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Mahal's Blessing (Chapter 3)

Title: Mahal's Blessing
Chapter 3: In Which Defiling is Done
Pairings: Azog/Fíli, background Kílbo (this part);[Overall Pairings]Azog/Fíli, Smaug/Kíli/Bilbo
Rating/Warnings: very NSFW; includes rough sex, rimming, some blood/pain/size kink, possessiveness
Word Count: 5854 (14,059 total so far)
Disclaimer: If I owned the hobbit there would be more sex
Summary: Fíli and Kíli are soul-mates, but have different names over their hearts.

In Which Mahal Makes a Choice
In Which Soulmates Are Not Lovers
In Which Flowers Are a Language

Fíli had been right and the hobbit and his brother were one of those disgustingly sweet couples, the kind that made him want to roll his eyes. But at the moment he'd give anything to be watching them coo nonsense at each other while he reassured the rest of the company that he really didn't mind, instead of racing down a mountainside with a warg pack on their tail.

Unfortunately, dwarves were built for endurance not for speed and when Fíli looked back he could see that the creatures were gaining on them rapidly. The others must have seen this too for he heard Gandalf yell at them to climb and the dwarf swore that the wargs snapped at his heels as he leaped into the trees. Fíli could feel that Kíli and Bilbo were safe and when he looked around, he was relieved to see that the rest of the company was accounted for as well, though the dwarf knew that they were not out of danger yet.

However, danger was suddenly the last thing on Fíli's mind when there was a commotion among their enemies and an orc rode into view on a warg as white as fallen snow. He was enormous and pale and he sneered down at the trapped dwarves with the utmost contempt in his eyes.

When his uncle saw the orc, Thorin whispered, “Azog?” and his shocked gasp was mirrored by Fíli's own surprise. For at the sight, the mark on the dwarf's chest began burning fiercely and his kurdu cried out fiercely for its mate. He felt both exalted and horrified as he recognized the sensation and the two sides of him warred within his heart.

On one hand, this was Azog the Defiler, who had vowed to kill his family and murdered his great-grandfather, and the proper dwarf within him shied violently away. But the orc was also his kurdulganaz, and Fíli knew in his bones that it must be him or no one.

'Brother?' Kíli asked worriedly, feeling his distress.

'It's him,' Fíli replied, gesturing helplessly at the orc who stood before them. His brother made a startled noise next to him and the dwarf knew that he needed to make his decision soon as Azog muttered something about the scent of fear. At least I managed to learn orcish, he thought, fighting the urge to giggle hysterically.

By then Kíli had recovered from his shock and Fíli went on somewhat desperately. 'We could just pretend that this never happened. Treat him as our enemy and never speak of it again. It would be easier for everyone and we wouldn't have to explain this mess to uncle.

At these words, his brother's eyes narrowed and Kíli looked at him sharply. 'Is that actually what you want?'

'I- It would be easier.'

'Fíli, that isn't what I asked and you know it.' Kíli laid a hand on his arm and continued gently. 'I know you're panicking and I probably would too, but easier isn't always better. So tell me brother, do you want him?'

Kíli always knew how to cut straight to the heart of a matter, and Mahal have mercy but Fíli did want Azog, more than anything. When he finally admitted this, his brother grinned at him brightly, all smiles once again. 'That's what I thought. So let's go get him for you.' Kíli declared and started climbing out of the tree.

Fíli stared at him in surprise but what could he do other than follow his crazy optimistic umùradulganaz, so sure that together they could accomplish the impossible. Of course Kíli had always been right before, and the dwarf took heart from his brother's courage while he prepared for the most important conversation of his life.

As the pair strode forward and passed Bilbo's perch, the hobbit hissed down at them, “What the blazes are you two doing? You're going to get yourselves killed.”

“That's Fíli's orc,” his brother replied with a shrug and on hearing this Bilbo sighed and climbed down to join them.

“I suppose we might as well all die together if this all goes horribly wrong,” the hobbit muttered as he walked to Kíli's side, and despite the pessimism, Fíli was glad for the extra support. Everyone else had frozen in shock at their audacity, so the trio passed unmolested to stand before their enemies. Then Fíli braced himself, holding tight to his brother's shoulder, and finally met the Defiler's eyes.


Azog had been having a fantastic day, ever since his scouts had brought him news of Thorin Oakenshield's location. The dwarf had escaped his grasp for far too long, but not this time. No, this time Azog would finally have the chance to take his revenge, to rip Thorin apart and feed him to his wargs.

The thrill of the chase had the orc's blood up and he grinned toothily when he saw that his prey had nowhere left to run. Azog breathed in deep and the scent of fear wafting off the trapped dwarves was glorious, though there was also another smell beneath it that made his skin flush hot. But he shoved that from his mind to focus on the joy of taunting Thorin, and the orc was about to order his enemies' death when two dwarves did the unthinkable and climbed down from the trees.

This brought Azog up short and he watched in confusion as another joined them, for this was not the plan. Unlike the rest of their company, the trio did not reek of fear, instead the orc found that the tantalizing scent he had noticed earlier grew stronger as they moved closer to his pack. Finally the dwarves stopped at the feet of his warg, and the blond one looked up and met Azog's eyes.

His world shifted. Suddenly nothing was more important than the one standing before him, not even his revenge. All the orc wanted was to take the dwarf in his arms, to slaughter his enemies and lay their corpses in supplication at his feet, but he was Azog the fucking Defiler, and he knelt to no one.

So he shoved those urges aside and plastered his best snarl on his face, taking some enjoyment from the fact that the dwarf looked as shaken as he felt.

“Have you come to die little dwarves? Have you come to meet your doom?” The orc growled down at them, but all three stood firm beneath his gaze, though the smallest flinched back slightly. Then to Azog's eternal astonishment, the blond stepped forward and began to speak in orcish, heavily accented but orcish nonetheless.

“No, we have not. I am Fíli, undag Jíli and I am here to claim what is mine.”

“And what might that be?” Azog asked, unwillingly impressed by the dwarf's nerve.

Fíli stared him straight in the eye and said, “You. I come for you.” The orc's pack started laughing at these words, but Azog knew that the other was not joking and he clamped down tightly on the sense of rightness that swelled within him.

“And what makes you think that I am yours?” He asked softly, refusing to be the first to break.

“You bear my name upon your heart just as Aulë has willed it.” He knows my mark? How? That brand appeared 82 years ago, long after I last fought a dwarf and let my prey survive. Azog's eyes widened but Fíli was not finished.

“Either prove me right or kill me now, because I bear your name as well.” The dwarf pulled his shirt aside to show the tattoo upon his chest and Azog felt a wave of hunger wash over him at the sight of his symbol branded on the other's skin. Mine. Mine for all the world to see.

Azog was a blade's edge from just claiming what was his right then and there when everyone else decided that it was time to get involved. His pack, simple fools that they were, started asking why the orc had tattooed his name upon a dwarf and he heard his lead scout mutter that he must have finally cracked. However, before Azog could deal with this insubordination, he was distracted by the vocal protests of Thorin Oakenshield himself.

“What is going on here? And when the hell did you learn orcish?” The dwarf growled as he stalked towards Fíli, only to be blocked by the two who had been standing at his side.

“You cannot interfere, Thorin. This discussion is between the two of them alone.”

“What discussion? You should be cutting him down not having a bleeding conversation,” Thorin roared at the younger dwarf. “That's Azog the Defiler, the greatest enemy of our line. He killed your great-grandfather!”

“When he attacked my people,” Azog growled, never one to let such insult slide.

“You stole our kingdom!”

“You abandoned it! And then Thrór thought that he could just waltz in and demand it back. He started that war and he deserved his fate; I only wish that I had made him pay more dearly for the blood he spilled.”

As Azog paused to take a breath, Fíli's dark-haired companion interjected himself into the conversation, trying to stop their argument before it got out of hand. He pushed Thorin back and told him fiercely. “It doesn't matter, Mahal's blessing binds them and you may not interfere.”

“No! This cannot be.” With every word, Thorin's voice grew louder and the orc was distracted from his anger by the horror on the dwarf's face. “You are already bound to each other and our Creator would never have tied Fíli to such a beast.”

But the other dwarf just shook his head. “I know this will appall you, but we have always had a different path to take. Fíli and I are umùrâdulganaz, yes, but our karûd are tied to others, and Mahal does not seem to care what you desire. Show him, brother.”

Fíli turned toward his leader and when Thorin saw the mark upon his chest, his eyes bulged and he turned scarlet as he choked on his own rage. However, the blond dwarf just looked at him apologetically and shrugged.

“Sorry, uncle. But Kíli speaks the truth. Mahal bound me to Azog as truly as any bond between our people and I will not deny him. Perhaps it is time for this feud of yours to end.”

“Uncle?” Azog was not expecting that.

“Yes, does that matter?” His dwarf looked back at him and the orc stopped for a moment as he truly considered the question. Did it matter? Could he really accept this strange bond between them? Could he live knowing that some Valar had decided where his eye should fall?

The thought of anyone messing with his fate made Azog furious, but he was not sure that he could deny the connection forever, or even that he wanted to. He knew that acknowledging it meant that he would have to leave behind his people, for no orc pack would accept him bringing prey into their midst, and Azog rather doubted that dwarves would treat them fairly.

However, he needed no one's approval to live his life and as the orc stared at Thorin's apoplectic face he realized that taking what he wanted would be the best revenge of all. Nothing would please him more than watching the dwarf choke on the knowledge that his nephew was mated to an orc, and he would choke, because Azog had no intention of being subtle.

So the orc unhooked the top section of his armor and bared the dwarvish runes for everyone to see. At the sight, Fíli's eyes shone with a fierce exultation and Azog's world narrowed at the heat in the dwarf's gaze.

“You are mine then. Will you join me in my war?”

The orc had never expected to hear those words, for there were none among even his people who would have dared to woo the Defiler. Just this tiny dwarf, who had faced him without fear and offered him courtship in the language of his birth, and Azog answered with a feral joy growing in his chest. “I will battle at your side until there are none who dare oppose us and we will mate within a house built from the dead. Will you fight all challengers who think to claim your place?”

“They will bleed beneath my feet until there are none who do not recognize that you are mine alone. Mine until I choose to grant you death.”

“Yes, oh yesss. I look forward to that day and I will meet your blades with all the fury they deserve.” That will be a day worth living for.

Kíli's orcish was rustier than his brother's and the conversation did not sound particularly romantic, but given the way Azog and Fíli were staring at each other, he figured those might as well be vows. So the dwarf turned to the meet the shocked stares and questions of their company and glared them into silence.

“This is Mahal's will and if you have any complaints you can take them up with him, because I do not want to hear it. You cannot deny their bond without breaking the central tenet of our people and if you hurt my brother over this, I will rip out your hearts and feed them to you. Have I made myself clear?”

Though Thorin sputtered angrily and most of the others looked uncomfortable, beneath Kíli's threats they could do nothing but agree. His warning was reinforced when there was a shriek of pain from the rocks and the wargs leaped upon their riders and ripped them all to shreds.

“They didn't like my choice,” Azog explained under Fíli's inquiring glance and the other dwarves shuddered as he bared his fangs and smiled. However, Kíli just met the orc's smile with a grin of his own and bowed shortly.

“Time for proper introductions then. I am Kíli, Fíli's younger brother in umùrad and body and I would like to welcome you the family seeing as uncle is currently somewhat indisposed. This is the hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, my kurdulganaz, and that's the rest of our small company. You know Thorin already and the rest can introduce themselves as they see fit.”

When he finished speaking, the others just looked at each other uneasily and the awkward silence stretched on until Gandalf finally pushed his way to the front of the group.

“This has all been a most fascinating experience, but in case you've forgotten we do have something of a time limit. So since it seems that we'll all be traveling together from now on, why don't we just mount these convenient wargs and be on our way.”

No one was quite sure how to respond to that, since even Fíli was not enthusiastic about riding creatures who had been trying to eat them such a short time before. However, Azog found their unease hilarious and Thorin responded to his goading with predictable results. So it wasn't long before every dwarf had been paired up with a warg of their own and the company set off again.

The miles passed rapidly beneath their feet for the creatures had been bred for speed and endurance so as better to hunt their people down. By the time the company neared Mirkwood's western edge, most of the dwarves had become resigned to their new mode of traveling, each adapting in his own way.

Fíli and Kíli took to warg-riding with a kind of wondrous glee, while Bilbo had skill if not the same enthusiasm. Thorin refused to acknowledge his mount in any way, even when the warg retaliated by scraping him on branches, and Dwalin and his warg were locked in a three-day glaring contest. In contrast, Bofur and Ori made pets of their steeds, scratching their heads and giving them treats whenever the company paused, and the rest fell somewhere in-between.

So when Gandalf received an urgent message and left them to face the forest without him, the dwarves were not as devastated as they might have been without such allies on their side. While Mirkwood was dark and ominous, most of the company were actually far more worried that the wargs would decide to eat them in their sleep than they were about any monsters in the trees.

Indeed, the wood itself seemed wary of the creatures and the travelers saw no other life at all in the week it took to reach the other side. Riding out of the forest to see the Lonely Mountain rising in the distance raised everybody's spirits and as their journey continued only Thorin still glared every time Azog looked his way.

The rest had begun to make overtures of peace toward the orc despite their misgivings, because Kíli had been right and to deny Mahal's blessing was to deny the marks on their own wrists. While the idea of both karûdulganaz still weirded many of them out, the company could not deny that their princes were much happier than they had ever seen them. Eventually it became almost normal to see the pale orc riding at Fíli's side or Bilbo curled up with Kíli against their wargs at night.


Throughout the days, Azog and Fíli had also been learning more about each other, for despite their bond there were large cultural differences that they had to overcome. Yet over time they began to compromise so the orc learned that he was not allowed to kill anyone without permission but could threaten what he liked, and Fíli discovered that admiring other's battle prowess was the quickest way to make Azog growl with jealousy. However, despite such progress, the two had yet to consummate their bond, largely due to the dwarf's nervousness about exactly how this would work.

He's freaking huge and that claw thing is bound to get in the way. But that strength holding me down and those muscles. Mahal, I just want to taste his skin. No, no, no, think of the teeth!

So Fíli had a habit of making overtures and then running away, much to Azog's great amusement. At first the orc had been surprised by the dwarf's actions, and surprised that he allowed them, for like most of his people he had been in the habit of taking what he wanted by force and giving nothing back. Yet this time he didn't want to and Azog finally decided that it was like stalking prey: the chase would make his victory all the sweeter.

However, Kíli was getting tired of having to block out his brother's confused and filthy thoughts so he finally enlisted the rest of the company to help him get it done. The other dwarves fervently agreed that the two needed to work off their sexual tension because it was interfering with their comforting world of denial, and thus were happy to help.

So when the company finally arrived at the bridge to Laketown, Fíli found himself bundled up within a sack and tossed to Azog as the rest of the dwarves booked it across the causeway. Kíli stayed behind long enough to explain to the orc that they'd meet up with him the following morning, before he left his brother with this threat:

'I swear to Mahal if you don't suck it up and consummate your bond already, I am going to go mad. So if I come back tomorrow and you're still a virgin, I am going to lock you in a room with uncle and make him repeat the Talk he gave us so many years ago. That said, good luck.'

Azog could not explain the shudder of horror that went through the dwarf in his arms but he was hardly going to waste such a golden opportunity. The orc and his wargs traveled around the shore of the lake until they reached a more secluded area and then he released Fíli, chuckling at the disgruntled look on his mate's face.

“I can't believe they did that,” Fíli muttered, brushing himself off. As he did the setting sun caught in the dwarf's hair and lit him like a halo, and at the sight Azog felt a wave of desire rise within him. The orc wanted to debauch his mate, lay him down and wipe out his innocence with the pleasures of the flesh and he decided that he was definitely done waiting for the dwarf to find his nerve.

“They just want you to stop pussyfooting around. You're mine and I'm yours; it's not exactly hard to comprehend. If you're too much of a coward to back up your claim with action I can go find someone else who will.” Azog goaded Fíli, trying to trigger the audaciousness that he had so admired.

The dwarf's eyes blazed at his words and he retorted hotly as he stalked up to the orc. “Don't you fucking dare. You belong to me and anyone else you touch is getting gutted. And I am not a're just very large.”

Fíli trailed off as he realized just how close the two of them were standing, but when he tried to back away Azog stopped him, grabbing his arm firmly. Not this time you don't. No more running away.

“Yes, I am large. I rather thought you liked that, considering the way you stare when you think that I'm not looking.” The orc murmured, kneeling down to nuzzle at Fíli's neck and smirking when the dwarf's breath hitched. “Haven't you wondered how it would feel to have me wrapped around you, to feel me holding you down and be completely at my mercy?”

At Azog's words, Fíli could feel lust rising within him, the hunger that he'd been trying to deny. Everywhere the orc touched him flushed with heat and he reached out to run his hands over the other's skin.

It was surprisingly soft to the touch where not crisscrossed with old scars and the dwarf was having trouble remembering what he'd been so nervous about with his blood singing in his veins. Fíli could feel himself beginning to harden as Azog continued his filthy words and the dwarf dug his nails into the orc's sides and pulled him firmly against his chest.

The slight prick of pain and the solid pressure of the other's body made the orc growl with desire as he bent his head and claimed Fíli's lips forcefully. This was no chaste peck but a demand and Azog drove his tongue into the dwarf's mouth, holding his head in place as he ravished him completely. Fíli could do nothing but moan in the orc's grip and think that this was exactly what he wanted: rough and hot and perfect.

When Azog finally pulled away to let him breathe, the dwarf was hard and aching and he bit at the other's lip in frustration. But the orc just laughed and started unlacing the first of Fíli's many layers, nipping at each new expanse of skin at it was revealed and reveling in the way the dwarf would arch and groan when he drew blood.

Fíli was startled when he felt the orc's teeth against his chest and his first thought was, more, but the shock was swept away in the wave of desire as Azog bit him sharply over and over. He reached down and held the orc's mouth against his skin, panting harshly at the sensation of the other lapping at the cut.

“Again,” he demanded and Azog was happy to oblige, scratching his claws down Fíli's side to mark him further and the dwarf nearly screamed when he followed them with his tongue. By this point the orc had removed all but Fíli's trousers and his mouth watered at the expanse of tanned skin before his eyes, pressing the dwarf back onto the ground with his body as he kissed him fiercely.

This time Fíli refused to back down, answering the orc with equal force and the pair battled for dominance as they rutted together. Azog had to pull away to keep from losing it when the dwarf nipped him roughly, painting his lips with blood before licking it off slowly. But at Fíli's smug look the orc dug his claws into the dwarf's hip and ground down hard against him, determined to regain control.

The combination of pain and pleasure made Fíli cry out, slamming his head back into the ground and when the stars disappeared from his eyes, Azog had somehow managed to strip him completely. He was staring down at him with a voracious look in his eyes, and while this would have made Fíli nervous earlier, now it just made his cock twitch expectantly.

“Come on,” he growled, reaching for the orc again, but Azog caught his hands and pressed them back roughly into the dirt.

“Gotta let me have some fun,” he told Fíli with a smirk before nudging his legs open wide and settling between them. The dwarf pushed against Azog's hand in annoyance but the orc didn't budge, held him down as though he weighed nothing at all. Oh, Valar, Fíli thought, the proof that he was truly overpowered fanning the fire beneath his skin.

He writhed desperately, trying to find any kind of friction until Azog took pity on him and swallowed his cock down. The dwarf bucked into the heat of the orc's mouth and he nearly begged when the other pulled off again, licking his way from base to tip.

“Azog,” Fíli moaned in frustration, “Just do it damn you.” But his lover refused to comply, instead teasing with teeth and tongue, bringing him to the edge of completion without letting him fall.

When the dwarf had become nearly incoherent with pleasure, Azog licked one last line down his cock and then bent farther to take one of Fíli's balls into his mouth. He grinned when the dwarf whined desperately, letting his fangs brush the other's skin just to see his cock jump in response. Then the orc tightened his grip and searched out his real goal, flicking his tongue against the soft skin of Fíli's entrance. The dwarf's wild curses were music to his ears and Azog pressed in harder, the resistance making his own length throb.

But he couldn't push in far enough at this angle so he pulled Fíli up roughly, possession coursing through him at the dwarf's bruised lips and scratch-covered skin.

“Wh- What are you doing?” Fíli asked, looking up at the orc through lust-glazed eyes. “I thought you were gonna fuck me.”

Azog groaned at the knowledge that he'd turned the dwarf into this hedonistic creature, this shameless, debauched mess. But he kept himself under control and used his grip on Fíli's arms to nudge him over onto his knees as he replied.

“Oh I am, I promise you. I'm going to fuck you so hard you feel it for days and you ache with the emptiness inside you. I'm going to claim you utterly, but first I have to get you ready.”

The orc pushed the dwarf down onto all fours, pulling that firm ass into the air and grinning evilly before pressing his mouth back to Fíli's hole. Now there was nothing to stop him from driving in deep and the dwarf keened as he did just that, thrusting his tongue as far as it would go. Azog slicked the other with his spit as he teased along the edge of the clenching ring, the soft pressure driving Fíli mad.

He could feel the dwarf's mindless lust echoing back across their link, but he damped it down to focus on the form beneath his hand. With every swipe of his tongue, Fíli lost it further and soon he was reduced to a sobbing mess, moaning Azog's name and trying to rub his length against his hand. But the orc held tight to the base of the dwarf's cock as he drove his tongue steadily into his ass, stretching him slick and wide.

Only when Fíli finally started begging, pleading with Azog to let him come did the orc finally stroke him firmly, thrusting deep into the other's entrance and feeling it squeeze tightly around him as the dwarf spilled into his hand. Soon now, soon. He told himself as he sat back onto his knees and poured Fíli's seed over the small of the dwarf's back where he lay sprawled across the ground.

Azog finished undressing himself then swiped his fingers through it, bringing one up to his mouth and tasting the salty liquid as he waited for his mate to recover. Finally the dwarf stirred and turned to look at the orc with one half-lidded eye.

“Not that I'm complaining or anything, but I think you broke me,” Fíli groused with false annoyance, before starting as Azog pressed one slick finger against his ass. “Wh- What are you doing?”

“Do you really have to ask?” The orc asked in amusement, stroking lightly around the other's fluttering hole.

“But di-didn't you ha-have claws?” Fíli gasped out as Azog slid his metal arm under the dwarf's hips and pulled him back on his hands and knees.

“Don't worry, they're retractable,” The orc whispered, nibbling at Fíli's ear as he slid one thick finger slowly into the dwarf's tight entrance. His mate's body welcomed the intrusion easily despite the constriction, pulling him deeper into his hot passage.

“Ohhh,” Fíli moaned at the feeling of the digit pressing into him, before looking down in annoyance at the steel bar holding him up. “Wh-when we reclaim E-Ere-Erebor, I'm going to ma-make you a pro...per arm,” he gasped as Azog drew his finger out slowly and then plunged back inside.

However when the orc added a second, Fíli couldn't manage words any longer as his cock swelled again, lost in the sensation of being spread open on Azog's hand. The orc's fingers were thick and wide but he had done his work well and there was no real pain, just the slow insistent stretch. The feeling of Azog's rough skin against his inner walls had Fíli gasping, and then the orc touched something that made his whole body sing.

“Azog!” He cried out as white heat shot across his nerves and he pushed back hard into the other's hand, demanding more. The orc was happy to oblige, pushing three fingers deep into his mate as he leaned down to bite at the other's neck.

Now there was a slight burn as Azog entered him, but the touch of pain just increased Fíli's pleasure and he moaned in time with the orc's steady thrusts, crying out raggedly whenever he pressed hard against that spot again.

Finally Azog could take it no longer and drew his fingers out completely, Fíli clenching around him as though trying to pull him back inside. The dwarf groaned with loss at the feeling of emptiness within him, aching for something, anything to fill it.

“Relax,” The orc whispered as he lined his throbbing cock up with Fíli's entrance, giving his mate no more warning than that before pushing in with one long slide. Azog did not stop until he was buried balls-deep, the dwarf stretched impossible tight around his dick.

Fíli couldn't breathe at the pressure, the burn, as the orc's massive length split him wide. He knew that there should be more pain but all he could feel was Azog's pleasure mingling with his own, and the aching need for more. When Fíli finally gasped and began breathing again, loosening ever so slightly around him, the orc could not wait any longer.

“Hold on,” He growled in warning, before pulling out and driving back in roughly, no gentleness left to give. Azog took his mate hard and fast, holding the dwarf tight as he slammed into him over and over. However, with every thrust Fíli just moaned louder, pushing back to meet the orc and force his cock in deeper.

“Ha- harder,” he panted, the rough strokes driving him wild and making heat coil in his gut. Azog knew that he wasn't going to last much longer, not with the dwarf hot and firm beneath him and their pleasure resonating through the bond.

He shifted his angle slightly and Fíli shrieked and clenched around him when he slammed into his goal. The orc's every thrust now hit that spot that made sparks shoot over Fíli's skin and he could feel that his mate was getting close.

Just as the dwarf thought he couldn't take any more, Azog scraped his claws down Fíli's chest and the sharp pain sent him over the edge. His hole clenched tightly as he screamed the orc's name and came violently, clawing at the ground. The added pressure was indescribable and Azog slammed into the dwarf one more time, spilling his seed deep within his mate and biting his shoulder hard.

When Fíli came to his senses he was slumped on the ground, Azog a heavy weight over his back. He groaned weakly as the orc's softening length moved within him, rubbing at his oversensitive skin. The bite on his shoulder throbbed and Fíli reached up to touch it carefully. His fingers came back bloody but he was no stranger to injury and the thought that the bite would scar just made his chest burn with a feral possessiveness.

“Next time I'm biting you,” Fíli informed Azog, only half joking as he nudged the other roughly in the side. The orc stirred and pulled out carefully, making his mate gasp and his cock twitch again at the sight of his seed seeping out of the dwarf.

Later, Azog promised himself, knowing that his mate was not as sturdy as another orc would be, Though no orc ever took it so beautifully either, rough and hard and begging for more. I guess Mahal knew what he was doing after all.

The orc grabbed a cloth from the pile of Fíli's clothing, dipping it in the lake and wiping them off gently, feeling rather self-satisfied at the scratches littering his mate's skin. Then Azog curled around the dwarf, pulling him against his chest and throwing his cloak over them both.

“Sleep,” Azog ordered when Fíli made an inquisitive noise. “The wargs will keep watch.”

So the dwarf settled back against his kurdulganaz, enjoying the feel of the orc's strong arm around him. For the first time since his majority the tug on his chest was gone, replaced by a feeling of warmth, safety and smug possession. I could definitely get used to this, he thought as he drifted off to sleep. I'll have to thank my brother in the morning.

In Which A Dragon Finds His Heart

umùrad/umùrâd - soul/souls
kurdu/karûd - heart/hearts
umùradulganaz - soul of god's origin
kurdulganaz - heart of god's origin

Tags: canon!au, fic, kilbo, mahal's blessing*, mid-series, nsfw, other slash, the hobbit
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