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On the Day the Mountain Burned - Bombur

Title: On the Day the Mountain Burned
Section 4. Bombur
Pairings: Bombur & his wife
Rating/Warnings: Minor angst
Word Count: 375
Disclaimer: If I owned the hobbit, it would be even sadder.
Summary: None of Thorin's companions will ever forget the day the dragon came.

1. Dwalin
2. Dori & Nori
3. Glóin

Bombur was on a picnic near Mirkwood forest with his wife and both their children. The first he knew of trouble was when his younger daughter asked him, “Where are the elves going?” and he turned to see an army on the move.

The dwarf had never met King Thranduil but the elf was unmistakable even at this distance, his pale hair shining in the light as he guided his elk forward. Thranduil and his warriors were traveling toward the Lonely Mountain and even though they paid no attention to the small group of dwarves, Bombur was certain that this could mean nothing good.

So the dwarves packed up their picnic hurriedly. If Mirkwood was declaring war on Erebor then King Thrór would need a warning and if not, Bombur could not imagine Thranduil mobilizing such an army without cause. Either way the Lonely Mountain was under attack and yet nothing could have prepared the dwarf for the sight that met his eyes.

When Bombur looked down upon the valley, the city of Dale was burning and the gates of Erebor were broken. Men and dwarves were milling about in panic, far too few of both for the numbers there should be.

“Kaminzabdûna defend us,” Bombur’s wife whispered as her husband stared in shock. “Our home… our friends… our kin. We must help them.”

So the dwarves picked up their daughters and ran to aid their kinsmen while King Thranduil and his army just stood watching from the hill. The elves did nothing even as Bombur and his family moved from dwarf to dwarf and tried to help the injured, even their own clothing torn for bandages.

There were so many corpses, so many burned and bleeding, and Bombur nearly started crying when he discovered Bifur wandering near Dale. The dwarrow did start crying when Bofur staggered from the city with a small group of miners, passing through the gates only seconds before they were blocked by rubble, enormous stones knocked loose by Smaug’s triumphant roar.

The dragon’s attack cost Bombur everything he owned: his home, his tools, his fortune and all his family heirlooms. But the dwarf fared better than many of his kinsmen and his children always were his greatest treasures anyway.

5. Ori

Tags: drabble, het, minor pov, preseries, the hobbit, when the mountain burned*
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