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Mahal's Blessing (Chapter 2)

Title: Mahal's Blessing
Chapter 2: In Which Flowers Are a Language
Pairings: Kilbo (this part);[Overall Pairing]Consensual Azog/Fíli, Smaug/Kíli/Bilbo
Rating: NSFW, no real warnings
Word Count: 4355 (8205 total so far)
Disclaimer: If I owned the hobbit no one would die
Summary: Fíli and Kíli are soul-mates, but have different names over their hearts.

In Which Mahal Makes a Choice
In Which Soulmates Are Not Lovers

Bilbo Baggins had always been a very strange hobbit, far too interested in learning about the world outside the Shire. Whenever the young lad went running off into the woods to practice path-finding or bought himself another book, the older hobbits in his village just shook their heads and sighed.

“It's all the fault of that mother of his,” they would mutter to themselves. “Bungo should have stopped her from leading their son astray.”

In one sense the hobbits were right to blame Belladonna Baggins for her son's strange behavior, but they could not have fathomed the true reason behind it because most hobbits put very little stock in the idea of fate. No busybody Valar was going to be mucking about with their lives, no sirree, and if such things cropped up among the Tooks once in awhile, well no one would ever admit to it. Respectable hobbits married for love or for family, nothing more.


So when Bilbo Baggins was born with dwarvish runes branded on his chest, his parents found themselves in a state of great confusion.

While his father, Bungo, did appreciate the wilder side of his wife, he had married her after all, this was not something that he was equipped to deal with and he rather hoped that they would never speak of it again. A foolish hope, for one look at his spouse and Bungo knew that Belladonna Took was having none of that.

“Don't be foolish, love,” She told her husband as they looked down upon their sleeping child. “I'm not saying that he has to marry this dwarf, though some of them are perfectly lovely folk. But we at least have to let him choose for himself and if he's going to make an good choice then he has to know exactly what he's getting into.”

Bungo just sighed in response because he knew that she was right and so Bilbo Baggins was raised using two sets of customs and cultures instead of only one.

His father taught him all the hobbitish ways: the importance of a good pipe and a fine meal, the various languages of their little corner of Middle Earth, how to whittle and how to bargain, and a love of green and growing things.

In contrast, Belladonna searched throughout the West for books and teachers and passed on all she could find about dwarvish languages, their beliefs and the skills that they admired. Dwarves had always been a secretive race and there was little enough of such information, so his mother also gave him a love of adventure, her curiosity about what lay over the next horizon, and her proficiency with slingshots. Belladonna showed her son how to bring down a rabbit at fifty paces, how to ride a pony and how to crochet, because some things were a mother's prerogative.

Then, as Bilbo neared adulthood, his parents sat him down and explained the runes upon his skin along with the reasons why they had raised him in this manner. Although they were very clear that he was free to make his own choices, Bilbo already knew what he desired. As long as he could remember there had been a pull upon his heart that drew him to the east, never painful but insistent, and he knew that he would never be happy without knowing who was on the other end.

So Bilbo meant to leave after he gained his majority, he meant to follow the tug upon his heart back to its source, and yet somehow he never did. There was always something else that needed to be done and with the death of his mother and father, the years just slipped between his fingers.

Until one day the hobbit woke up and realized that half his life was gone and he had never even left the Shire. With that realization Bilbo began to lose hope that he and his heart would ever be united, though he kept up with his studies just in case a dwarf should chance to happen by. However, even that dream eventually began to fade as he grew terrified that even if they met his heart would be disappointed, for what dwarf could love a middle-aged hobbit like him?

So when Gandalf the Grey walked back into his life and told him that he had changed for the worse, Bilbo could do naught but agree. The hobbit had changed for the worse and the wizard was not the first to wonder where that adventure-loving fauntling had gone.

He grew up. He grew up and found himself alone, Bilbo thought as he tried to block out Gandalf's tempting words and his offer of adventure. The wizard needed to leave so that the he could return to his quiet life in Bag End and keep denying that he'd ever dreamed of more. He might not be happy but he was content enough and the last thing he needed was some meddlesome magic-user digging up old wounds.

Yet even after Gandalf finally left, the hobbit was unsettled and restless, feeling as if there were an itch beneath his skin. There was a strange sense of anticipation in the air that Bilbo could not explain and when he opened the door to see a dwarf - the wrong dwarf - standing on his porch, the runes on his heart pulsed with disappointment.

Which is crazy; all this talk of adventure has addled your brain. It's only a tattoo, even if it's Valar-sent, and it's not trying to tell you anything. Bilbo thought furiously to himself, but the hobbit could have sworn he felt a grumble of dissatisfaction when he opened the door again and Balin greeted Dwalin in his kitchen. This is it, I've finally cracked. Everyone always said that I'd go mad one day and what other explanation is there for the dwarves in my house and the hope in my heart?

However, when the bell rang a third time the hobbit couldn't stop the flutter in his chest and his protests caught in his throat at the sight that met his eyes. There were two dwarves standing in his doorway, he was pretty sure of that, but all he could see was the one staring at him as if all his dreams had just come true.

“It's you,” Bilbo whispered when he met Kíli's gaze and then he fainted, for the shock was simply too much for him to bear.


Kíli was overjoyed, and he would be even happier once his hobbit finally woke up. He knew that he was grinning like a lunatic but he really didn't care, even though he could see his brother laughing at him from the corner of his eye.

'Oh shut it, you.' Kíli responded, hovering over Bilbo where he lay passed out on the bed. The dwarf had carried the hobbit into the bedroom after he had collapsed into his arms, leaving Balin to sort out the rest of their company, and they could hear the commotion from three rooms away.

However, Kíli had far more important things than his uncle's quest on his mind right now so he just sat on the edge of the bed and stared down at Bilbo in fascination.

'Look how small he is, and totally adorable,' he gushed to his brother while Fíli simply rolled his eyes.

'You're going to be insufferable aren't you. One of those couples that are so sweet they make your teeth ache. But how did it feel anyway, to meet your kurdulganaz?'

Kíli thought for a moment, trying to figure out how he could explain. 'It's coming home. Like how you're the other half of my being, except that this time it was our karûd joining back together and I do want to ravish him as well. So don't worry brother,' he continued, clapping Fíli on the back. 'Your orc is going to take one look at you and fall head over heels.'

'That's comforting, I think,'
Fíli responded wryly as his brother laughed.

'Hey, if he doesn't I'll be there to smack some sense into his head. And I'm sure Bilbo Boggins here will be there to help me out. I'm not leaving him behind now.'

'Baggins, Kíli, it's Baggins,'
Fíli sighed before adding pessimistically. 'And I don't know, he didn't seem all that happy to see you. Maybe he passed out because he was so horrified at being bonded to a dwarf.'

'Don't say that!'
Kíli turned to him with anxious eyes. 'He has to like me even if I did get his name wrong. I mean I still feel a faint tug but that's probably because we haven't consummated it yet or something. Oh my lord, what if he refuses to come along? Uncle will kill me if I tell him we're staying here so I can woo a hobbit.'

'Easy, easy. Everything will be fine,'
The other dwarf was quick to put aside his doubts and reassure his brother when he felt him start to panic. However, Kíli remained twitchy until Bilbo finally opened his eyes and gave him a brilliant smile.

“Oh good, you're not a dream.” It was a valid concern because the hobbit had woken disappointed from many fantasies about how he'd meet his heart, though most were somewhat grander than reality. Yet, looking at the dwarf now Bilbo was sure that no dream could ever measure up to having Kíli standing there before him, not when he could feel the other's hope and wonder through the bond.

All his fears of disapproval slipped away with that sensation, and the hobbit held out his arms to Kíli without thought, wanting to hold the other to prove he would not disappear. When the dwarf felt that desire, the last of his anxiousness also vanished and he was soon curled around Bilbo, chin resting on the halfling's shoulder and radiating contentment while his brother watched them fondly.

“So do you have a mark as well?” Fíli asked curiously. “I've always wondered how other races did such things.”

“Oh, well hobbits normally don't have anything at all- most of us don't think much of the Valar interfering in our lives, and fall in love on our own instead. But I was born with this,” Bilbo pulled his robe aside to reveal the brand upon his chest and Kíli traced it with reverent fingers.

“Those are my name runes, just like the ones in Mahal's blessing. You would have been much easier to find if my sign looked like that.”

Of course, then the dwarves had to tell Bilbo what exactly Mahal's blessing was and how the bonds of umùrâdulganaz usually worked among their people. The hobbit listened in fascination to Kíli's explanation, somewhat amazed that dwarves so easily considered these relationships a way of life. He had known that they were loyal to their partners from his mother's teachings but such intimate details of their culture had never been shared with outsiders.

A proper hobbit would probably be horrified, Bilbo thought, knowing that his neighbors would never have accepted how the umùrâdulganaz ignored all of their taboos. However, with Kíli curled warm around him the halfling could only be grateful for this acceptance, because it meant that no one could deny the feeling in his heart. Although this sense of security was challenged slightly when the brothers showed him the names upon their wrist.

“What? But I thought we were...?” Bilbo's voice was mournful and he stiffened in Kíli's arms, but the other just held him tighter as he rapidly explained.

“It's all right, we are. My brother and I have never been normal. Fíli is my umùradulganaz and I love him dearly, but unlike the rest, our bond has always been platonic and we seem to have karûdulganaz as well. Look.”

At Kíli's urging, Fíli revealed his hidden brand and Bilbo looked at the harsh lines with interest as the dwarf continued. “Neither of our blessings are written in languages we can read, which is why I didn't find you sooner, but while we don't know whom it names, Fíli's is in orcish.”

“Orcish?” Bilbo could not deny that this surprised him and the brothers watched him with worried eyes, afraid he would freak out. In truth the hobbit almost did, but he could feel his dwarf's uncertainty pulsing through their bond and he could not bear to lose Kíli over this. Who am I to judge another's romance when I've been waiting fifty years to run off with a dwarf, a very nearly adolescent dwarf at that?

With this thought in mind, Bilbo reminded himself firmly that the brothers' umùrâd were bound together, and so he could hardly love Kíli without accepting Fíli as well. Thus, his voice was only slightly doubtful when he spoke again. “Well, if your bond feels anything like ours, your orc will be overjoyed to meet you. Though I can't imagine that will go over very well with your family, so, uh, good luck?”

His reward was Kíli's brilliant grin and a rush of love across their link as the dwarf smirked at his brother. “See, that's just what I told him. And once we convince the orc, the rest will work out eventually because Mahal's blessing can't be challenged. So now that you've seen his, my mark is this, which somehow leads to you.”

He unlaced his shirt and the hobbit felt his breath catch when Kíli uncovered the brilliantly colored tattoo of flaming blossoms on his chest.

“Oh that's beautiful,” Bilbo whispered, before looking closer and realizing exactly what it said. “That's the old flower language, I haven't seen that in ages. Hobbits used it for courting in the past, only no one really practices those traditions anymore. I only know it because of my mother, but here's one of the flowers that represents love and there's fidelity and joy, and if you looked at their names in Hobbitish you'd find Bilbo there.”

Kíli looked at his kurdulganaz in delight as his blessing was finally translated, although his joy dimmed slightly when the hobbit added, “I don't know about the flames though, that's no Shire art.”

“You must just have two karûdulganaz, Bilbo and another.” Fíli interjected, speaking aloud for the halfling's sake. “I've wondered about the fire before but the only one who ever came to mind was Smaug so I let it be.”

“Don't even joke about that!” Kíli replied, pulling the hobbit closer and Bilbo wondered at his distress. Who the heck is Smaug?

“Am I joking? I'm bonded to an orc, I certainly wouldn't put it past Mahal to bind you to a dragon.” Fíli retorted. A dragon! Seriously?

“Okay, fair enough.” Kíli sighed and then turned to look back at Bilbo, pleading in his eyes. “I'm sorry. I know this probably wasn't what you were expecting. If you don't want me I'll understand.”

“My mother always used to say that the whole point of an adventure was that you never knew what you were going to get.” Bilbo mused aloud, trying to come to terms with these new revelations. “And you're attractive, and funny, and I'm pretty sure letting you leave would be like cutting out my own heart...So if you really want to tie yourself to a chubby, middle-aged hobbit, then I guess I'm yours, even if I might have to share with a dragon.”

At his words, the brothers shot him twin grins and helped him stand, Kíli chattering away about all the adventures they would have. Bilbo still wasn't sure exactly where they were off to, but right now he couldn't be bothered to care. He was finally going to see the world just like he'd always dreamed, except that this time his heart would be there at his side.

When the two dwarves introduced him to the rest of their companions, the hobbit could tell that their leader was not exactly impressed with his skills, and it was true that he'd let things slide in recent years. However, Bilbo was sure that he would be back in practice soon enough, and with the hobbit firmly on board it wasn't long before all the i's were dotted and all the t's were crossed.

With their business completed, most of the company left Bag End to return to their own lodgings, filing out the door one by one until only Fíli and Kíli were still standing in the hall. Then Fíli gave his brother and the hobbit a wide grin, waving goodbye as he walked down the steps and called out with a laugh. “Have fun you two. Just remember that we'll be riding in the morning.”

What is he talking about? Bilbo frowned in confusion at first but then Kíli looked at him with desire in his eyes and the hobbit blushed furiously as he understood. He could feel the other's hunger coursing through their bond and heat filled him as Kíli backed him up against the wall.

“I was thinking,” The dwarf said with a sultry smile, “Seeing as we probably aren't going to see another proper bed for quite some time, we should take full advantage of yours tonight.”

Bilbo was struck speechless at the thought, voice lost in a maelstrom of embarrassment and furious desire, so he responded the only way that he could think of, grabbing Kíli's neck and pressing their lips together. His mouth was soft and warm and though the kiss started off chaste, it did not stay that way for long.

With a strangled moan, the dwarf pressed against Bilbo completely, the firm heat of his body enveloping the hobbit as he lost himself to the lust coiling within. There was nothing but the rasp of Kíli's stubble against his mouth, the sweetness of the hobbit's skin, and the dwarf's leg sliding securely between Bilbo's.

Kíli pulled away long just enough to mutter, “Love you,” before capturing the hobbit's lips again, entranced by the way Bilbo fit against him. If he had thought about it, the dwarf would have worried about the size difference, but now all he could feel was how perfect the other felt within his arms.

This is what I've been waiting for, Kíli thought as he lifted Bilbo higher, swallowing a moan when he felt the hobbit's hard length press more firmly against his thigh. He couldn't think, just rubbed against him frantically, both caught in a haze as the heat between them flared. Bilbo twisted in his arms, hooking a leg around Kíli's hip and trying to pull him closer. Pleasure took over his mind as he tried to relieve the fire in his veins, and he wanted more, more skin, more friction.

The hobbit could only moan helplessly as he ground down against the dwarf, and when Kíli sucked on the tip of his ear, Bilbo came unraveled. Sparks ignited within him at the sensation and he cried out harshly, hand scrabbling against the wall as he came. Kíli could feel the hobbit's pleasure surging back across the bond, and when it engulfed him, he gasped and fell.


Bilbo felt amazing, tired but blissed out, his skin tingling where the dwarf was slumped against him. Though he could have done without the mess in his trousers, he was feeling too giddy to mind it much, and he nudged Kíli gently to see if he was conscious.

“Wow, just wow,” the dwarf murmured, and Bilbo felt rather smug at the awestruck expression on his face. Though he half wanted to protest at the loss of warmth when Kíli pushed himself upright, the hobbit decided that it was acceptable if his heart kept looking at him with such gobsmacked delight. However, eventually the dwarf got his thoughts together and held out a hand to his kurdulganaz.

“As mind-blowing as that was, I think I mentioned something about a bed before we got distracted.” Kíli joked with a crooked grin.

“I do believe you're right,” the hobbit answered, taking his hand and leading him back down the hall. When they entered his bedroom, Bilbo kicked the door closed behind them and then asked with a smirk, “Shall we get you out of those wet clothes? I don't want you to catch cold.”

The dwarf gaped at the hobbit for a second before collapsing against him in laughter. “Oh Valar, that was terrible,” he gasped through his guffaws. “I think we're going to get along just fine.”

“Yes, I think we will. But I was serious about the clothes. You made me all sticky and gross.”

“Well, we can't have that, can we? ” Kíli's tone was teasing as he started untying Bilbo's robe, slipping it off the halfling's shoulders and tossing it aside. “How can I possibly make it up to you?”

The heat was back in the dwarf's voice and Bilbo blushed again, suddenly feeling self-conscious as the other ran his hands beneath his shirt and pulled it over his head. He knew that Kíli was hardly going to reject him now, but he still couldn't meet the dwarf's eyes as he stuttered. “I- I can think of a few things. Bu- But I've never done any of this before.”

“Never?” Kíli asked, surprised that such a cute hobbit had not had other lovers in the past. But when Bilbo just shook his head, and mumbled, “I was waiting for you,” the dwarf felt a surge of possessiveness. The hobbit was his, his lover, his kurdulganaz and Kíli would be the first and only one to touch him like this.

“I've been waiting for you too,” Kíli told him and when Bilbo looked up he smiled at him reassuringly. “So we'll just figure things out together.” Then his grin turned wicked as he slowly walked the hobbit over to the bed and sat him down. “However, uncle's talk was really thorough, and there's something that I've been dying to try.”

Bilbo squeaked in embarrassment as the dwarf tugged off his trousers, leaving him bare beneath the other's gaze. However, Kíli didn't seem to mind his lack of muscle and just ran his hands across the hobbit's skin with obvious enjoyment before kneeling between his legs.

The dwarf could feel Bilbo's confusion so he patted his thighs gently, eyes locked on the tantalizing sight before his eyes. Kíli supposed that by dwarven standards the hobbit's cock could be considered small, but it was proportionate to his stature and he thought that it looked perfect. Bilbo was only half hard after their earlier exertions but his length was swelling quickly under Kíli's admiring stare, jutting up proudly between his legs.

“Oh just do something already,” the hobbit cried out in exasperation when the dwarf didn't move, flushing again as Kíli met his eyes. He would have to do something about that self-consciousness eventually, but for the moment he thought that the way Bilbo's blush spread all down his body was simply adorable.

However, the dwarf decided to take pity on the hobbit, leaning forward and licking a wet stripe up his cock from base to tip. When Bilbo keened and fell back against the bed, Kíli did it again slower, savoring the salty taste upon his tongue. He teased his lover, stroking his length with one hand and thumbing lightly over the weeping tip while he sucked a mark into the skin of the hobbit's inner thigh. Then finally when he was shaking beneath his hands, Kíli took Bilbo's cock into his mouth, engulfing him completely.

“Fuck!” The hobbit cried out at the wet heat enveloping his length, unable to tear his eyes away from the sight of the the dwarf on his knees before him. Yup, just the right size, Kíli thought in satisfaction as he nuzzled at the hobbit's groin, breathing in the musk of his arousal.

He drew up slowly, swirling his tongue around the tip of Bilbo's cock before sliding back down again, and when the dwarf hummed in pleasure, the hobbit threw back his head and screamed. Kíli didn't let him catch his breath, just sucked harder as he bobbed his head, bringing one hand up to fondle Bilbo's balls while the other gripped his hip to hold him down.

Though it took supreme willpower, the dwarf left his own aching length alone, instead focusing on the emotions he could feel radiating from the hobbit. With their bond everything Bilbo felt was echoed back to Kíli and the dwarf used this knowledge to bring his lover to new heights.

Everything was sensation, just heat and pressure and the stroke of skin on skin and when he thought that he couldn't take anymore without dying, Kíli deep-throated the hobbit's length and hummed again. This time Bilbo screamed the dwarf's name as he came abruptly, spilling into the other's mouth and Kíli swallowed as much as he could before wiping off his lips.

“So is it my turn to touch you now?” Bilbo asked when he had finally caught his breath. He could see the dwarf's cock, dark and thick where it protruded from his pants and he found that he wanted it desperately. So he pulled Kíli up and kissed him again, sucking the remnants of his seed from his mouth while the hobbit's hands slid down the other's chest toward his goal.

“You can touch me whenever you want,” the dwarf promised fervently when they broke for air and the night passed quickly as the new couple loved and laughed for hours before the dawn.

When Bilbo woke up, warm and whole in Kíli's arms, he looked at the sleeping dwarf fondly and thought, Whatever fate brings, this is worth it. Indeed it was and despite the trials that were to come, the hobbit never had cause to change his mind.

In Which Defiling is Done

umùrad/umùrâd - soul/souls
kurdu/karûd - heart/hearts
umùradulganaz - soul of god's origin
karûdulganaz - hearts of god's origin

Tags: fic, humor, kilbo, mahal's blessing*, mid-series, nsfw, the hobbit
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