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This Long and Winding Road - Chapter 19

Title: This Long and Winding Road
Chapter 19: Tigersasekh
Pairings:[Spoiler (click to open)]Kíli/Bilbo/Fíli
Rating/Warnings: NSFW (finally)
Word Count: 1379 (99,768 total)
Disclaimer: If I owned it, there would be more threesomes.
Summary: Fíli and Kíli have spent decades searching for the last piece of their hearts, but meeting Bilbo is just the beginning of the tale.  Because hobbits believe in love, not destiny and someone else catches their burglar's eye.

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Chapter 4: Ramekh                   Chapter 9: Tager               Chapter 14: Ramekhsasekh
Chapter 5: Gamekh                  Chapter 10: Sasekh           Chapter 15: Gamekhsasekh

“Truly?” Bilbo asks. “Neither of you? Not even together?”

“We are amrâbulnâs and rather famous ones at that. We could hardly sleep with someone else even before we married,” Fíli explains quietly. “And it just... it never felt right without you.”

“You don't mind, do you? That we aren't experienced?” Kíli asks from his position by his brother. The dwarf's voice is hesitant as his eyes plead for Bilbo not to leave them and the hobbit knows that this uncertainly is entirely his fault.

He caused his princes so much pain with his indecision – his inability to accept the bond between their spirits – and it will take time for Fíli and Kíli to trust him once again. Bilbo broke their hearts and even though the dwarves still love him, such memories don't disappear. However, the hobbit has no more reservations. He knows what he wants and he's prepared to spend the rest of his life proving his devotion if that's what it takes.

“Of course I don't mind. It's not as though I've had that much experience myself,” Bilbo tells the archer firmly, reassuring him with bond and touch alike. “I was just surprised; both of you are gorgeous and I'm sure you've had plenty of offers. But I'll be overjoyed to teach you everything I know.”

“Everything?” Kíli asks, visibly brightening.

“Yes, love. Anything and everything. I haven't lain with many people but I've done a lot of reading and we can figure the details out together. How does that sound to you?”

“That sounds perfect,” Fíli says. He presses a soft kiss to Bilbo's cheek and then another one to Kíli's before leaning in to kiss the hobbit properly. They bump noses a few times until they find the right angle, the difference in their heights giving the dwarf a little trouble. But the kiss deepens quickly and Bilbo lets out a giggle when Fíli's mustache rubs across his skin.

“Come on, you two. You have to share,” Kíli protests with a truly epic pout. The hobbit laughs again, going up on his tiptoes to oblige the archer with a sweet kiss of his own.

Kíli wraps his arms around Bilbo's waist and pulls him closer while Fíli starts to undress. The younger dwarf is eager if not practiced, his movements a little clumsy as he follows the burglar's lead. But the archer is a fast learner and pleasure shared is pleasure doubled, the ashânumahâl singing between them in delight.

Fíli can feel their joy echoing inside his chest, love and adoration filling the last lonely corners of his soul. He and Kíli are complete now and the past can be forgiven; there's no reason to keep picking at still healing wounds.

So the dwarf allows happiness to fill his heart completely before picking up Kíli and Bilbo both at once. The trio tumbles down onto the bed in gales of laughter, bits of clothing flying everywhere. Fíli shoves a hand down the hobbit's pants while his brother strips him quickly, the two dwarves kissing every bit of skin that they can reach.

Soon Kíli is the only one still wearing clothing and Fíli gives Bilbo a mischievous smile before taking care of that. The older dwarf knows all his brother’s weak spots and he keeps Kíli distracted while the hobbit yanks off his clothes impatiently.

Once all three of them are naked, Fíli sets his mind to pleasure. No one is entirely sure whose hands are where but it doesn't matter, not when the ashânumahâl ensures that every touch is shared. When calloused fingers wrap around Bilbo's cock, Kíli throws back his head and gasps right with the hobbit. A firm leg slides between the archer's thighs and Fíli groans in answer, losing himself in his beloveds and the slide of skin on skin.

Bilbo still isn't used to feeling his amrâbulnâs this strongly, the way that their desire burns within his chest. But the hobbit likes it. He likes being certain of his lovers' pleasure and while he doesn't know their bodies yet – not the way he wants to – he lets the ashânumahâl guide his searching hands.

There is joy in this discovery. There is delight in learning that a bite to Kíli's shoulder only makes him harder and that the tips of his brother's ears are extremely sensitive. The hobbit likes making Fíli laugh and Kíli giggle with his kisses. Bilbo has always enjoyed kissing, the wet slide of heat and teasing tongues. But he enjoys tasting his lovers more and he has to grin at Kíli's wide-eyed wonder when he swallows the archer down.

“Durin's beard!” the younger prince exclaims, bucking his hips sharply, and Bilbo really should have known that he would be loud in bed.

“You like that, love?” the hobbit murmurs as he pulls off again.

“I do. I really do,” Kíli tells him hazily. “I never knew that sex could feel this good. Or be so much damn fun.”

He grabs Bilbo by the arms and tugs the hobbit into another heated kiss. Fíli watches them for a moment as they rut against each other, echoes of their pleasure dancing across his skin. The two of them are beautiful, strong and stubborn and sometimes exasperating, and he must be the luckiest dwarrow in the world to have them for his own.

So Fíli moves to join his lovers. The dwarf presses himself against Bilbo's back and steals a kiss from Kíli before letting his hands wander as they will. The pleasure builds between them, spiraling ever higher as the trio moves together and the ashânumahâl amplifies each new delight. Their world narrows to heat and desire, to the joy of touch and laughter, and when Kíli finally falls, he pulls his amrâbulnâs over the edge as well.

The dwarves and their hobbit collapse in a pile, shifting around until all three of them are comfortable. Soon Bilbo is sprawled half on top of Kíli while Fíli snuggles up against the hobbit and the archer's arms wrap loosely around them both.

“I think that went rather well,” Bilbo murmurs after a moment. Kíli doesn't reply since he's already lost to dozing, but his brother answers the hobbit in his place.

“I'm glad you think so,” Fíli replies with a wry smile. “I thought you'd be complaining since I almost elbowed you three times.”

“Hey, now. None of that,” the burglar says, grinning back at his lover. “Having three people in bed together just takes a bit more planning and I'm sure we'll get better with practice. In fact, I have to say I'm looking forward to the studying.”

“Me too,” Fíli agrees. He lets out a quiet chuckle before his expression turns more serious, “I want to thank you, you know, for allowing us to love you. I know this wasn't the way you thought your life would be.”

“Oh... no, Fíli. You don't have to thank me for that. This may not be the future I expected but I couldn't be more happy now,” Bilbo replies softly as he reaches out to grab the prince's hand and interlace their fingers. “I made both of you miserable for so long and for that I'm truly sorry. I should be thanking you and Kíli for giving me another chance.”

“I won't deny it hurt us,” Fíli says, squeezing the hobbit's hand. “Letting you ride away was one of the hardest things that we ever had to do. But our people's laws didn't help the situation and I know you had your reasons. I may not understand them but I'd rather you be certain. If you had chosen us and then changed your mind, that would have been too much to bear. However long it took to get here, we have a lifetime now.”

“Yes, we do,” Bilbo tells him with a fond smile. He leans over to give Fíli another kiss before snuggling back into Kíli's arms. The archer pulls both of his amrâbulnâs closer without waking and the hobbit can't deny that he is happy. He can't deny he's grateful that their long journey led them here.


Tags: canon!au, fic, long and winding road*, nsfw, poignant, post-series, the hobbit
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