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Like a Long Forgotten Dream - Part II

Title: Like a Long Forgotten Dream
Pairings: Aragorn/Legolas, eventual Aragorn/Legolas/Gimli
Rating/Warnings: NSFW, minor dirty talk, DP
Word Count: 4819 (14639 total)
Disclaimer: If I owned it, the story would be crack
Summary: Fíli and Kíli are actually Legolas' time-traveling love children from the future. This changes everything.

Part I:

Legolas travels north at first, stopping in Mirkwood only long enough to pick up some supplies. The elf has always wanted to see more of the world and he hates that it took sorrow to finally make it happen even as he breathes easier with every mile between his elk and that bloodstained battlefield.

It takes Legolas over a month to reach Lothlórien, the prince deciding to visit his mother's kin after a bit of aimless wandering. Galadriel's wood is as beautiful as always. Some of these trees are as old as Legolas and the elf takes comfort from their strength. Lothlórien eases his pain but few there truly understand it and eventually Legolas moves on.

The elf travels south to the plains of Rohan, the endless rolling hills far different from the lands he used to know. However, the horse lords welcome Legolas into their halls despite their differences and he finds no fault in their hospitality. He drinks their ale, listens to their stories, and learns to navigate the plains by stars alone.

Yet no amount of mead can drown the prince's sorrow, not when the young king Thengel reminds him so sharply of the children that he lost. Kíli's enthusiasm combined with Fíli's mop of golden hair – just looking at him hurts – and eventually Legolas moves on again.

This time the elf goes west. He spends three months in Rivendell before continuing down the Great Eastern Road, stopping in to visit Bilbo Baggins' home in Hobbiton. His arrival causes quite a stir among the hobbits of the Shire and Bilbo tells Legolas that his neighbors will be gossiping about his elven visitor for at least a year.

“But that's all right,” the hobbit informs him cheerfully. “Most of them think I'm mad already and at least this will silence the ones who thought I made my journey up. The look on Lobelia's face was well worth the new round of chin-wagging that'll go around after this.”

Truthfully Bilbo seems to enjoy his new status as Mad Baggins of Bad End. He always has a store of candy to give the fauntlings who dare each other to sneak into his garden and his tales of danger and adventure grow more wild every time. Legolas is pretty sure that Bilbo didn't actually rescue his companions quite that often on their journey east. But the elf can't deny that the fauntlings' wide-eyed wonder is adorable and eventually he starts to offer his own additions here and there.

Indeed, a few months in the Shire does more to soothe the prince's spirit than all the time he spent with his own kindred in Lothlórien and Rivendell. Because every inch of Hobbiton is full of life – life, laughter, and hope for the future as tiny children scamper underfoot.

Legolas even considers visiting Ered Luin and searching out the place where Fíli and Kíli spent their stolen childhood. But the elf doesn't know if the city is still occupied and if it is, he can't quite face the prospect of meeting Dís again. The prince has encountered a few dwarves on the road and even that was almost too much for him to handle. Legolas couldn't stop wondering if one of them was the dwarf that he is supposed to fall in love with to complete the Valar's master plan.

So the elf thanks Bilbo for his hospitality and then heads north instead. He travels through the remains of ancient kingdoms lost to dust and in the farthest wilds, Legolas meets the Dúnedain. Rangers all, these men welcome the prince gladly for the skill that he brings with him and the elf is glad to have a purpose once again. He spends many moons with the Dúnedain, finding ease and friendship and finally something more.

Legolas falls into bed with one of the younger rangers almost by accident. Strider is young and handsome and quite enthusiastic, but it's his solid core of strength that draws the elf prince in. The man is utterly unflappable, his steadiness a comfort that Legolas didn't know he wanted until now.

Soon the pair is spending nearly all their time together, their relationship growing far beyond the simple relief of tension that it was when it began. Indeed, the years slip past one by one and when Strider finally admits that he's really Aragorn, son of Arathorn, and the heir of Isildur, Legolas is already head over heels in love.

Despite the ranger's secret, the elf prince is happier than he's been in decades, and it's not as though he's told his lover everything. He may have spilled his heart out to the man but he's never mentioned Fíli and Kíli or what they meant to him. Legolas can't bring himself to talk about his children and he justifies his silence easily enough. There's no reason to fill Aragorn's head with thoughts of the elf prince and some dwarf together. Although Legolas must sire Fíli and Kíli in the future to reconcile the timelines and the Valar's meddling, that could happen long after age claims Aragorn. Legolas would rather focus on the present because he truly loves the ranger and that's enough for now.

Indeed, when the elf has the urge to leave the Dúnedain and return to Mirkwood, there's never any question about his lover joining him. Aragorn simply packs his bag and falls into step with Legolas as though it's completely natural. And, indeed, it is.

With the ranger at his side, the elf finally feels strong enough to return to Erebor. After all, it's been decades since Legolas killed the dragon and he wants to see the kingdom that he fought for standing tall again.

So the pair rides south and east, their road taking them through the gap of Rohan and across the plains. Legolas considers traveling on to Gondor instead of turning north – he's not that eager to see his father and Gondor is the only major kingdom that he has yet to visit. But when the elf broaches the suggestion, his lover shakes his head.

“That's probably not a good idea,” the ranger tells him. “While I would like to see Minas Tirith someday, the steward would think that I've returned to take back the throne of Gondor and I don't want to be a king just yet.”

Aragorn has a point. Bringing Isildur's heir to Gondor is a diplomatic nightmare and neither of them wants to deal with the headache that would cause.

So the pair heads north to Mirkwood and to Erebor at last.

Legolas feels a sharp twinge when he crests the final hill and sees the Lonely Mountain rising from the plain. The dark trees of his home are a green smudge in the distance and the fires of Dale are burning in bright welcome to all weary travelers. The elf prince has to take a moment just to breathe as the idyllic scene clashes with bloody memory.

But the Battle of the Five Armies is long over and seeing the life that has been built upon its ashes eases a tension Legolas hadn't known that he still carried. He had fought and bled for Erebor with his children and now he knows the sacrifice hadn't been in vain.

Indeed, the elf finds himself smiling as he and Aragorn ride down into the valley. Legolas leads the ranger to the gates of the Lonely Mountain, his grin growing wider when his lover looks around in awe. He may not have built this kingdom but these dwarves are his kinsmen and he's proud of what they've made.

“Legolas Thranduilion and the ranger Strider,” the prince tells the gate guard. “We're seeking rooms for the evening and I'd like to talk to my father's representative as soon as she is free.”

Legolas has been keeping in touch with Tauriel throughout his travels, letters traded back and forth on feathered wings. So he knows that relations between Mirkwood and the Lonely Mountain are stronger than ever. The old animosities have fallen by the wayside and Tauriel was made Thranduil's permanent representative to Erebor several decades back. The captain was the closest to Thorin's family – barring Legolas – and watching over Kíli's people has helped to ease her loss. Although she and the archer never made it as far as formal promises, Tauriel had truly loved him and she misses him fiercely even now.

However, the elfine is all smiles when she flies out of the tunnels a few minutes later. She shouts Legolas' name and wraps her arms around him tightly, holding her old friend close.

“You're looking well,” Tauriel murmurs before turning to Aragorn and giving him the same treatment. “You must be Strider. Legolas here has told me so much about you and it's good to finally put a face to all the stories. I have to admit, I'm kind of jealous. My prince has always had good taste in men.”

Tauriel passes their mounts off to the stable-hands and then leads them into the mountain, pointing out everything that has changed since Legolas rode off.

“We've repaired the damage that Smaug caused and Thorin is never short on projects to improve his people's lives. He's still stern but he's tempered that with fairness and his subjects love him for it,” the elfine explains. “All three kingdoms have grown more prosperous now that trade has been rekindled and I swear that Thorin and your father have almost become friends. Thranduil actually smiled at him the last time he was here.”

“So there haven't been any problems?” Legolas asks.

“Just the usual,” Tauriel says with a shrug. “A few of the older dwarves still grumble but they're just blowing smoke. No one has actually tried to sabotage relations in several decades and most of the younger generation can see the benefits. These dwarves grew up seeing elves as allies and their minds won't change that easily. Which reminds me, you have to meet Gimli while you're here. He's off on patrol at the moment but he'd never forgive me if I skipped an introduction. How long are you two staying anyway? ”

“Honestly, we hadn't decided,” Legolas tells her, trading a glance with Aragorn. “I'd like to see my father at some point but there's no real hurry. We can probably stay for a few days at least.”

“Great. Then you can meet Gimli tomorrow. He's a huge fan of your skills. I think I've told him about the battle at least a dozen time.”

Legolas agrees readily enough, imagining some fresh-faced young dwarrow who has stars in his eyes. There's no harm in being nice before he and Aragorn move on and he wouldn't mind some extra time to catch up with Tauriel.

However, when the prince finally does meet Gimli, he isn't anything like the elf expected. This dwarf is a warrior through and through, with strong hands, broad shoulders, and a fiery full beard. He meets Legolas' gaze squarely, his expression respectful but not awed, and the elf feels a sharp curl of desire when Gimli holds out his hand.

“It's good to finally meet you,” the dwarf says, his voice a low rumble that strokes across the prince's skin. “My father and his companions speak of you very highly.”

“Your father?” Legolas asks.

“Glóin son of Groin,” Gimli explains with a quick flash of grin. “He and the others always talk about the prince of Mirkwood and how you came to aid them on their quest. He says you fought like a demon on the battlefield.”

“I assure you, it wasn't nearly that impressive,” the elf replies. “But it will be good to see your father and his friends again.”

He's holding onto Gimli's hand too long, the handshake lingering far past propriety. Legolas doesn't need this. One dwarf shouldn't affect his nerves so strongly, not even one who looks strong enough to manhandle him without any difficulty.

So the elf prince makes himself let go, unable to stop a shiver when Gimli's calluses stroke across his skin. He pulls himself together while Tauriel introduces the dwarf to Aragorn and he can only hope his lover didn't notice. It's not as though Legolas plans to act on his attraction anyway. Elves may have learned to share over their long millennia but humans tend to hold their beloveds tightly and he would never do anything that might hurt Aragorn.

Thankfully the ranger seems oblivious to the elf's internal struggle, greeting Gimli with no sign of jealousy. The two of them chat easily as the group walks to breakfast and the reunion with Thorin's company serves to distract Legolas quite well.

It really is good to see the dwarves; although the prince had been closest to Fíli and Kíli, he had gotten to know the rest of Thorin’s companions during their time in Mirkwood and Legolas is glad to know that they are prospering. So he promises to visit Bombur’s family and Bifur’s sister as soon as possible and then makes the appropriate noises over a throng of dwarrowlings. The elf allows Ori and Balin to drag him off to the library and Dwalin to the smithy, his smile almost wide enough to hurt as the chaos of a living kingdom washes over him.

Somehow one day turns to two and then a week and Legolas never does make it back to Mirkwood like he planned. Instead, he and Aragorn assist their friends with whatever project needs extra hands, hunting and translating and even watching the children now and then. The latter makes the prince's heart ache for what he missed with Fíli and Kíli, and his longing isn’t helped by the fact that Gimli seems to be there every time he turns around. Never without reason but the dwarf’s presence is still a constant disruption to the elf's serenity.

Legolas almost wants to hate Gimli but the more the prince learns about him, the more attractive he becomes. Because the dwarrow is honorable as well as strong, intelligent and skillful with his hands, and if not for Aragorn, Legolas probably would have made an offer days ago.

But he does have Aragorn. Indeed, Gimli and the ranger have become good friends now and seeing them together makes Legolas' heart twist painfully. Because he wants the family that could have been and will be in the future and he could see himself creating that home with Gimli later on. He could see himself loving Gimli enough to give his children life but losing Aragorn in trade would be untenable.

So the elf finds himself torn between two options. The lover that he has versus the lover that could be and he honestly doesn't know what he will choose.


Aragorn and Legolas have spent almost a month in Erebor when the ranger pulls him aside one morning on their way to a meeting with Gimli and Tauriel. The elf assumes his lover is looking for a quickie and he's more than happy to oblige. He wants Aragorn to shove him against the wall and ride him hard, only the slick from this morning’s tumble to ease his lover’s way. Legolas wants that ache and those bruises to remind him where he belongs.

But when he moves to kiss his lover, Aragorn stops him cold.

“We need to talk about Gimli,” the ranger says and Legolas will forever deny that his voice cracks when he replies.

“What about Gimli?” the elf asks. “We are friends and things are fine.”

Legolas thinks he sounds convincing but Aragorn just shakes his head.

“Right, you’re fine. Except for the part where both of you are pining so hard that even Thorin noticed,” the ranger tells him with a sigh. “The King Under the Mountain just told me not to break his kinsman's heart and I'd rather not have another talk like that again.”

“I-” the elf starts before falling silent. He can’t outright lie to Aragorn, he won’t, and his voice is small when he replies, “What do you want to do about it?”

Legolas’ heart is beating like a trapped bird inside his chest. He doesn’t want to lose the ranger but if his lover decides to leave him then the prince won’t argue. He doesn't think he has the right.

But instead of breaking the elf’s heart, the ranger simply shrugs. “I want to invite him to our bed, of course. There’s no reason to make both of you miserable when I'm prepared to share. In fact, I think I'd like to watch once, maybe even join you if Gimli doesn't mind.”

Legolas can only gape, completely blindsided by his lover's careless offer. He opens and closes his mouth, trying to find the words to say thank you properly. Eventually, the prince just throws himself at Aragorn, wrapping his arms around the ranger and kissing him thoroughly.

“So I guess you like that option,” the man smirks when they finally stop for air.

“Yes. Fuck, yes,” Legolas replies before kissing Aragorn again.

One thing leads to another and soon his lover is pounding into him just like he'd imagined. The ranger presses Legolas into the wall, his hands tight around the prince's waist and his cock shoving deep. If anyone happens to be passing by, the elf knows they'll hear his begging but he's too far gone to care. He just throws back his head and moans as his lover shatters him to pieces and by the time they've finished, Legolas is twenty minutes late for his meeting with Gimli and Tauriel.

The elf and his ranger clean up quickly and then stumble into the meeting room, their grins sheepish and the reason for their delay quite obvious. Tauriel simply shakes her head in exasperation but Gimli's expression flickers for a moment, his face falling just enough to give the elf prince hope. If the dwarf cares enough to be jealous of Legolas and Aragorn then maybe he cares enough to accept their offer now.

So the prince grabs Gimli by the arm and pulls him from the table with an airy, “Sorry, Tauriel. The three of us need to have a quick conversation. We'll catch up later on.”

Legolas and Aragorn lead the dwarf back to their rooms without answering his questions. This isn't a conversation to have out in the hall. The elf ushers Gimli into the bedroom, sitting him down on the edge of the bed while his lover locks the door behind them and then moves to stand by Legolas.

“Well? What is it?” Gimli asks when the other two don't speak. “As much as I like your company, I do have other business and I know you do as well.”

“The mountain isn't going to implode in the next few hours and we need to talk to you,” Legolas tells Gimli, figuring that he might as well just say it plain. “Here's the thing... I really like you. I like you and I want you and we're both think you feel the same.”

“I don't... I wouldn't...” the dwarf says with a glance at Aragorn. “I would never...”

“It's okay,” Legolas reassures him. “We're not angry. In fact, he's okay with sharing.”

“More than okay if I can join you,” the ranger adds with a quick grin.

“So really, the only question is how you want us? If you want us,” the elf amends somewhat grudgingly.

“You're serious?” Gimli asks, looking back and forth between Legolas and Aragorn in disbelief.


“Then the answer to your question is: yes, now, and here,” the dwarf says firmly. “I want you in my lap this instant; I want to fuck you open on my cock while Strider takes you from behind. Do you think that you can handle both of us?”

“Oh, yes,” Legolas groans. He grabs Gimli by the beard and surges forward to kiss him, practically falling into the dwarf's lap. But Gimli catches him, large hands holding the elf steady as they devour each other's mouths. Legolas is already hard, weeks of pent-up desire driving him into a frenzy, and he groans when the dwarf's length rubs against his ass.

Then there are two sets of hands slipping beneath his tunic, one new and one achingly familiar. Gimli's palms are rough as he strokes down the elf's chest and Aragorn pulls off his lover's shirt in one quick move. The ranger plasters himself against the prince's back, pushing him into Gimli's chest as he presses soft kisses to his neck.

Then Aragorn leans over Legolas' shoulder and kisses the dwarf fiercely. The sight is riveting, these two warriors moving together while he watches; he hardly even notices when Aragorn slips his hand between their bodies. The ranger undoes Gimli's laces first and then the elf's, Legolas letting out a moan when their cocks bob free. Gimli is shorter but thicker than Aragorn and the prince is nearly overwhelmed by another rush of heat. There will be time for exploration later; he needs that dick inside him now.

So Legolas rises up on his knees and shoves his trousers down his thighs. He shivers when Gimli presses two blunt fingers against his entrance but he's still slick from earlier and they breach him easily.

“Oh, you are a cock-slut, aren't you?” the dwarf murmurs against his neck, the tone fond and almost wondering. Gimli pulls his fingers out and shifts Legolas into position so that the blunt head of his cock nudges the elf's entrance. He's large, large enough that Legolas can feel the stretch as he sinks down slowly, the dwarf's length pressing him open inch by inch.

The elf moans when Gimli is fully seated, throwing his head back on Aragorn's shoulder and kissing him heatedly. The ranger fucks his mouth as he waits for his body to adjust, his hips shifting helplessly. Legolas is almost ready to move when Gimli wraps a loose hand around his cock, his groan filling the room as Aragorn sucks a mark into his neck. One of the ranger's hands is still tangled in the dwarf's hair but the other travels lower. He strokes his lover's ass, tracing the elf's rim where he's stretched around Gimli's shaft.

Aragorn teases both his lovers until they're shaking and then slips one slick fingers inside of Legolas. The elf gasps, his voice cracking as the man stretches him open wider, his fingers moving slowly alongside of Gimli's cock.

The dwarf's hands are gripping the prince's hips, probably leaving bruises as he struggles for control. Legolas is so tight around him, hot and slick and desperate in his arms. He squeezes Gimli even tighter when Aragorn adds another finger, working the elf open until he just begs for more.

When the ranger finally pulls out, Legolas can't help but whimper; he was so full, so wonderfully full and he wants that back again. But then Aragorn's cock nudges at his entrance, catching on the rim as he starts to push inside. It's almost too much, the elf's body torn between surrender and resistance despite his lover's preparation, and he's grateful to have Gimli's strength supporting him. Indeed, the elf's world narrows down to the pleasure and the burn when Aragorn snaps his hips, his cock touching all the places that Gimli's length had missed.

“Look at you,” the dwarf moans, calloused hands stroking over Legolas' hips and chest while Aragorn murmurs endearments against his hair. The ranger calls him beautiful, calls him loved and treasured and so fucking gorgeous, and then he starts to move.

Aragorn's first thrust drives Legolas up onto his knees and when he withdraws, gravity slams the elf back onto Gimli. It only takes a moment for them to fall into a rhythm, alternating strokes so that Legolas is never empty in a slick slide of flesh and heat. Pleasure builds within him, filling his whole body until he's lit from head to toe, drowning in desire as his lovers push him to the brink.

The elf doesn't last long; he can't when he's stretched so beautifully. One particularly sharp thrust sends Legolas over the edge, his back arching sharply as he falls into bliss. Aragorn loses control only a few seconds later, pressing his face into his lover's shoulder as heat paints his inner walls. Then the ranger's cock slips out, seed dripping down the prince's thighs while Gimli just keeps pounding into him.

The elf is more sensitive now, every thrust scorching fire through his veins, and he won't be able to stand much more of this. But Legolas wants to feel Gimli's release; he wants the dwarf to claim him just like Aragorn.

“Come on, fill me up,” he urges, meeting Gimli's next stroke as best he can. “I want your seed mixing there inside me so that I'm still wet tomorrow; wet and aching so I feel it every time I move.”

The dwarf growls low in his throat and then pulls out, spinning Legolas onto his back before slamming home again. His control is fraying quickly and the bed knocks against the wall as Gimli sets a brutal place. But the elf just locks his legs around his lover and holds on for dear life, giving himself over to sensation until Gimli finally finds his release. His hips pump as he comes inside of Legolas, the elf slick and filthy with his seed. Indeed, he's stretched wide just like he wanted and he moans with loss when the dwarf slides out again.

Legolas aches with emptiness, the sudden change too much to bear. But then Aragorn is there beside him, four fingers shoving deep. The ranger is gentle but persistent, folding his thumb down and pushing as the elf just sucks him in.

He can feel every ridge on his lover's hand when Aragorn makes a fist inside him and somehow he's hard again. It burns and it hurts and it's perfect, his body stretched wide and gaping around his lover's wrist. Then the man starts to thrust and Legolas is gone, mindless with the pleasure of being fucked so deep. Only Gimli's strong hands on his shoulders keep him from writhing off the bed, holding him still so that the ranger doesn't hurt him now.

Even the burn is pleasure as his lover's fist strokes into him and when the ranger grinds against that sweet spot deep inside him, the prince's world goes white.


Legolas comes back to himself slowly, not truly unconscious but drifting pleasantly. He's lying on his back with Gimli on one side and Aragorn on the other, and the elf is struck by a sudden surge of affection for them both. These are the people that he wants to spend his life with and if he's going to have children, these are the people that he wants to have them with.

He wants Gimli and Aragorn to be his family, strange though it may be, and he loves them both so much. Legolas can't deny the feeling, not when the emotion is a blaze inside his chest.

Indeed, the elf prince can almost see his children. He can see their fathers in those familiar features and the truth of their parentage now seems so obvious. Legolas can see Fíli and Kíli as babies – one dark, the other fair- and then the images begin to age before his eyes, passing through the years to reveal the dwarves that he had known. Well, perhaps not dwarves exactly, and this does explain several things about Kíli's lack of beard.

However, his sons are perfect to him no matter what they look like. They are strong and brave and as clever as any parent could desire and he's so very proud of them. The elf wishes he could tell them; he wishes he could hold them and their hair is soft beneath his fingers when he reaches out.

I can feel it, Legolas realizes with a start. The elf prince sits up gasping as the warmth inside his chest suddenly grows hotter. He clutches at his heart, fingers digging sharp into his skin, before a blinding flash of light fills every corner of the room.

“What was that?” Aragorn exclaims as he shoots upright and Gimli reaches for his axe on the prince's other side.

But Legolas ignores his lovers' questions as he scrambles off the bed. The elf already knows what he's going to find but his heart still leaps at the sight of Fíli and Kíli lying unconscious on his floor. Because that light was the Valar setting right their timeline. That was his children coming home again.


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