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Avengers/MCU Masterlist

I figured I finally had enough different fics and series for the MCU to justify a different page.  My minor fandoms Masterlist was getting complicated.  So all things Avengers-related are below.

Avengers Universe - the whole shebang (Steve/Bucky)

A Farewell to Arm: (Steve/Bucky, one-sided Rocket/Bucky's metal arm); Five times Rocket tries to take Bucky’s arm and one time he gives it back.
A Good Old-Fashioned Beatdown: (Gen/pre-slash); People always seem to forget that Steve Rogers fought a war.
Just a Little Overdue: Bucky promised Steve that they'd go dancing when the war was over; it's time to make that vow come true.
My Kind of Rain: 5 times Steve wanted to tell Bucky about the future and 1 time he needed to talk about the past.
Never Far Away: When Captain America stops chasing the Winter Soldier, Bucky starts chasing Steve.
Shillings, Pounds, and Pence: All of the Howling Commandos learn to use British Pounds during the war because Falsworth cheats at cards. This knowledge is surprisingly useful after Steve thaws out.
What Once Was Love: After the Snap, Thanos learns regret. (Or the one where Steve and Bucky's epic love story makes even titans cry.)

Can't Play on Broken Strings (or Bucky Barnes and the No Good, Truly Awful, Really Sucky Days): James Buchanan Barnes is so done with this shit.  An alternative perspective on the events of Civil War.  Part I; Part II, Part III, Part IV

The Streets I Used to Know: (Gen; Peter/Bucky bromance); Part I; Part II; Bucky ends up in NYC chasing memories and forms an unlikely friendship while he's there.

SERIES: To Rewrite History (completely unconnected one-shots exploring how one small difference in canon could change everything)

1. And No One Stands Unscathed: Hydra has always been good at changing history.
2. A Little Lost Along the Way - Part I; Part II: Steve doesn't even hesitate when Bucky falls.

3. For Want of a Nail: (& other minor pairings); NSFW; Hydra wins the war and then the world.  Seventy years later, the Resistance has a plan to win it back.
        Part I: Fire, Part II: Ice, Part III: Stone, Part IV: Flesh, Part V: Metal, Part VI: Blood, Epilogue: Time

4. Bred Beneath the Bone: Pierce had always believed that the Winter Soldier and his Captain were a myth.  He was wrong.
5. Some Debts Cannot Be Paid: (& Minor Bucky/OCs); Bucky doesn't think much of Captain America but he would die for Steve ten times over and consider the price fair paid.
       Part I:
To Fall, Part II: To Reap, Part III: To Gamble, Part IV: To Drown

6. Little Did They Sleep: (& past Steve/Peggy, minor Peggy/Daniel); Sometimes being found is harder than staying lost.
       Part I: Peggy, Part II: Captain America, Part III: Steve
7. A Long Retirement: No one could have survived that fall but for Steve, they look.
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