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On the Day the Mountain Burned - Ori

Title: On the Day the Mountain Burned
Section 5. Ori
Pairings: None
Rating/Warnings: Minor angst
Word Count: 414
Disclaimer: If I owned the hobbit, it would be even sadder.
Summary: None of Thorin's companions will ever forget the day the dragon came.

1. Dwalin
2. Dori & Nori
3. Glóin
4. Bombur

At first Ori didn’t realize that anything was wrong. His mother often told him to go play hide-and-seek when she was busy and he’d been tucked beneath her loom for half a candle when he heard the screaming start.

Ori didn’t recognize the sound of fear in those days. He grew up with light and laughter, with joy instead of sorrow, and he was more curious than scared. The young dwarf enjoyed games; he was always looking for a new one and whatever was making his neighbors sound like that must be quite interesting.

However, the dwarf decided to stay hidden even as the screams grew louder. His mother had promised to bake teacakes if she couldn’t find him before supper and his love of cake was stronger than his curiosity. Ori could ask his neighbors about their new game later; for now he had to win this round of hide-and-seek.

But a few minutes later, a familiar voice called out above the rest. “Ori, please, where are you? The game is over sweetie.”

When the dwarf peeked out from under his mother’s loom, he saw her standing in the doorway with her face streaked wet with tears. He hesitated for a moment because teacakes but eventually he crawled out into the room.

“Mum? Is something wrong?” Ori asked as his mother swept him into a tight hug.

“Nothing, darling, nothing. We’re just going to play a different game right now.”

She told him the rules as she led him into the kitchen and although Ori wasn’t sure why they were packing food and clothing, he didn’t question it. This was a game, she said so, and that made the process fun.

By the time Ori’s brothers stumbled in smelling of soot and fire, everything was ready. Nori and Dori took their packs while their mother picked up Ori and then the group ran back outside. The dwarrowdam held her youngest close as they moved through the city, keeping his face against her shoulder so that he couldn’t see. He only caught flashes of broken stone and fire, other dwarves lying still and quiet on the ground.

“Where are we going?” Ori asked when they reached the entrance of the mountain. He’d never been outside the gates and he wasn’t sure he liked this new game anymore.

“We’re off on an adventure, sweetling,” Ori’s mother told him and to this day, he isn’t sure whether or not his mother lied.

6. Bofur

Tags: angst, drabble, gen, preseries, the hobbit, when the mountain burned*
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