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On the Day the Mountain Burned - Dori & Nori

Title: On the Day the Mountain Burned
Section 2. Dori & Nori
Pairings: None
Rating/Warnings: Nothing much on this one
Word Count: 337
Disclaimer: If I owned the hobbit, it would be even sadder.
Summary: None of Thorin's companions will ever forget the day the dragon came.

1. Dwalin

Nori was in jail. Or rather, he was being marched in that direction while Dori argued with his guards. His older brother was in a proper snit about evidence and persecution, his words tinged with desperation because he knew that Nori was probably in the wrong.

In fact, the dwarf had been caught almost red-handed, his theft going sideways when the guards switched their patrols. Sure they hadn’t found the stolen goods yet but it was only a matter of time and then Nori would be swinging for his crimes.

Dori had been warning him that he’d die like this for years and now that the day had come, Nori felt a twinge of guilt for the trouble that he’d caused. However, that didn’t stop him from taking advantage of his brother’s beautiful distraction to pick his manacles. As long as Dori kept on shouting, this should only take a second and it was clearly time for Nori to be moving on again.

The dwarf was so focused on the locks around his wrists that he didn’t actually notice when Dori’s racket stopped. Because there were others yelling then and the shouting turned to screams just as his shackles clicked.

Moments later, the roof began to fall and instead of running for his freedom, Nori could only cover his head up with his hands. The dwarf huddled on the ground as rocks crashed down around him and he swore he heard the sound of laughter passing by.

When the dust finally settled, there was no more talk of prison. Nori and his guards worked side by side to dig out the survivors, the dwarf hugging his brother tightly once he’d staggered to his feet.

“You were never here,” the head guard told them before running off into the city and the dwarves could live with that. Indeed, they made a promise then, one they’ve kept for decades, and when someone asks Nori or Dori where they were when Smaug attacked, the brothers Ri claim faulty memories.

3. Glóin

Tags: angst, drabble, gen, humor, minor pov, preseries, the hobbit, when the mountain burned*
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