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Six Strains of Heartbreak: Fugue

These are really only loosely chronological- 5 in particular overlaps with everything.  These aren't the most reliable narrators either.

Title: Six Strains of Heartbreak
4: Fugue
Pairings: Kíli/Tauriel (this part);[Overall Pairings]Various/Kíli, het & slash
Rating/Warning: Very light R, warnings for attempted sexual manipulation, slightly dubcon
Word Count: 1109 (3221 total)
Disclaimer: If I owned the hobbit there would be probably be more angst
Summary: Five times Kíli broke someone's heart and one time they broke his

1. Elegy
2. Lament
3. Canon

He was handsome for a dwarf and younger than the rest, that was the only reason that she chose him.

For there was no room in Tauriel's life for such things as love or compassion and the sight of the captives stirred no pity in her heart. There was only her unflinching desire to please her King and the knowledge that whatever Thranduil wanted, she would find. What he wanted now was information on the purpose of his prisoners and so Tauriel thought upon the dwarves and chose the one most likely to crack beneath her charms.

This one was the youngest, the most hot-headed, and an archer, which would help her pierce his defenses when she played her part. So the elf captain prepared for a different kind of battle and then walked down to the dungeons to begin the dwarf's seduction.

He would not speak to her at first, only sat against the far wall of his cell and watched with suspicious eyes as Tauriel offered him her friendship. They spent several days like this, in stony silence and one-sided conversation and she mused in private about the stubbornness of dwarves.

Yet his gaze lingered every time and she knew that this was the first step toward her victory, for no one could resist an elf for long. If the dwarf looked more at her weapons than her assets, then Tauriel simply had to admire his perception because few had the skill to see her hidden blades.

Then one day the elf had her breakthrough as boredom or her charms began to wear him down. The dwarf was much happier that day and he greeted Tauriel cheerfully, surprising her with the pleasant tenor of his voice. They actually talked for several hours, though about nothing of importance, just archery and architecture long into the night. He still would not give the elf his name, but she knew that this was a beginning and she would win his trust in time.

Tauriel started small: a little extra food here, minor news of the dwarf's companions there and always that underlying hint that she could grant him more physical comforts as well. It would not be too much of a hardship for he was attractive enough and the elf doubted that one of his youth would last for long.

However, she was eternally frustrated for the dwarf never asked and without the weakness of passion the prisoner's lips remained sealed. Each time that Tauriel had to stand before Thranduil and tell him of her continued failure, her chest squeezed tighter because his disappointment was the one thing she could not bear.

At the same time, the elf discovered that she quite enjoyed their conversations because the dwarf was far more knowledgeable than she expected. It became a contest of sorts, of not only information but also witty repartee. Tauriel had always been a master wordsmith among her people but to her surprise the prisoner held his own and it was a joy to finally find one who matched her wit.

In truth she liked him, she liked him quite a lot but the elf was still there to do her duty no matter what the cost. So Tauriel increased the flirting, came more often and showed more skin, and finally the dwarf took her up on her offer.

He made it obvious as he reached slowly through the bars, clearly giving her time to change her mind, but when Tauriel didn't, the dwarf pulled her down to meet his lips.

Well he can kiss, the elf thought vaguely as his tongue teased along her skin before darting between her parted lips. He sealed their mouths together, slick and hot and filthy, and his fingers tangled gently in her hair. As pleasure coiled inside her like few had managed to ignite, all Tauriel could think was, By the Valar.

They finally separated with a soft moan and the elf stared at the prisoner dazedly as he winked. “A promise for later,” he said with a wicked smile before backing away and Tauriel pulled herself together and left him there. She was sure that she was on the brink of victory for with desire like that, the dwarf would spill his secrets soon enough.

Tauriel didn't return that night for absence makes the heart grow fonder and she wanted the prisoner desperate in her arms. Besides Thranduil was throwing another party and as his captain she was always required to attend.

But after a wild night that she did not entirely remember, the elf was summoned early from her bed and when she met the Elf King in his throne room there was a terrible anger on his face. He demanded to know what she had told the prisoner, to which Tauriel replied that they had discussed little of interest other than elvish architecture and the art of arrow fletching.

At this Thranduil's eyes narrowed and he asked icily, “Would this discussion of architecture have included the fact that there is a stream running through my cellars, a stream that leads beneath my walls?”

“I don't believe so my lord,” Tauriel answered in confusion, not understanding what this interrogation was about and wanting to kill the one who had so distressed her king.

“Really? Well perhaps you might recognize this?” One of the guards brought forward a wooden tray and the elf's blood froze as she recognized the item that it held. It was her hairpin, the one she had been wearing the night the dwarf had kissed her and Tauriel burned with rage as she realized what this meant.

He played me! The dwarf fucking played me! But all her anger was snuffed out when Thranduil looked down on her and she saw the disappointment in his eyes. There was only pain then, an aching pain within her heart for Tauriel had only ever wanted to make him proud

"I thought you might. It was left in the lock of one cell, one of many cells from which my prisoners so mysteriously vanished last night. I thought better of you than this, Tauriel, but if you cannot even interrogate one captive dwarf without giving him the key to reach his freedom, then I do not need you as my captain anymore.”

She wanted to protest but she knew that she had failed him truly, and that knowledge clawed wounds into her heart. Tauriel would accept the punishment that she deserved, but the elf would not forget this insult, and she would never forgive the dwarf who had forced her King to cast her so callously aside.

5. Dirge

Tags: canon!au, fic, heartbreak*, het, humor, mid-series, minor pov, poignant, the hobbit
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