”

“Well, so would I. I wouldn't let you die,” Caleb said. “That doesn't make us evil. A little selfish, maybe, but I'm pretty sure that's human nature. No one would pick a stranger over the people that they love.”

“You really think so?” Chase asked and the warlock was relieved to see the clouds above them lightening.

“Yeah, I do. You're a decent person and your father had no right to lay that shit on you. It's not your fault that you won the crappy parent lottery.”

“I really did, didn't I?” his boyfriend said with a slightly shaky giggle. “Though I think you're runner up.”

“We're a pair, all right,” Caleb replied with a smile of his own before asking, “Are you feeling better? Because, seriously, I don't care about the guy you might have been. He doesn't matter. The only thing I care about is who you are right now. That's the guy that I'm in love with and he's no murderer.”

“Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry for freaking out. Seeing my dad alive just threw me and then things went downhill from there,” Chase told him. “You might have to remind me of that a few more times – maybe daily for a while – but I think I'll be all right.”

“As often as you want, babe,” the warlock promised and he meant it. No one got to say bad things about his boyfriend, not even Chase himself.


Caleb honestly hadn't been expecting to make Nationals this year. Swimming was low on his list of priorities, far beneath school, his friends, his mother, and his relationship with Chase.

The teens were still going strong, though things had changed again on Chase's eighteenth birthday. The other warlock had Ascended then, gaining the full strength of his powers, and ever since, Caleb had woken from his dreams strangely unsatisfied. He still loved and wanted Chase, that was not the problem. There was just a growing itch beneath his skin. Caleb wanted to see Chase in person; he felt like he needed to see him as soon as possible.

Maybe it was because their powers were unbalanced now just like they'd been in the beginning. Or maybe the magic had just decided that they'd waited long enough.

Whatever the reason, the warlock wasn't the only one feeling out of sorts. Chase had mentioned the same problem and he seemed to have it even worse than Caleb. The other teen had started kissing him more desperately, their nights together increasingly frantic as they tried to crawl inside each other hard enough to make the feeling stick. Caleb only felt complete now when they were dreaming, when Chase was buried deep inside him or vice versa, and he often found himself drifting into fantasy these days.

The teen would zone out in class or when talking to his friends, coming back to himself a few minutes later with no recollection of what anyone had said. So, it was no surprise, that the swim team barely registered.

Caleb only attended every practice because his friends made sure of it. He had thought his coach was joking when he made the warlock captain and while he'd won most of his races, that was just because he was bad at half-assing anything. Plus there was something about the exercise, the focus, that helped keep his mind off Chase for at least a little bit. Still, the teen had seriously considered skipping Nationals when the announcement was sent out. Caleb had a paper to write and two tests to study for; he didn't have time to waste on traveling. What was the point of going all the way to California if he wasn't going to see Chase along the way?

However, the warlock's friends had banded together and convinced him not to miss it. Reid, Pogue, and Tyler were so excited that Caleb didn't want to disappoint them and even Chase thought that he'd regret it if he stayed.

At the moment, I'm regretting that ridiculous bus ride and five hour flight much more, the warlock grumbled, his head aching after far too many hours traveling. Ipswich seriously needed a closer airport because it shouldn't take eight hours to get from Massachusetts to Irvine, California where Nationals were being held.

By the time his team checked in, the warlock was exhausted and Caleb didn't bother to explore the hotel before he went to asleep. At least a mix-up with their rooms had given him a single so he didn't have to listen to Pogue bitching that it was only 8:33.

The warlock didn't dream that night – probably because he and Chase went to bed at different times - but missing his boyfriend made him even testier when he woke up again. He growled at Pogue and snapped at Tyler and his captain's speech that morning was more along the lines of, “Let's go kill these bastards,” than something inspiring.

However, Caleb managed to blow through his heats without much trouble and he was feeling a lot better by the time that he was done. The warlock hadn't watched the other heats for his races – he never liked to think too much about the competition – but he stuck around the pool to cheer on all his friends. Indeed, Caleb was just sitting down to watch Pogue run the 100 Butterfly when a very familiar voice whispered in his ear.

“Hey, babe. That was some impressive swimming.”

“Chase?!” the warlock exclaimed, spinning around so fast that he almost fell out of his chair.

“In the flesh,” the other teen said with a wide grin. He looked exactly like he did in the dreams except more solid somehow, more real, and Caleb had to take a second just to drink him in. That same short dark hair framing blue eyes and a wicked smile, a sliver of pale skin visible where his swimming robe wasn't closed completely. It made the warlock's fingers itch to touch but before he could reach out, the other boy spoke again.

“We can't talk too long since my parents are in the stands but it's good to finally meet you,” Chase told him. “You look just the same.”

“So do you. But why didn't you tell me?” Caleb asked, doing his best to keep his expression blank in case his boyfriend's folks were watching.

“I didn't want to get your hopes up. I wasn't sure if my parents would let me go at first. And then I figured that I might as well surprise you. It is a good surprise, isn't it?”

“The best,” the warlock reassured him.

“Good. I've got to go but I'll see you in the finals and hopefully afterward.”

They shook hands to keep up the illusion of two rivals being nice and even that small touch had Caleb grinning stupidly. He could barely believe that this was happening – that Chase was here - and if they could swing it somehow, he might actually get to kiss the other teen for real.

Caleb was still smiling a minute later when Pogue finished but his friend assumed that the warlock was just proud of his showing in the heat. At least, that's what Caleb thought he said; he wasn't really listening. How could he listen to anything when Chase was right over there? Still, he caught enough to know that all four of the Sons of Ipswich had made at least one final in their respective strokes and they would also be racing the 200 and 400 meter IM Relays later on. Several hours later since this was a major swim meet and that always meant lots of waiting. You could sit around for half a day and then have two finals back to back.

When he looked at the board, Caleb discovered that he and Chase would be in adjacent lanes in all three of his freestyle races, meaning that the other teen had won his heats as well. Though, of course, the warlock's mind was mostly just screaming: “Chase! Chase! Chase!” rather than worrying about his strategy.

Caleb was practically vibrating with anticipation by the time his first final was announced and he honestly wasn't sure whether he'd swim better or worse with Chase right there next to him. However, when Caleb settled onto the starting block and looked over to see his boyfriend's quick flash of smile, the world snapped into place. He forgot about the rest of the competition, forget how much he wanted to lick the sweat off Chase's neck. Because the warlock knew that smile.

That smile said, “I bet that you can't beat me,” and Caleb had never passed up one of his boyfriend's challenges.

So he bent his head to focus and he was off the block the instant that the starting gun went off.

Caleb took the 50 Free by two hundredths of a second while Chase took the 100 Free by only one. With each race, the warlock felt more energized. He felt stronger and faster, like he and Chase were feeding off each other somehow and by the time the announcer called the 200, the entire audience had realized that there was something special here.

The stadium was so quiet that Caleb could have heard a pin drop as they climbed back onto the starting blocks again. He couldn't resist giving Chase a sort salute and his boyfriend returned the move in kind before getting into position. Both teens waited patiently for the starting signal and then, with a crack the race was on. Caleb put his entire focus into every stroke and he knew that he was swimming faster than he'd ever swum before. But whenever the warlock turned his head to breathe, he could see Chase matching him.

When Caleb began his final sprint, he should have been exhausted. However, the teen simply felt exhilarated as his burst of speed was matched. Chase kept pace until that final touch and the warlock was not surprised to learn it was a tie. Not only a tie but one that broke a record and at this news, Caleb just threw back his head and laughed. That was the best outcome that he could have hoped for, better even than winning outright would have been.

“Christ, man, you're on fire,” Pogue congratulated once the teen had climbed out of the pool.

“It was almost freaky,” Reid added as Tyler clapped Caleb on the shoulder. “By the last lap, I swear you and Collins there were swimming perfectly in sync.”

“Maybe we were; I can't explain it,” the warlock told them truthfully. “But I'll take the tie. He earned it. That was the best race I've ever swum.”

Caleb was still buzzing as he dried off and then settled in to watch a few more races before he had to swim again. First was Chase in the 400 meter Freestyle and watching him cut through the water made the warlock grateful for the thickness of his robe. Then the teen's friends earned another handful of medals between them, ranging from bronze to Pogue's gold in the 100 meter Butterfly.

Unfortunately, Caleb didn't manage to talk to Chase again before he had to swim his relays; both boys were surrounded by congratulatory crowds of teammates and shoving his way through them would have been too obvious. But hopefully they'd manage to talk during the medal ceremonies – they'd be sharing a podium in the 200 after all – and the teen needed to focus on the current race right now; he didn't want to let the other Sons of Ipswich down.

However, even though Caleb still wasn't as tired as he should be, the first relay didn't go their way. Pogue and Reid won a decent lead but Tyler slipped on the starting block and Caleb couldn't quite manage to scrape out a bronze medal after that. But the teens redeemed themselves in the 400 meter IM Relay, their lead widening with every lap until Caleb took it home for gold.

All told, it was a damn good day for Ipswich since several of the warlock's other teammates had managed to place as well. However, now that the last race was finally over, there was exactly one thing that Caleb cared about.

Admittedly, blurting out, “I've got a single,” while he and Chase were waiting for their medals wasn't the suavest thing he could have done. But the other teen just gave him a slow-lidded smile in return.

“That's good to know. My roommate said he'd cover for me tonight so I can meet you after dinner,” Chase whispered. “Whatever time you want.”

“8 PM. Room 103?” Caleb said quickly as the officials called their names and then ushered the teens onto the podium. The warlock probably should have been happy about the medals that were wrapped around his neck but what made him beam for the cameras was Chase's quick nod of agreement; that was worth far more than any victory.


The rest of the evening passed by in a blur. Caleb knew that people were talking to him and he managed to nod and smile for the most part, but whenever his friends asked him a direct question, he stammered like an idiot. However, Caleb didn't care about that or the weird looks he was getting. The teen just wanted to get back to his room as fast as possible. So as soon as dinner was over, the warlock excused himself, telling his teammates that he was just gonna crash and then heading back upstairs.

Caleb rearranged his room five times while he waiting, his face burning as he tried to decide where to casually stick the lube. Thankfully he'd brought some – the teen hadn't planned on going three days without masturbating, not with the way their dreams had been - but he didn't want to just leave it sitting out. He might have slept with Chase a thousand times but tonight felt different and Caleb didn't want his boyfriend to think that he was assuming anything. This was not a booty call and the warlock eventually just shoved the tube inside the nightstand drawer.

Just in time too, Caleb jumping a little when there was a soft knock on the door. The warlock pulled it open to see Chase standing in the hallway and even dressed in jeans and an old t-shirt, the other teen was the best thing that he had ever seen.

“Hey. Come in. Come in,” Caleb said, pulling Chase inside while the hallway was still clear. “How was your trip? Did you drive? Or did you fly down? How far are we from Bakersfield anyway? This state is stupid large.”

The warlock was rambling and he knew it, but he couldn't seem to stop. He was nervous now that Chase was actually standing here in person. Caleb didn't want to just jump the other teen but sleeping with his boyfriend was the only thing that he could think about.

Thankfully Chase took the decision out of Caleb's hands before he could make a total fool of himself, shoving one hand across the warlock's mouth. “I could tell you all about the trip down if you're really interested. Or we could leave the talking for later and make good use of that giant bed right there. I know how I'd rather spend my evening and I'm thinking you'll agree.”

Then Chase wrapped his other hand around Caleb's neck and kissed him hungrily. He licked his way into the warlock's mouth, tongue tracing the edge of his lips before he pulled back again.

“You taste like the pool,” the other teen said with a laugh. “Did you forget to shower?”

“Uhhh, shit,” Caleb muttered, blushing furiously. In his excitement at seeing Chase, that had completely slipped his mind.

“That's all right, the other warlock said with a grin. “I've been wanting to see you wet and naked for awhile now.”

Chase stepped back and stripped his t-shirt off with one quick move. He tossed it across a chair and the sight of all that bare skin made Caleb's mouth go dry. Everything was sharper than the dreams and the warlock let his eyes wander down his boyfriend's chest, down over pale skin and dusky nipples to a decent set of abs. The other teen had a swimmer's build, toned but not bulky, and Caleb wanted to fit his hands into the groove of those slim hips.

However, before he could, Chase turned around and started walking toward the bathroom, kicking off his jeans along the way. His boxers followed quickly and well, Caleb's thoughts went a little hazy then. He stood frozen, his eyes glued to the curve of Chase's ass until the other teen looked back.

“Well? Are you going to join me or are you just going to stand there gaping?” he asked with a smirk before disappearing through the bathroom door.

There was only one answer to that question and Caleb scrambled after Chase, shedding his own clothes as quickly as he could. He tossed his shirt and pants haphazardly over his shoulder and then stripped off his socks, hopping along on one foot and nearly falling when the second one got stuck.

His entrance to the bathroom was less graceful than he would have liked but Chase just shoved him toward the shower without commenting. It was a tight fit for both warlocks since it was a standing shower and Caleb managed to bang his elbow hard against the wall. But the pain barely registered as Chase pressed up against him, their cocks sliding together as the other teen rolled his hips.

“Jesus,” Caleb groaned when his boyfriend began to scrub him down. Sure they'd done this before but every touch felt so much better now. There was always a hint of surrealism to the dreams while this was as real as real could be. So Caleb ran his hands over Chase's back, stroking every bit of skin that he could reach as the other boy pressed kisses to his neck.

I'm glad I'm all done racing, the teen thought when Chase started sucking on his skin, a hint of teeth making his cock jump.

“Come here,” Caleb groaned, hands tugging at the other warlock's shoulders until he finally glanced up. The teen pushed Chase back against the other wall of the shower and kissed him again. It was his turn to take the lead, tongue exploring the inside of his boyfriend's mouth while his fingers dug marks into his hips.

Marks that would bruise and last for days instead of disappearing as soon as they woke up. This thought sent a rush of heat flooding through his body and Caleb's ground against the other warlock with a groan. Skin to skin, slick heat and wandering hands; the teen could probably come just from this. He wanted to lose himself in Chase's body and never come up for air. So Caleb buried his face in the other teen's neck, breathing in his scent as he rolled his hips again. Then Chase worked one hand down between then to stroke both their cocks together, the rough pressure pushing him closer to release.

Caleb could only pant Chase's name, his mind going blank as the pleasure built exponentially. Then the other boy twisted his wrist and a flare of power rushed across his skin. A wave of magic rippled through him, lighting him on fire limb to limb, and the warlock couldn't take it. Caleb came with a single choked off gasp and he was only vaguely aware of Chase wrapping an arm around his waist as his knees gave out. The teens slid slowly down the wall together, ending up in a wet tangle of limbs on the shower floor.

“As much as I love you, I'm kind of dying here,” Chase said a few minutes later. He nudged Caleb's shoulder until he was sitting up.

“Shit, sorry. I left you hanging, didn't I?” the warlock replied, looking down and realizing that his boyfriend was still hard.

“Eh. Don't worry about it,” the other teen told him with a shrug. “I could have finished things myself but I was too busy watching you. Only now my ass is going numb so I figure we should move this to the bed while I can still stand up again.”

“Sounds good to me,” Caleb agreed, sitting back on his heels so that his boyfriend could get up. He meant it, really, but when Chase climbed to his feet, his cock was right at eye level and well, the teen couldn't resist one little taste. Caleb leaned forward and licked the head of Chase's dick, his boyfriend letting out a startled curse and freezing where he stood.

So of course Caleb had to do it again. He grabbed two handfuls of his boyfriend's ass and squeezed before wrapping his lips around his cock. The teen tongued the slit and then slid slowly down the shaft as far as he could go. Caleb could feel Chase shaking underneath and he just wanted to see the other warlock fall apart.

Caleb started to bob his head, letting his boyfriend's cock push a little deeper every time. His technique was rougher than in their dreams, mental practice not entirely transferring into muscle memory. He also needed to breathe, something that had never truly been the case before.

But the discomfort was outweighed by the heady taste of Chase's pleasure and the moans that tumbled from his throat helplessly. So Caleb took the other warlock as deep as he could and then hummed, Chase slapping the shower wall with a loud cry. His boyfriend's hips jerked as he came and the teen pulled back to watch, letting the shower wash the other warlock clean.

In their dreams, Caleb had swallowed but in their dreams, the stuff wasn't so damn bitter and Chase let out a low chuckle at the expression on his face.

“Serves you right for being impatient,” the other teen told him. “You're lucky we don't have to swim tomorrow or I'd accuse you of sabotage. I'm pretty sure you were trying to suck my brain out through my dick.”

“Nah, you know I love you. If you died on me, I'd be pissed,” Caleb replied as he pushed himself to his feet. “Now, come on. My bed is calling and I still plan to get your cock shoved in me sometime soon.”

“So romantic; should I swoon?” Chase retorted, his eyes darkening despite his sarcastic tone.

Caleb slid past the other warlock to step out of the shower and he had to bite back a smirk when he looked back to see his boyfriend's eyes locked firmly on his ass. He was definitely getting exactly what he wanted tonight and he threw an extra little sway into his hips just because.

Chase only blinked when Caleb threw him a towel, the other teen shaking his head like he'd been bespelled. He dried off quickly and then followed Caleb into the bedroom where he pressed himself close against the warlock's back.

“You know, if you hadn't jumped the gun, I could have fucked you now,” Chase murmured, nuzzling his boyfriend's neck. “Could have just spread you open and slipped right in like you've been begging for.”

“Maybe, but tasting you was worth it,” Caleb replied, leaning into the other warlock's touch. “And I'm sure you'll think of some way to pass the time.”

“I may have a few ideas,” his boyfriend agreed and Caleb could hear the smirk in Chase's voice. “On the bed, if you please. And I hope you brought the – thank you.”

Caleb gave the lube to Chase before shoving the blankets off his bed and lying down on his stomach. He grabbed a pillow for his head and made himself comfortable with only slightly more than the necessary wriggling.

“Just like that,” his boyfriend said, placing a warm hand on Caleb's back to stop him from moving anymore. The bed dipped slightly as Chase straddled him, his knees pressing against the warlock's sides. Soft lips ghosted kisses down the teen's spine before pausing to suck another bruise into Caleb's back. Each touch made the warlock shiver, a slow burn of arousal building in his gut.

Caleb moaned when Chase reached his ass, the other teen tracing gentle fingers down his crack. He spread the warlock open with his thumbs, Caleb's entrance fluttering beneath Chase's scrutiny. The teen knew what was coming but his hips still jerked when a warm tongue lapped across his hole.

Chase's fingers tightened on his ass, holding the warlock still as he explored. The other teen licked around the rim of Caleb's entrance, teasing his hole but refusing to push inside, and he moaned loudly when that wet heat slid down to his balls. Chase tugged lightly as his thumb pressed against Chase's hole, the tip slipping inside easily.

“Please,” Caleb moaned, pushing back into the touch and he nearly sobbed when the other teen pulled out instead.

“Patience,” Chase chided him gently, though his voice sounded as wrecked as the teen felt. “I'll take care of you.”

Caleb's boyfriend spread his ass open wider and then thrust his tongue into his hole, working his way deeper while Caleb shuddered helplessly. He was on fire, his nerves singing with pleasure as Chase drove him crazy. The warlock could feel every breath, every tiny twitch as the other teen licked him open thoroughly.

Long strokes shoving deep and teasing touches at the rim, Chase flattening his tongue across Caleb's entrance and then humming low down in his throat. The vibration made the warlock writhe, his fingers digging into the sheets as he rubbed his dick against the mattress frantically.

But Chase pulled his hips up off the bed so that he was only humping air, his entire body aching for relief. Caleb actually shrieked when two slick fingers finally pushed inside of him. They felt enormous and yet were nowhere near enough to satisfy his craving, the fire in his blood only burning higher as Chase thrust his fingers in and out.

“Fuck, you're tight,” the other warlock groaned. He added another finger, his tongue lapping at the rim of Caleb's entrance where it was stretched around him now.

“You're untouched and fucking gorgeous and all mine,” Chase continued, spreading his fingers even wider. “Say you're mine. Say that no one else will ever watch you fall apart like this.”

“Yours, just yours,” Caleb moaned in answer. “Yours forever if you just fuck me, please.”

The warlock cried out when Chase ripped his fingers free, his whole body protesting the sudden emptiness. But his boyfriend only left him empty for a moment before something larger was pressing against his ass. The other teen pushed his hips forward, his cock breaching Caleb and then sliding home in one long thrust.

Something inside the warlock clicked into place as Chase bottomed out, the magic in his blood roaring in satisfaction. The air around him seemed to crackle with electricity and when Chase started thrusting, Caleb could hardly breathe for the pleasure in his veins. This was exactly where they were both supposed to be.

His boyfriend's pace was brutal, on the knife's edge of too much, and all the teen could do was hold on for the ride. He braced his hands on the bed and let Chase use him as he wanted, every thrust pushing him farther up the bed. Then the other warlock yanked Caleb onto his knees and the next stroke slammed into his prostate, sparking dancing across his vision as he screamed.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” the teen babbled, trying to spread his legs even wider. “Please, yeah, just like that. Chase, fuck!”

He didn't know what he was saying, didn't care what he was saying as long as his boyfriend kept driving into him. Chase fucked Caleb until he couldn't think, could barely breathe, his cock throbbing as the magic beat within his chest. The teen was on fire, every place that the other warlock touched him burning with need and desire. The power arced between them, back and forth and back and forth in a never-ending spiral.

But then Chase grabbed Caleb's by the hair and kissed him. The new angle made his boyfriend's cock seem even larger, filling the last few empty spaces that still lay between them. The other warlock sucked on Caleb's tongue as his cock ground into his prostate one more time and the pleasure crested in one long scorching wave. Lightning slammed through his body, white light bursting behind the warlock's eyes as he came shouting Chase's name. He was only vaguely aware of his boyfriend coming a few seconds later, the liquid heat inside him barely distinguishable from the magic still rippling through his body in minor aftershocks.

Caleb collapsed down on the bed, every nerve buzzing underneath his skin. When Chase dropped down on top of him, the warlock didn't protest. He just let his boyfriend's warmth surround him, falling asleep between one breath and the next.


Caleb didn't dream that night. He didn't need to when Chase was wrapped around him skin to skin and the teen woke only a few hours later when his boyfriend started pulling out of him.

“What are you doing? Stay,” Caleb murmured, grabbing at the other teen.

“Don't worry, babe. I'm not going anywhere,” Chase replied and thrust back into the warlock. A long, slow stroke this time and Caleb let out a low groan as the other boy sank home. He could feel every inch of his boyfriend's cock sliding along his inner walls, his strokes made smooth by a slick of lube and cum. The motion didn't hurt exactly, not when Caleb was still well-stretched from earlier. But the warlock's body wasn't used to this even though he loved it and he knew he would be sore when Chase was done.

However, for now there was only the sweet burn of pleasure as his boyfriend fucked him languidly. Chase was slow and gentle this time, a far cry from the frantic pace they'd had before, and each roll of his hips made Caleb sigh. He let himself float on the edge of sleep as a new wave of arousal built within him, embers slowly fanned into burning flames again.

“God, you're fucking gorgeous,” Chase murmured, his breath warm against the warlock's neck. The honest wonder in his voice ignited a bloom of warmth in Caleb's chest. Because this was proof that his boyfriend truly cared about him. He hadn't been faking anything or lying about his feelings and the last of Caleb's doubts slipped away. Chase couldn't be pretending just to save their friendship, not when his hands were stroking across the teen adoringly.

So the warlock let himself relax completely into his boyfriend's arms and when warm fingers wrapped around his cock, he fell easily. Chase thrust a few more times, pulling out just as he came to paint Caleb's back with his release. The teen was dripping now, cum seeping out of his hole to dribble down his thighs.

He was probably making a mess out of the sheets and he knew it, but he was too well-fucked to care. Caleb was already dozing off again by the time Chase got up to get washrag from the bathroom. The other warlock wiped him clean, shifting him over a bit so that he wasn't in the wet spot and then laying down again. Chase pulled him close, his arms warm and comfortable, and Caleb didn't wake again until the other boy gently shook his shoulder just after 6:15.

“Caleb, wake up.”

“Don' wanna,” the teen muttered, slapping at his boyfriend's hand.

“Come on. I've got to go and I want to say goodbye.”

Chase's words snapped Caleb awake and he sat up sharply, looking over to find his boyfriend fully dressed again. “You're leaving now?”

“None of our girls made Nationals so my team is driving back this morning,” the other teen explained apologetically. “And I need to be back in my room before coach comes to wake us up. George can only cover for me for so long before someone gets suspicious and I don't want to risk it. Not with may parents here; if they find out I went AWOL then I'm fucked.

Caleb wanted to protest. The other warlock couldn't run off after a single night together, that just wasn't fair. Honestly, the teen was barely surviving their separation before this; now that he'd seen Chase in person, he couldn't imagine how he'd manage to go back to dreams alone.

“I know; I'm sorry. I wish we had more time” his boyfriend said, reading Caleb's thoughts right off his face.

“Can't you stay a little longer? One for the road?” the warlock asked plaintively. But even though Chase looked sorely tempted by the offer, he just shook his head.

“We can't risk it. God knows I'd love to stay and fuck for hours but this is the home stretch, babe. I'm not gonna fumble now,” Chase told him and Caleb really did understand; at least the other teen wasn't leaving easily. “Hey, it's not that bad. I decided that I'm going to find a way to transfer. I won't make it 'til I graduate without seeing you in person and I know that you can't leave your friends. So whatever it takes, I swear; I'll be heading east as soon as possible..”

“You'd better,” Caleb replied fiercely before pulling Chase into a kiss. “Now get out of here. You don't want to get caught.”

“Yeah, I know,” the other warlock said. He stole one more kiss before walking reluctantly toward the door. Caleb managed to smile until Chase disappeared into the hallway and then he fell back onto the bed with a sigh.

Fuck, I miss him already, Caleb thought, throwing a hand across his face. If he doesn't manage to transfer soon, I don't know what I'll do. Go crazy, probably.

The warlock didn't think he'd be able to fall back asleep after that but he was still exhausted and before he knew it, Pogue was pounding on his door. “Caleb! Are you asleep? It's time for breakfast. Let me in!”

“I'm coming. I'm coming. Give me a second,” the warlock called back as he scrambled out of bed. A quick glance at the clock told Caleb that Pogue was right and a quick glance around the room told him not to open up that door. Chase might have left but the teen's room was a disaster and what they'd been doing was really obvious. “You go on down without me.”

“You sure?”

“Very sure. Just save me a seat.”

His friend agreed with only a little grumbling. So Caleb threw on some clean clothes cleaning himself with a quick Use since he didn't think that he had the time to shower. Then the warlock ran downstairs and into the breakfast room where his team had gathered, sliding into the empty seat in-between Pogue and Reid just as breakfast started being served.

“Thanks for the seat.”

“No problem. But why are you so late today? You're usually Mr. Punctual and you didn't stay out late...” Pogue trailed off, staring at Caleb's neck in obvious surprise. The warlock looked down to see what had distracted the other teen and realized that he probably should have glanced in a mirror before he ran out of his room. Because three of Chase's marks were clearly visible above the collar of his shirt and given his boyfriend's propensity for biting, there were probably more he couldn't see.

As Pogue just sat and stared, Caleb had a fleeting impulse to pass the hickeys off as bug bites. But the teen knew that probably wouldn't work even before Reid looked over and exclaimed, “Holy shit, Caleb! You got laid! I thought you were the poster boy for purity.”

The cat was definitely out of the bag at that point and the warlock's entire team turned to stare at him in shock.

“Thanks a lot, man,” Caleb groaned, putting his face into his hands. This news would be all over Spenser Academy as soon as they got back, maybe earlier considering the way that some of his teammates gossiped, and he hadn't planned on announcing his relationship to everyone right now.

“Danvers!” the shout cut through the silence and Caleb looked up to see Coach Murray staring at him sternly,

“Sorry, man,” Reid whispered and the blond did look honestly contrite. But all the warlock could think was, Ah, hell. Now he's done it.

However, even if he got kicked off the swim team, last night had been worth it so Caleb just bit the bullet and asked, “Yes, Coach?” as calmly as he could.

“Walk with me,” the man ordered, jerking his head toward the door.

“Yes, sir,” Caleb replied, trying not to wince.

'Good luck,' Pogue mouthed as the warlock climbed out of his chair. Caleb followed his coach out of the room and down the hallway. Then the man waved him into a small office, waiting until he'd entered before closing the room's door.

“I don't want to know the details, Danvers,” his coach said. “What you were doing last night is pretty obvious. Just tell me – it wasn't anyone from our team, was it?”

“No, sir.”

“Good. I don't need any drama in my swimming pool, not when we've finally proved our worth at Nationals,” the man told him sternly. “And a captain doesn't take advantage of the team like that. This is a swim team not our personal harem and if your love life interferes with winning, I will boot you off like that. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Glad to hear it. Do we need to have a talk about protection?”

“No, sir!” Caleb replied. He definitely didn't want to have that conversation, not with his coach, and while Chase hadn't used a condom last night, neither of them ever planned to sleep with other people so he figured they were fine.

“Well, you're going to get it anyway,” the man said. “The short version: don't stick your dick in anything unless it's wrapped up tight, got it? I don't care what the chick tells you. The last thing you need is to get some girl pregnant when you're seventeen. That's how you end up wasting your potential, giving up Olympic dreams to coach high school brats instead. Sure I love my daughter but I had my whole life planned out and trust me, moving to fucking Ipswich was not choice number one.”

“Sir?” the teen asked when his coach trailed off into silence. This conversation was making him quite uncomfortable and he'd really like to go. “Is that all?”

“Not quite. Make sure you wear a turtleneck around your mother until those damn marks heal. I don't need her calling me.”

“Of course, sir. Can I go now?”

“Sure, kid. Get out of here. I already went over the schedule for today but your friends can fill you in. I'm sure they're standing right outside since you lot are pretty much joined at the hip.”

Coach Murray was correct; when the warlock slipped out of the office, he found Pogue, Reid, and Tyler waiting for him in the hall.

“How'd it go?”

“Are you in trouble?”

“Nah, I just got a warning. All Coach cares about is swimming anyway.”

“Good to know,” Tyler replied. “Here, I saved you a couple rolls. They kicked our team out of breakfast so that the next one could come in.”

“Thanks, Ty,” Caleb said, taking the bread from his friend. “Coach said something about a schedule. I assume there's somewhere that we're supposed to be?”

“Don't change the subject, bro,” Reid told him with a smirk. “What the hell were you doing last night? Or rather, who were you doing? Were they hot?”

“It's a long story,” the warlock sighed. Now that he'd finally met Chase in person, he knew he needed to tell his friends about the other teen. But this was hardly the right place or time to have that conversation. “Look, I'll tell explain everything later, okay? Somewhere private. I have a lot to say.”

“Yeah, sure,” Reid and the others agreed reluctantly. “Though I doubt your dick did anything that will really blow our minds.”

Then Caleb and his friends joined their teammates at the pool to watch the women's heats. The girls made several finals but the warlock was too distracted to pay much them attention. He was busy thinking about his boyfriend and how to tell his friends about him, the twinge of pain every time he shifted making him smile goofily. Last night was a very pleasant memory and Caleb would be sorely disappointed when the bruises went away.

“All right, seriously man. What's got into you?” Pogue asked. The other teens had finally dragged him off after lunch and they clearly weren't going to wait for an explanation any more.”

“Yeah, you've been sighing like my little sister does when she gets another crush,” Reid told him. “So spill already. I really didn't think you were the type for one-night-stands.”

“It wasn't and I'm not. It's complicated,” Caleb replied. “Look, you know Chase Collins? The guy that I tied with in the 200? He's the one I slept with but I've known him for years. Since we were both thirteen.”

While his friends were still gaping from this revelation, the warlock launched into his story. He told the other teens almost everything; Chase would explain about his parents if he wanted, Caleb wasn't going there. But Caleb tell his friends about the dreams, his boyfriend's bloodline, and his feelings – glossing over the massive amount of sex that they'd been having to spare the other warlocks' sensibilities.

Even so, there was a lot of shouting when Caleb finished. His friends didn't think that he was lying. In fact, they accepted the truth of the warlock's story easily; considering some of the things that they could do, sharing dreams with someone didn't seem that weird. The other teens weren't even angry about Chase, not really. They didn't know the guy. Caleb's friends were mostly just furious that he'd kept such an important thing a secret for five years.

“He's another warlock! Didn't you think that we should know?!”

“What if he'd hurt you somehow?”

“You know we don't care that he's a guy, but what the Hell? You somehow too good to tell us that you a freaking boyfriend? You could have introduced us.”

“I only met him in person yesterday,” Caleb said. “And I don't think I could have shared our dreams with you. Trust me, you probably wouldn't have wanted to see that anyway.”

“How do you know? Now whose making assumptions?”

“Wait, you would?”

“No, probably not,” Reid admitted. “But I would have liked the option, damn it. Some kind of, 'Hey guys, I'm sharing dreams with this person that I'm totally in love with. You want to say hello?'”

“If it helps, I did tell Chase all about you,” Caleb offered and the other teen did seem slightly mollified. “He's going to try to transfer to Spenser if he can and I know he'd love to meet you guys. If nothing else, he'd happy to know some other warlocks besides me.”

“You said he was the oldest, right?” Tyler asked. “That's he's already Ascended.”

“Yeah, you should see some of the things that he can do.”

“But that means he got his powers first. Before any of us. Who told him what was happening? Are his parents still around?”

“I told him, Ty. When I caught up. Chase was adopted and he didn't have a clue.”

“Shit,” Reid muttered. “That must have sucked.”

“Well then, I guess it's good he had you,” Pogue said firmly. “And he must be a nice person if you like him that much.”

The words felt like forgiveness and Caleb breathed a sigh of relief even as Pogue reached out and smacked right him upside the head.

“Next time you're having weird dreams about someone who might be dangerous then tell us, you idiot,” his friend ordered. “And you had better introduce us to this boyfriend of yours as soon as possible. He needs to know that he's in for a world of pain if he breaks your heart.”

“I will. I promise. Thanks.”

--- (8/25/2006)

“Will you please stop bouncing?” Reid groaned from the backseat. “The damn Bonfire has barely even started and we'll be there soon.”

“Sorry,” Caleb apologized, trying to stop his leg from jiggling. But he only managed to stay still for a few seconds before he started up again. The warlock couldn't help it. Chase had promised to meet him on the beach tonight and the anticipation had him ready to jump right out of his skin.

The other teen had gotten himself transferred to Spenser Academy for his Senior year through a combination of begging, pleading, and convincing his parents that going to Harvard was the path to all their dreams. They'd even let him go alone on assurances from Coach Murray that Chase would be staying in the dorms and not getting into trouble, the man willing to promise just about anything to have the top two high school freestyle swimmers in the US on his team.

To be fair, their coach meant his promises. It was Caleb who planned to break them and the thought of having Chase close enough to touch had left him half-hard all afternoon. His boyfriend's marks had faded weeks ago but Caleb swore that he could still feel the echoes of Chase's fingers and he planned to have a completely new set before the night was through.

Caleb probably wouldn't have survived the last few weeks of summer without the other Sons of Ipswich to distract him. Because he'd been right; the dreams really weren't enough now that he'd felt Chase sinking deep inside him and the need to see his boyfriend was a physical ache beneath his skin.

So the teen was out of Tyler's car before the wheels stopped turning, a quick Use letting him jump lightly to the ground.

“I'll meet you there,” Caleb called to his friends over his shoulder as he ran toward the beach. When he created the hill, the warlock could see a mob of students down below him; the Bonfire was packed tonight and Caleb hesitated, he wanted to find Chase not get lost inside the crowd.

But even as this thought crossed his mind, the teen saw his boyfriend. Chase was standing in the center of the Bonfire with a couple other newbies. The girls seemed to be talking to him but Chase clearly wasn't listening as his eyes scanned through the crowd. Caleb waved an arm and his boyfriend's gaze snapped toward the motion. Their eyes met and Chase gave the teen a blinding smile that warmed him from head to toe.

Caleb dove into the crowd then, making his way toward the other warlock as fast as possible. Chase did the same and soon his boyfriend was standing right in front of him. He was real and solid and fucking gorgeous and everything that Caleb had been planning to say disappeared.

“Fuck, I've missed you,” the warlock murmured said instead before taking two steps forward and pulling Chase into a kiss. Caleb slid his hands into his boyfriend's hair and tugged him closer as the other teen returned his kiss a little desperately. Chase's arms wrapped around the warlock, holding him tightly as he moaned into his mouth.

The rest of the world didn't matter; the ripples of shock spreading through the Bonfire didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was the fact that Chase was here.


“Seriously, man. Try to keep it in your pants.”

“Were you gonna introduce us? Or do I need to find a hose?”

Caleb pulled away from his boyfriend reluctantly, looking back over his shoulder to see the other Sons of Ipswich standing there. In fact, most of the students on the beach had stopped dancing by this point. They were all just staring at Chase and Caleb, their expressions ranging from disgusted to shocked to “oh my God, that was hot.”

As far as most people knew, Caleb had started kissing the new transfer student for no goddamn reason but the warlock didn't care. He just grinned widely at their astonished faces, turning around and wrapping his arm around Chase's waist even as his boyfriend muttered, “There goes my first impression,” in his ear.

“Don't worry. They're just jealous,” Caleb whispered back and he was rewarded with Chase's quiet laugh.

“Good to know. But I was talking about your friends. I think they're starting to get impatient now.”

“Yeah, all right,” the warlock murmured before waving at Pogue, Reid, and Tyler. “Hey, guys. Come here. This is Chase, as promised. It's time for you to meet.”


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