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On the Day the Mountain Burned - Kíli

Title: On the Day the Mountain Burned
Section 10. Kíli
Pairings: None
Rating/Warnings: Angst
Word Count: 274
Disclaimer: If I owned the hobbit, it would be even sadder.
Summary: None of Thorin's companions will ever forget the day the dragon came.

1. Dwalin
2. Dori & Nori
3. Glóin
4. Bombur
5. Ori
6. Bofur
7. Balin
8. Fíli
9. Bifur

Kíli was not yet born when Smaug destroyed his people’s homeland. He was a spark of life within his mother as she fled from Erebor, tears upon her face and Fíli in her arms. The dwarf has no memory of the destruction that Smaug wrought up his family, no memories of his father or the many cousins whose bones the mountain holds.

The only piece of Erebor that Kíli carries with him is the gift his brother gave him on the day that he was born. Intricately carved with symbols of his people, the sapphire represents a world he’s never seen and a life he’s never known. But more importantly to Kíli, it’s a symbol of his brother and the love his family holds. Indeed, the dwarf doesn’t need a kingdom to be happy. He’s content to be just Kíli rather than a prince of Erebor.

However, when his brother tells him of the fire that still haunts his dreams sometimes, the dwarf can’t stop a shiver. When he thinks about the mountain, sometimes he swears he feels an echo of his mother’s grief buried deep inside him, Dis’ fear and sorrow passed down within his blood.

Kíli hurts for her sake. He hurts for the sake of Fíli's nightmares and the way his brother cries when he talks about their father. The dwarf doesn’t love Erebor, not really, but he loves his kinsfolk. He loves his mother, his brother and the father that he only knows from Fíli's stories and when his uncle asks for aid to reclaim his fallen kingdom, Kíli swears his vow upon the gemstone that never leaves his neck.

11. Óin

Tags: angst, drabble, gen, preseries, the hobbit, when the mountain burned*
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